Scorpio – The Care And Feeding Of Your Energy Source

scorpio ringScorpio exchanges energy. It is the hallmark of the sign.  I wrote this post in 2009. It may anger you. Sorry!  This is a good post for today’s sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. I also said I’d write on this topic so I’m getting started. Two birds down with one post!

Things change over the years. We used to talk about “energy thieves” for example. If you search this blog, you’ll find posts on this topic.  Today we live in a world where everyone is special and entitled which is beyond delusional!

Here’s the old post, with edits italicized…
Hitchhiking on a person’s energy is your own business but things change when you have a regular source. I realize other people will see this differently but I have strong feelings about this.

I’ve been a source for many, for as long as I can remember.  I’m talking about back to when I was a teenager. “Go get, Elsa! She’ll have an idea!” People routinely feed off this blog and the people it attracts, which tracks back to me. They particularly feed off my pain when I express it.

Don’t think for one minute I don’t know it.  They get a extra-credit meal when I blow a gasket…. gobble, gobble, gobble.

When you continually feed off someone and when you routinely benefit from them, you owe them. (see related – Scorpio – The most undervalued sign in relationship by far). Also note – This is in the realm of Scorpio Style Metaphysics.

For example, my husband is a rich source of energy for me.  He’s spent his entire life at the far end of the continuum in every way possible.  Due his intellect and the training of same, it’s a great privilege to access his quality energy…which winds up on this blog in some form.  The energy is transformed and passed along.

If you understand this, do you think it would be cool if I dissed him?  Would it be funny or okay if I took and took and took and never gave anything back? Obviously not.

People who have quality energy, know they have quality energy. Their energy is of quality because they’ve honed it.  If you’re lucky enough to run into someone like this, it behooves you to appreciate what they offer. I have a story to illustrate.

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by an old pal. He’s a double Scorpio I met via my original blog probably around 2002.  He’s an ex-green beret who befriended me. We’ve been in intermittent contact since.

As the pattern goes, there’s an intense exchange of emails over some period of time (weeks not days) and then he goes periscope down. He goes so far down I don’t know if I will ever hear from him again but I never worry about it. I know he can keep a confidence and would never harm me. I know via instinct, I’m not being mined for a nefarious purpose.

This is an example of an exchange of energy. Neither of us mess around much. He surfaced to ask me how I was doing. I sent him an account, with every wart, included. I just laid it out sort of like those frogs they make you dissect in high school. I splayed it out.

Did he get a meal? Yes.
And he responded with his own quality energy.
This is the way it works…



Back here in 2023 – Think of all the fake stuff out there. All the superficial distractions. It’s like junk food. Eat all day and never feel satisfied. If you have a person in your life, who actually serves you quality and all you ever do is consume, what does that make you?

If you have a rich source of energy, it knows when you steal.  The people who opted to contribute here?

Blog Pass? Or Multi-Dimensional Gift That Flows In All Directions?

That was an energy exchange but it was more than that. The energy the individual gave was multiplied exponentially via their intention to not only support me but to provide for others.  They’re sharing. 

That’s another concept to consider; it comes from my husband.  A Green Beret is a “force multiplier”.  One of them parachute in and raise an army, see?

ONE person = an Army.

The idea is to be a source, yourself. What does a kind word cost, anyway?  How hard is it to not be an asshole?

If it’s that hard, then you can thank me for identifying your number one problem!

To be clear, no one is ALWAYS a source and everyone is a SINK on occasion.  But minding the energy that flows between you and the people in your life, is imperative in my mind. It’s your job to do, as is caring for the people who actually invest their energy to benefit yours.

Nothing is expected when a person is running on empty, but if you HAVE and you take and take, over time, and never get back, then you are an energy thief. It’s gross when you’re adult.  Like you have a 500K and you’re siphoning someone’s gas.

One more remark. I started to thank people for their support over these last few days, adding this comment – “I hope this comes back to you tenfold.” I have already heard from someone who saw the cash come back to her in a positive way. I was not surprised!

Since that worked, I’m going to edit. “Tenfold” can be “one hundredfold”. Again, it’s metaphysics. Force multiplier of other people’s resources aka 8th house. I have Jupiter tied to my 8th. See how that works?

