Mars Aspecting Saturn In A Woman’s Chart

What if you have Mars in aspect to Saturn or some other harsh signature in your chart?  And what if you’re a woman?

I have a client with an wicked opposition in her chart. She’s also got Venus in Taurus in the 7th house which is a strong placement.  But this Mars. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto gash ‘cross her chart dominates. When she interacts with people, she easily slips into a dynamic that makes me think of two Gladiators, squaring off.

This is difficult for her not only because of the Venus placement but she’s also got a Pisces Moon!  Can you imagine? Yesterday she asked me if she was going to get over of get rid of this and I had to tell her no. You can’t have something like that in your chart and not have it play. However it can managed.

My husband has a similar aspect in his chart. Most of your know he is a consummate soldier and an ex-green beret. This gal needs a similar outlet and she has the foundation for this already laid. She’s got to find expression for that opposition, at work most likely, and then not bring the work home.

I explained to her how disastrous it would be for my husband’s love life if he brought his prowess home. I mean his physical prowess as well as his keen, cunning mind. If he beats his wife and plays psych warfare on her, what do think is going to happen? He’s not going to have a wife!

You see the key here. If you have something like this in your chart it is up to you to manage it. No one can do it for you. My husband is very careful. He won’t give me a massage because he’s afraid he might break a bone. He goes out of his way not to scare me because he certainly is frightening.

This gal has to use (and not use) her prowess in a similar way. I say it’s possible – this is what Saturn is for, eh? With Mars and Saturn mashed, you must take command. Not of me, but of yourself.

Do you have a harsh signature like this in your chart. How do you work with it?

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  1. I don’t have the aspect, but I do have Saturn in Aries and I guess that’s still Mars-Saturn. I always had the sense of every interaction being on the tipping point of an epic battle. I never would’ve attributed it to my Saturn, but I did figure out ways to relieve this by now.

    If I could talk to this lady, I’d tell her to steer into that energy and just dump it all into her Saturn or the house cusps with Aries or Scorpio on them. That’s where I subconsciously started burning this off, even when I was on hiatus from astrology. I’ve got Scorp on 5 and Aries on 10. I definitely project “God of War” at work and at concerts, which is silly as fuck because I look like Tim Burton imagined me. I constantly reject and/or confiscate fake IDs and block money laundering schemes at my job. These trust fund babies have the balls to stand there and scream, just give it back, it’s real, the place down the street just took/did it for me, I’m going to call corporate/take legal action against you!!!, so on. I flatly tell them absolutely not, they tried to make me do something illegal and they can call the police about it or I will. I’m a broken record and I don’t flinch while they scream and spit. Then they never come back. Now you tell me who won, I see them, they run!

    Here’s another side of this that I bet her Pisces moon would love. Pisces and Virgo love to white knight and there are right ways to use this, namely by preserving yourself and defending the needy. When you take active hold of your Mars-Saturn energy and use it well, you become a protector in many situations. My coworkers have seen how well I handle Karens and criminals at work, and now they summon me to their stations when they think they’re going to need to disarm or chase away a crazy person. I like knowing they won’t have to deal with that alone more than I like to fight. At some point in middle school I was startled badly (squared up?) by a black widow, and then became interested in entomology, specifically arachnids and butterflies (Scorp) and it’s become one of my chief hobbies (5th). Friends often come to me for help identifying and removing critters. People have seen me handle creepy crawlies, and told me it makes them feel less scared of spiders and such because I’m not scared of them.

  2. I have the conjunction in Sagg, in the ninth house. I can be very unpleasant, sarcastic and morose at times, however not so much as I get older, as I have learned to tame that shrewish part of me. As with Katyusha at work I am always the person called for the difficult circumstances to be attended – the problem solver, but I get no recognition – this puzzles me but I don’t care really. The Mars/ Saturn aspect that bothers me the most is my irregular activity levels; I can veg out on the lounge for hours avoiding tasks, and on other days I can move mountains. I can work for hours without stopping. I was treated unfairly by my birth family, and then in the world at large, – so when my ex husband did so – I left- then my children, but they are good to me now they have. gotten to know me. I am a total thorn in a bully’s side, and always bring them down – hard work. My children feel that I should accept the ” that’s just the way it is” attitude to life and stay out of trouble. But then someone has to help take out the trash.

  3. Yeah i have mars saturn conjunct squaring pisces venus in the 7th. I dont work with it i let it beat the hell out of me and i go to the bar to pick up a rando.

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    Southern Cross

    Well then! This is synchronous. I was only thinking of Mars and Saturn this morning. I have the two in conjunction. In Capricorn. Taking command of myself is a cherished life’s work, in fact a key phrase in my life.
    Nice work, Elsa!

  5. I have Mars in Virgo 12th house exactly square Saturn in Sag 3rd house – and it is my 2nd harshest aspect, despite Elsa telling me it’s what has given me the drive to work and survive as I have. lol. She said it’s what made me a ‘tough cookie’. Which is true. Still, it has definitely negatively impacted how I communicate in love, business and community in a negative manner until recently (in my later years) – and I’ve always had a lot of hidden enemy action going on behind the scenes, which Mercury, Mars and Pluto in 12th house Virgo only exacerbated. I get jealous of other people’s charts. lol

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      Southern Cross

      Tap into your Unconscious! You may find the potential within you to become a great writer. Are the planets in conjunction?

  6. Saturn Aquarius conjunct S. Node in the 4th square Mars Taurus in the 7th. I hear it can help to use the energy of this square to volunteer my energy, as there is the controlling issue with Saturn which can feel oppressive if not used for the positive. For various time periods in my youth I’ve actually been depressed/saddened by the heavy weight of this aspect and I’ve “opted out” in my life, though. Yet, with values around creativity I’ve eventually come around to supporting my ambitions one step at a time, but it’s been a slow process! At age 61 I’m in the best physical shape and more embodied than ever as I’ve been using the step by step process of Saturn-Mars to build/energize good health and a strong physical structure (body). I’m getting this…..I can take my physical strength/energy (Mars) & act in accord and aid in mediating the aging/deterioration (Saturn) process. With N.Node Leo in the 10th on the other leg of this Mars Saturn square I see conscious embodiment aka “vigorous Leo-Lion self-expression” is one of my contributions, or a legacy I bring. 🙂

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