Women & Their Various Yin/Yang Energy – The Set Up

fritoAstrology does a great job of describing a person’s energy, which can be wildly skewed if you’re evaluating a person from their writing, online. I’ve explained this before, a few times.  My writing is an expression of the Mercury Mars conjunction in my chart.  It’s masculine, but I am not.

I came across this old post. I’m not sure why I deleted it, because it’s plenty interesting. Real content about real people and their real experience. Apparently, I was writing about Saturn returns, as I called this, “The Yin and the Yang and the Saturn Return”.  I’m missing the first part but it doesn’t matter because the story starts here…
When I worked at Frito-Lay, I was the number one salesperson in the state. I was twenty-five, when I became aware of my position. HQ had decided to send a weekly report to each salesperson, disclosing everyone’s sales. This was a new thing designed to foster competitiveness and increase the bottom line. Frito was constantly tinkering like this because there are major big bucks in potato chips and they were after every single one of them.

So they’d do this and then not do it and then do it again, unsure if it drove sales of not. We worked on commission and this meant when the sheet went out, everyone
knew what everyone else was making. You can see how this was sort of dicey. They didn’t want strife however ultimately they found this practice did drive sales and it was
instituted full time.

I worked in a rural area where the routes are typically much larger than routes the city, so our weekly list was made up of all the rural salespeople in the state.
“All the rural salespeople” were a group of about twenty-five men and me; scattered in outlying areas around the state. Each week I was on top the list.
cowboyOh, not always. But 50 out of 52 weeks I was #1. And when someone did beat my sales for the week it didn’t mean much since my year-to-date sales were just less than double the #2 man. That’s right. I was selling nearly double my closest competition and because of this I became sort of legend.

The rural salespeople, myself included, were all loner cowboy types. We were working in the country because we didn’t want to deal with management, right? Right. We liked our freedom and independence and we were only very rarely brought together. Once every 3-5 years if that. But we had awareness of each other.

We were linked by the weekly sales figures chart, for one but there was some communication in the form of a man I’ll call “Chip”. Chip was the line driver. He drove the 18-wheel truck from the plant down the line dropping inventory at each of our little warehouses around the state. Chip liked to chat. He was a Mercury figure relaying bits of info and no doubt working to keep it interesting. It was via, Chip I learned of my status to a degree. I say degree because Chip always seemed to me to be the type to embellish a story.

Chip said all the other drivers wanted to know who, “Elsa”, was. He knew I was on top of the list. He knew it because he delivered the stuff, right? And he delivered way more product to me than to the other salesmen on the line and he dogged them about it. I knew this because I worked alongside two men in a little shack warehouse in my part of the state. I heard him go at them without mercy every chance he got.

a“What’s a matter with you two?” he’d say. “Let some little girl sell more than you do? How do call yourself men? If I were your wife, I’d be out looking for a real man…”

Well lucky for me the two men I worked with were Aquarian so no one got hurt. We all liked Chip and he liked us. We thought we were his favorite on the line and knowing Chip every other little pocket of salespeople thought the same. He the perfect character to keep it interesting.

But I do think we were his chosen because a line driver could only drive so far in a day and Chip would lay out his route so he would end in our town. This way he could offload and then hang out with us. We’d sit in the back of his nearly empty truck and talk shit, tell jokes and I hope you get the picture here. It was a good time.

Chip said the other salesmen on the line thought I was a brutish sort. You know. They thought I was a burly woman, built like a truck and kind of mean and biker-ish. Having Venus in Leo I freaked when I heard that. Blinking my eyelashes, I asked Chip to go back and clear up the misconception…damnit!

He said he’d already done this. He’d told them over and over what I was like but they thought he was lying.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because they don’t think a woman can kick their ass the way you do,” he said.

“Well I obviously can kick their ass,” I said. “And soundly,” I added with a snort. “I can kick their ass all day, every day, the next day…”

“Right, so they think you must be a man.”

“Well I’m not a man for, Godsakes. That’s ridiculous.”

“Right,” he laughed. “That’s what I keep telling them.”

“Well tell them again!”

“Yes sir!” Chip quipped.

I laughed. “Fuck you!”

“Come on Elsa. You know my wife would never go for that.”


So this is how it was, week after week.  Then one day Frito decided to have a convention. They were introducing a new product and per their habit they were throwing a big shindig about it. The city people would have their thing in the city where they worked but the rural people would be brought from all over the state, to a resort in a central location. You see the set up. I was going to meet my peers.

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Have you ever been in circumstance where the view of you is firmly skewed? What’s the astrology?

7 thoughts on “Women & Their Various Yin/Yang Energy – The Set Up”

  1. Oh yes, Elsa, I have experienced that! In college I took a biology class. It was huge, 350 people in lecture and 10 different lab groups. We had four exams plus a final. For the first exam the prof decided to berate us all because the average score was a D. In front of the entire lecture room he then decided to announce the top three grades. I got the top grade but had written just my initials and last name on my exam paper. He said, “MP Flowers.” You can’t be MP. You’re a girl!” I had to show him my picture ID. Loved it!
    I think it was Mercury in Scorpio in the 5th!

  2. Over the years, I’ve always managed to surprise/ shock people. I think it’s just the Aquarius factor.
    When I was younger, guys in particular, couldn’t believe that I can be conservative by day and party animal by night.
    It makes me laugh when a friend is baffled by my decision/course of action. It’s fun not being too predictable.

  3. I’ve often had people wrongly assume all sorts of things about me. I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 12H, and Gemini/Cancer as my 10H.

    One incident that stands out was during a long period of unemployment. I played the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ game by getting dolled up and gatecrashing loads of business networking events to try and booze and schmooze my way into a new job. I would post pix on FB of me sipping cocktails at these swanky venues. Then one day I posted about how depressed and frustrated I was for being so broke, and an American friend who only ‘knew’ me online criticised me for pleading poverty when I ‘obviously’ had been wasting large sums at these posh parties. I came clean and told her these events and drinks were free, and that I was only there to try and get a job. But her bitter resentment shook me up.

    1. I’ve noticed, in recent years, when people make an assumption, it’s almost always negative. I used to write about giving people the benefit of the doubt.

      I’ve written about this several times, but I’ve given up at this point.

      I think “benefit of the doubt” should be default, but no anyone who offers such a thing, stands out as extraordinary.

      1. Absolutely. There’s also a tendency for smear campaigns to run rife, which ruins both careers and family relationships. Nobody bothers to hear the other side of the story. I read a poignant quote that said that if people are so quick to believe bad things about you, they didn’t have a high opinion of you from the start. Perhaps it’s the critical nature of media that makes people default to the negative instead of that benefit of doubt.

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