If you’re someone who consistently receives from some person(s) in your life, why not offer something of yours?  It’s strange how some people know this inherently and I’ll give you an example of this…

buskerThere’s a group of sisters I’ve worked with for years. I work with all of them, independently, for at least ten years.  I love these women.  So when one of them was going to buy the Saturn in Pisces Guide, I invited her to copy it to her sisters.  Makes sense, right?  They have spent money with me for years. They’re having a hard time and I’m in a position to gift them. Exchange of energy, see?

So what did this gal do? One sister needed the guide as well, so she bought two, explaining she felt I gave way too much as it was. She said she would never take my work like that.  Same type of person as Scorpio Metaphysics gal.  The math on this is in her head and on her soul and if you’re like this, you just don’t play.

Why not? “For every action there is an equal and opposite direction.” The last thing you want to do walk through life, accruing debt.

Do right by people; but especially do right with people who do right by you.  Good topic for the Scor/Taur opposition.   Energy/Tangible value.

It reminds me of the rich person with no dollar for the busker.  Common, but unfathomable to me.

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  1. i hear that. i know i’ll be buying a reading from you eventually, i just need a real problem and some cash. i’m not trying to pilfer the gold mine.

  2. alphaxys – don’t you worry about that. I am not talking about you. I am talking about the dirty bastards and bitches that betray me, talk behind my back, attempt to cut my throat and then come here to eat 3 times a day.

  3. And I want to say something else about this kind of character (as outlined in the post).

    People like this make someone who boasts about how rotten, nasty and amoral they are look repulsive and ridiculous.

    Class beats trash, this is just the way it is.

  4. Oodamn. That’s a whole other story! Well you know what they say, “bitches get stitches”… in one way or another! Just like a boomerang.

  5. I tend to disagree. If a person makes fifteen movies, that’s their choice and I don’t think the “public” “owes” them anything. They put themselves out there for their own reasons; it’s not like it’s out of pure altruism or anything. They want to be out there because of their OWN desire to BE out there and recognized. No one is making them do it, and if someone chooses to buy a ticket once and enjoy their work for an hour or two, that doesn’t shackle them to undying fandom. To suggest that anyone owes them because they chose to do and others might come along and benefit from it once in a while is like a Joan Crawford expectation… and we all know what happened to her.

  6. Del… The person was paid for their service by that one ticket, or by the DVD that someone buys, or by the continued support of their work. Not a matter of undying fandom but of a due mutual exchange between producer and consumer.

  7. If you keep coming back over and over, you’re obviously getting something from that source. Claiming the food sucks does not hold much water when you’re feeding at the same table repeatedly.

  8. “I never worry about it because I know he can keep a confidence and would never harm me. I know this why instinct.”

    How can you be sure?? People are capable of incredible cruelty. Once there has been an exchange, there is no telling what someone will do with your energy. Instincts can deceive.

  9. instincts can deceive, yes, but some humans have watched their instincts sustain them throughout their lives…some people trust themselves.

    personally, i KNOW i have great instincts. i am only deceived when i ignore them…

  10. Avatar

    kashmiri – yes, that whole ignoring instincts thing. Really sucks. Gets better with age but I still screw it up and ignore them when I don’t like what I’m feeling and that it makes for a yucky situation when I just don’t have the energy for another yucky.

    But boy are you right, ignore instincts to your own detriment!

  11. I don’t disagree, but just think people are very complex. Strange enough I have known people for a long time that trust me and have never betrayed me, but I see them betray others.

  12. Elsa, you said, “I think if you see them betray others, you will be next.” I am currently watching my family go through the drama of betrayal in the middle of grieving; and I come here to sort through my reactions to this sort of thread & that!… seems not many other places to do this stuff 🙂

    I too am one who knows I have ‘great instincts’ and like Kashmiri, it’s when I ignore them that I pay the piper. Over and over the universe serves me up plates of TTI (try this instinct) I’m helping to write a eulogy for a very powerful Scorpio who listened to her instincts and was betrayed any way … time and time again.

    Put up the shields of protection and get Elsa to help hone the tools, I say. Thanks for threading the needle on this long thread.

  13. “I think if you see them betray others, you will be next”

    This is EXACTLY how I ended up being ‘betrayed’ when I ignored my instincts! Getting tied up with someone who betrayed other people…ignoring the niggling thoughts that I could be next, and yes I was next.

    Nowadays I simply do not run with people who betray other people. I have no use for building a relationship on top of a pile of sand.

  14. Elsa,
    New Scorpio lurker here. I agree with your post so much I had to offer my first comment.

    Similar to your friend, I like to go “periscope down” (love that). My true friends understand that I need to recharge my energy before I’m any good to anyone including myself. But it has to be reciprocal.

    Some hitchhikers just don’t get it and if they get it and still do it anyhow… amputation eventually occurs 🙂 Some of us can’t keep giving away energy without feeling the impact.
    I don’t know many in my life who understand that dynamic, so thanks for recognizing!

  15. I have a friend who feeds me intellectually. You can be darn certain I reciprocate. I like what I’m getting.

    And because I care about them aside from just their intellectual goodies, I want them to feel well-fed too – they are “Good People” w/good times to go along with. Surely I don’t want them to feel our relationship is one-sided, so I always try to attend to my side of the equation & bring something to the relationship to keep it sustained – it’s not tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo, required – but close.

    I think of it like men & women — (warning generic statement ahead) lots of women will go out to eat with almost any man that asks them to dinner. Then they feed off the guys ‘friendship’ quite literally. The guy might go for this a few times, but he wants what he wants too. And, it usually isn’t just a dinner date, now is it? They are both entitled in my opinion to want what they want.

    And as long as the exchange feeds both parties needs, it’s all good. Get that out of balance and he’s long gone. He get’s too pushy too fast, and she’s out.

    For both parties to get a fair exchange, I think you have to look at your partner/ friend/ companion’s plate on a regular basis and see if what they’ve got looks like it’s gonna fill their appetite. If not, don’t you think you could share a little off your plate? I do. My friend shares with me all the time. I try to make sure they are AS well-satisfied with the exchange as I am. Two happy campers. Sometimes one of us is a little fluffier & bloated with relational-goodness at the moment, but over time it evens out.

    Elsa wisdom pearl number #136,893. She’s right again. (GreatJesophatineBellsOfWonderment!!, a Scorpio likes that in their chosen astrologer!!)

  16. Melissa thanks for this (and glad you’ve come to comment:):

    Some hitchhikers just don’t get it and if they get it and still do it anyhow… amputation eventually occurs 🙂 Some of us can’t keep giving away energy without feeling the impact.
    I don’t know many in my life who understand that dynamic, so thanks for recognizing!

    The amputation eventually occurs is usually true for me (Scorp) too. I’m working with something a little bit different right now … that will either get me around a new corner or just off the deep end. Still willing to learn.

  17. “I’m helping to write a eulogy for a very powerful Scorpio who listened to her instincts and was betrayed any way … time and time again.”

    This is the statement that resonates with me. 90% of the time I go with my instincts and a vast majority of the time I still get screwed. I suppose I have crap instincts! *lol*
    Then again (I must be feeling supremely Libra-ish tonight), this could also just be my wonderfully pitiful self-esteem / self-doubt talking.

    Sun-Saturn trine Neptune, maaaan… I used to know which way was up, I think. Not so much anymore. 🙂

  18. Yanno, I just realized I don’t see nicky99, either. And I don’t have a mac. *lol*

    Kash, I quoted part of what mokihana said right above your comment about being betrayed (8/13 1:43 pm). Basically, mokihana was writing a eulogy for a Scorp friend who followed her instincts and was usually betrayed anyway.

    Dreams, right on, swee’pea! Me n’ my motorbike in The Wheel of DEATH! *vroom vroooom!*

  19. this was very interesting. i’ve never really thought about the energy exchange that way. i’m a scorpio. back in college i had a friend who i’m pretty now sure had some major scorpio going on (i didn’t know anything beyond sun signs back then). anyway, i invited this girl i knew to hang out with us once. by the end of the night she was so energized she was literally bouncing. and she actually said to me “i am going to hitch my wagon to your star”. that was it… immediate amputation. and i don’t think i could have explained why i felt the need to do that back then. but reading this, it makes much more sense to me. it was such a clear declaration that she was going to take and give nothing back.

  20. Really interesting post, Elsa! And, just for the record – I’m so glad I’ve found your site and find everything on it really interesting! So thank you to you and all the great folks who are here supporting each other.
    Just recently I watched two “friends” engage in umm….trash talking about each other. With me in the middle hearing it.
    And I knew just what you said, Elsa – they will do it to me as well.
    So, typically Libran, (sun and moon) I have backed WAY off. Fortunately they are not MY best friends.
    I called them on it, (Libra nicely!) and then basically left the room.
    Scorp rising.

  21. @ Elsa don’t you worry about that. I am not talking about you. I am talking about the dirty bastards and bitches that betray me, talk behind my back, attempt to cut my throat and then come here to eat 3 times a day.



    IM A ARIES 🙂

  22. Avatar
    Irmi1969 / Char555

    For the longest time I’ve felt bad about amputating people, some after 20 or even 30-year “relationships”. So glad to read this!
    With every ONE of them, I had this feeling on meeting them of “don’t Don’t DON’T go there, pass them by and slide out the door with a polite smile” – and I didn’t listen and eventually they betrayed me.
    The feeling bad about the amputation was mixed with a feeling of lightness and great relief.

  23. Another update – the Scorpio in post up there, it’s fourteen years later and yes, he’s still around.

    Recently, he contacted me about working with a gal he knows – this is non-romantic – he just knows this gal and he’s helping her however he’s helping her. One of the ways he helped her was to buy her a consultation with me. Two birds, one stone again. He’d be helping us both.

    Further, he told me that in the future, if she ever wanted to talk to me again, he’d cover the cost.

    This is a Eagle type Scorpio and he has been, without fail, since I met him twenty years.

    He’s sophisticated. No way will he be getting caught with his pants down in this realm. I am telling you, some of us just know.

    1. I’m glad to know he’s still in your life. 😁

      Some of us like the freedom to attend to business elsewhere and return at a more opportune time. Like I came here a lot at the end of December 2020 – January 2021. Tr Sun was in my 3rd.

      Actually that’s when I signed up for an account. I’d been coming for some years previously, but in that year felt compelled to join so that I could interact with others on the forum. I remember you as being very welcoming.

      A lot happened between that time and now and I just needed some time away, we shall say. Also, when I am upset, I don’t feel like interacting with others.

      There will always be people who thrive on “schadenfreude” which is to delight in the misfortune of others. I’m not one of them. For me, good or bad is a learning experience. I learn from others and I learn from my past. What was this person going through astrologically that it manifested this way? Were there not other ways that this person could have expressed the signature of their chart?

      On here I meet people with a strong Neptune signature. These are the people who talk about karma, destiny etc…I’m not pooh-poohing anyone’s beliefs. It’s just interesting to notice. It’s like uncorking a bottle and noticing the floral notes, the supposed chocolate notes (I never know what is meant by that in the context of wine 😅)…inhaling it and going Ah, it’s Neptune! 😂

      I have met a few water babies here. They are sweet like a chilled Moscato on a summers day.

      I agree that we can all be sources and sinks. It just depends on the situation and the context.

  24. About 20 or 30-year relationships: there IS a difference between having a friend 20 years ago, who went MIA once school/work ended, AND having a friend whom you’re in weekly or monthly contact with (emails, texts, Zoom calls).
    Sadly I have had too much of the former. Enough bitterness so that I’d rather warn people about these fakes.

    1. Agree with you there.

      Most of us have friends of both types. It’s up to us to practise discernment if and when they do return. Sometimes I find I like the “new and improved” version a lot more than I ever did the old. Sometimes it’s because we suddenly have a lot more in common.😁

      1. I have ZERO sink friends. I quit that 30 years ago, at least,

        This doesn’t mean I don’t stick with them when they’re down. I do, and they stick with me.

        This exchange equates to trust.

  25. First time ever I really understand intuitively and deeply what my south node in taurus in the 8th and the scorpio north node in the 2nd are about. Let’s say I taste it, still chewing, I like it. This energy exchange is not for sale, it doesn’t have a price tag and it doesn’t do ads and marketing. Yet, it’s the fuel for the motor of life, to move forward, to go somewhere, to have an experience. I despise modern marketing, I refuse to wear that cloak, if being a decent person with no ill intent towards anyone isn’t good enough, what am I here for? To stage a show? Forget it, I know who I am and astrology has taught me also who I’m not and will never be, I’m totally fine with that.
    8th house/ 2nd house energy exchange with my moon conj True Node, I’ve been given money and other valuables like secrets, trust throughout my life without expecting it, without asking for it and without conditions. And I know that it matters what I do with it.
    I’m gonna chew some more…wonderful soul food Elsa, thank you.

    1. Out of curiosity: is your Moon conjunct your NN or SN?

      The reason I ask is because my son also has his nodal axis in Scorpio-Taurus, with his Moon conjunct his SN. Like you, and I presume, he too is a Libra rising. As his parent, who is doing the giving (to be fair, he does give me love and is only 9) I’d like to know? 😅🙏

      I’m happy to give him everything, but obviously I’d like this to be in his best interest.

      1. @Estella My moon is in scorpio 2nd house conj the North Node, no planets in the 8th, just the South Node, Libra rising, yes. Your sons moon therefore is in Taurus, right? That’s a different story and mother/moon on the SN is a super emotional bond, to the past, the familar, the shared roots. My mom was a scorpio, she wasn’t even there while I was growing up…but she made sure I get everything she owned and I did.

        1. Ah, I see! Thanks for replying Su! 🙏 When I hear people describe their situation, the only thing I think of is the astrology behind it. 😝😂

          He and I are very close. He’s still in my bed and has no plans to move anywhere. 😝It’s ok by me.

          He has Moon opposite Saturn on his nodes and yes, his Moon is in Taurus. Saturn rules his 4th as well. Pluto, in mutual reception to Saturn, is on the IC – indicative of what his family does for a living. 😁

          This opposition falls on my relational axis. His Ceres conjuncts my ascendant as well.

          1. Interesting, we should go to the forum and chat more about parent/children synastry. I’m glad when the Pluto transit through my 4th is over and done with…your son will also leave your bed when Pluto enters AQ I guess 🙂 (BTW my sun and Saturn is in Sag in the 3rd)

              1. Will do, Estella but no chance today, we are on a different timezone, its Rugby Worldcup Final and my country wants to win the cup…the idea must wait a bit but I will get to it 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend and let’s chat more asap.

              1. Enjoy is not the word…sorry to say but at the start I lost my hubby of 33 years and now near the end of it my son was diagnosed (finally!) with MS – and my plans for the future have changed. BUT – I gained a lot of insight, moved closer to putting my true self out there and got rid of a lot of stories and habits and developed a much stronger core.

  26. This is a very good description of energy exchanges. To me, it goes with the larger theme of karma: you get back what you put in or contribute.

    I suspect a lot of the underlying issues the world is seeing is a horrific imbalance of giving and taking all around. Ok, things can’t be 50/50 all the time. It fluctuates, there’s usually a little back and forth that averages out st the end. I just know so many people who take much more than they give (and expect everything to free, or be unwilling to pay for something’s value). The other interesting thing is these same people are frequently unhappy or unkind. Just my observation, but it all makes me wonder if taking and not compensating or restoring something is what’s been causing this mayhem.

    1. Sometimes you get back what you put in. Sometimes, if you’re unlucky enough to meet with a sink, all that care and effort only go down the drain. There never will be enough to plug that hole.

      The transiting nodes definitely pit our values against other people’s values (witness the wars and attendant increase in prices globally due to supply chain issues) as it falls on the Taurus Scorpio axis. I believe the Scorpio end while regenerative, can be more covetous and since the NN is there, there’s been more taking than giving.

      1. The transiting nodes are currently on the aries/libra axis, Estella ? I do believe that the energy that goes down the drain is still collected down there and comes out as a fresh spring somewhere else, not necessarily in your backyard, though. And Scorpio is not more covetous than Taurus, just deeper. But then, I have a stellium there, I inhabit the place.

        1. You’re right, the nodes go backwards and are now in Aries Libra. 🙏😅

          I guess with planets in Scorpio and Taurus, it depends on what those planets are and whether they receive aspects from the outers, to modify their expression. Venus in Taurus like materiality, as does the Moon. They are aware of the value of things.

          The same can be said of Scorpio but these same planets in Scorpio, Venus and Moon, bring an incredible amount of complications to the native’s life. They may not display the covetous nature but attract people who do, depending on which house these signs rule in the chart. Again, outers in those houses, and aspect from outers will intensify or lessen this expression. This is my observation from having family and friends with planets only in either Scorpio or Taurus. 😁 Ps. My father has Moon Venus conjunct in Scorpio and let’s just say he married a version of his mother. One wanted the other dead. Both secretly hated the other for a good two decades. Both fought tooth and nail over my father’s property, each making unreasonable demands. I have Scorpio rising with Pluto in Libra square Cancer Sun Jupiter. Let’s just say this family feud has its tentacles around my psyche. 😬😅

          1. The 2nd house, Neptune, True Node, Moon and Mars there. Libra rising is interesting since it places the signs in the houses that are traditionally connected to the opposing sign. I see it as a balance bonus, from birth. With Pluto on the IC and Libra rising, your son might have a good chance to resolve some of the family dynamics for good – and extract himself from it – not saying its a pleasure to have Pluto on the IC but its powerful.
            I count myself blessed to have an airy Aquarius venus opposing Uranus in Leo and a down to earth Capricorn Mercury, so all that Scorpio doesn’t dominate, its more like people discover it when they get to know me while I know something about them, before they open their mouth… 🙂

            1. Ah, yes. I now remember that you are a Libra rising. 😁Sorry, when I answered you the last time, I was distracted by activity around me. 🙏

              The average Libra rising is a born politician or as Americans call them, “statesman” (it’s the rising sign of most US presidents 😉) so getting along with others, however briefly, regardless of the situation, is a given. Depending on the degree of your rising (I use equal houses btw) a good portion of your first may house Scorpio, the sign on your second. If that were the case, although appearing amiable, you’d have more gumption than the regular early degree Libra rising.

              Your second shows what you own, be it values, talents, money, people etc and the planets inside show those signified by the planets, who contribute to your pool of “assets”. Eg. Moon in 2nd can be family giving you stuff. Moon in 2nd but in hard aspect to Pluto or Saturn would be different.

              Your second also shows what you value, in yourself and in others. So if you think about your closest friends, why them and not others? Think about the qualities they have as people. Eg. Like you, I also have Neptune in my 2nd.

              Of course you have Neptune in Scorpio, so it would express itself differently to someone with Neptune in Sagittarius like myself.

              My son is immune to my past because as a Scorpio rising, I hold my cards close to my chest. Unlike my mother, who singled me out from among my siblings to play stories of her own dearly departed mother on repeat, I only recently answered my daughter’s questions about my childhood – then only because she asked is now an adult.

              To them, anything I say will only be a story. For me, it’s a lived experience.

              My son’s Pluto on the IC could reflect the fact that I am Scorpio rising and/or the family business, which he has already expressed an interest in. I won’t push him to but I’d be lying if I said this intent displeases me. 🤭☺️

              I think your Venus in Aqua opposite Uranus in Leo is probably why we are meeting here, on an astrology site!!! I heard that astrology is ruled by Uranus and Neptune and so all astrologers have that to some degree.

              You are lucky to have a the Merc in Cap too. Regardless of aspects to it, I’ve noticed that the ease of “accessing” an element in yourself and using it on your interactions, is made many times harder if one doesn’t have it. Eg. Someone I know only has air and fire in her chart so she presumes she is rational all the time. Hence she can’t identify her emotional motivations to act and thus cannot appreciate or even identify the emotional motivations of others.

              How can we possibly see in others that which we can’t even see in ourselves?

  27. In my first marriage with a Leo, he literally sucked the life right out of me. I stayed physically and emotionally drained. He has a super stellium in Leo , I have my sun, mercury and saturn in scorpio. I tend to give more than I get {except with my second and late husband, he was such a giver}. Being able to give right now in this stage of my life gives me purpose. Do people take advantage? Sure, but I don’t sweat the small stuff. They can’t take anymore than I have to give.

  28. “Force multiplier” – that is pure gold. Let’s all be force multipliers for good – right where we stand, in our everyday, ordinary lives. Please pass along my thanks to your husband, and as always – THANK YOU, Elsa!!!

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