Your Ascendant Describes The First Impression You Make

vintage zodiac plateThey say it’s important your first contact with someone be positive. That it’s hard to undo a person’s first impression of you. I don’t know that this is true.

It’s true in some cases! There are people who make a strong first impression and it sticks with me until the end of time.  But generally speaking, this is not the case. My thoughts and feelings about a person evolve as I get to know them better, over time.

The ascendant in your birth chart, and the planets that aspect it, describe your first impression. You might say that the rest of the chart describes you.

If your veneer (your ascendant) is very different than the rest of you, it can be hard for people to classify you.

I think I’m this way. At this point in my life,  I don’t expect anyone to get to know me, deeply.  I may be wrong about that and I wouldn’t mind if I was. I guess I’ll see what happens once Pluto leaves my 12th house. Right now, I’m pretty hard to reach. I think just being friendly and cordial is plenty.


Update in 2022.

Someone commented on this post today which brought it to my attention.  I mentioned Pluto was transiting my 12th. It’s now in my 1st house conjunct my ascendant. It’s overwhelming on so many levels and it’s certainly not the first impression I’d prefer to make!

What is your first impression? Is it true, you never forget your first impression of someone?

36 thoughts on “Your Ascendant Describes The First Impression You Make”

  1. I have an Aries rising at 1 degree and I just don’t come off as as what I think an Aries represents.I think I seem much more reserved than how I really am. I actually think people don’t like me much at first. I might be projecting my 7th house Pluto I’m guessing? But people tend to really like me after I thaw it. LOL It takes me a while to open up but when I do, chatty Gemini sun and venus with Aqua moon shows up. 🙂

    As for other people, I try to not judge someone on first impressions just because of how things are with me. I slowly see how things develop and take it from there.

  2. I agree with you, my thoughts and feelings evolve as I get to know the person.
    As far as first impressions go people seem to be all over the board when it comes to me. My Ascendant is at 29°19′ Libra, Scorpio is in my first house and there’s a lot going on there. Neptune conjuncts my Ascendant, Pluto and the Moon Sextiles my Ascendant, Venus Trines my Ascendant, and Uranus squares my Ascendent. In a lot of cases, people can’t seem to get a fix on me. 🙂

  3. I have Capricorn ascendant, but once you get to know me, I’m fun loving Sagittarius.

    People think I’m very straight-lace, to a point it’s true, but I’m very laid back and totally messy. In a good way.

  4. Scorpio rising here (with Pisces sun, taurus moon). I’ve always been very hard to get to know unintentionally. When I was younger, once you were “in” my guard was completely down. After getting burned many times in life by people close to me, once you’re “in” my guard is only 1/2 way down. I’m ok with that. I’m sure it makes others uncomfortable. Some times I care, some times I don’t.

    1. I have Scorpio rising too (with Virgo sun and Aquarius moon). Even my father has told me that I was always different. He said as a small child I would watch everyone else “like an alien.” I guess it’s been hard even for my own family to get me. I was always quiet and sensitive and easily hurt. Now that I’m middle aged, my walls never come all the way down.

  5. Scorpio rising here (with Pisces sun, taurus moon). I’ve always been very hard to get to know unintentionally. When I was younger, once you were “in” my guard was completely down. After getting burned many times in life by people close to me, once you’re “in” my guard is only 1/2 way down. I’m ok with that. I’m sure it makes others uncomfortable. Some times I care, some times I don’t.

    1. Scorpio Rising here too. Virgo sun, Leo moon. Same issue here. Never share your stories until years have passed. Is secretive is the description, there is a reason. Experience! Of course a life full of drama.

  6. Sun in Libra 12H
    AC in Libra 1H
    Jupiter in 3H Sextile AC
    Venus in 1H Conjunct AC
    Mercury in 12H Conjunct AC
    Uranus in 10H Sextile AC
    Mars in 9H Trine AC

    Wow, that makes me look like a hot mess of Libra.

  7. What about when your progressed acs changes….nataly mine is in Pisces, Sag sun and they square each other. My progressed sun in now Aquarius and my rising is Taurus. Do these energies of the two charts ‘blend’ in some way. I can certainly feel the Taurus rising and my moon is now progressed from Aires to Cancer…..uggh, this has been exhausting. I am not used to feeling drowned in emotions.

  8. I have a Gemini rising with Mercury in Libra (chart ruler) conjunct Venus in Libra in the 5th house. So I come across as chatty, and friendly and indeed I am!

    However, my Scorpio sun and Virgo moon surprise people as they later see there’s a more sensitive, introverted side to me.

  9. Gemini ascendant here! In times of stress I default into talking, no matter what. I come across as personable, friendly and chatty, even clever, but I have a Taurus Sun (square a Leo Pluto) and Mercury in 12th house so people need to dig deeper to find what is underneath. They will find me more loyal and definitely more stubborn than the Gemini superficiality first suggests. On the surface I am changeable. Flexible, is how I like to see it! Especially with Uranus (in 12th). and Venus/Saturn (1st) close by the Ascendant in Gemini. Plus, Mars in Pisces and Moon in Sag. Very mutable, yes, but also with a mulish Fixed streak! Others might think they can push me around, and they might try, but when it comes down to it they really cannot control me.

  10. Leo Jupiter rising with 11H Cancer sun and 10H Gemini moon. Yeap–I’m talkative, alright! Even with my Cancer needs to retreat when necessary, I’m a bombastic person who treats everybody like family. Even if you duct-taped my mouth and hands, I’d still find a way to wiggle around and communicate and draw attention to myself. Shameless, I know. ??

  11. Capricorn Ascendant (Mr. Serious) , but Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon (just like Donald Trump, look out!)

  12. Cap Rising is what people see especially in job interviews. Only later Sag Sun and Scorpio moon are seen. With progressed Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, I come across as friendly and cool.

  13. I really get that a lot.
    Pluto is transitting my 12th house too. People end up confused about who I am – even my own BF.
    The truth is – I can be anyone. Neptune is touring my 1st house, so I adapt my style to whom it might be.

    Still, I do think I give some prettty hard aquarius sparks with the asc only at 3 degrees aquarius. But soon the mood gets deep and probing with my 8th house Moon and Pluto – and scorpio stellium.

  14. I’m exactly WYSIWYG. Virgo rising with a stellium conjunct ascendant (sun, mercury, Jupiter) here. Despite being ultra virgo, the no nonsense approach of Aries always looked cool to me. ?

    1. Too true, and funny, WinterMoon. Picked two books off the shelf, mainly by their covers. No where near the mark!

      I’m a Capricorn Asc natally. Serious as the grave. But there’s so much natal Leo and that shows up over time. What I like is how the Progressed planets and houses have me with Gemini on the Asc for probably the rest of my life. Mutable. I whisper that character to my Capricorn Moon (so fed by the Pluto transit) when it gets really dark inside. Still learning about this progressed ascendant.

  15. Virgo rising and stellium in the first house. I definitely can come across very Virgo at first. First impressions of people always stick with me and my gut is always right. I do give the benefit of the doubt but when I feel bad vibes, I just keep an eye on that person. It’s my moon Pluto in the first. It also sextiles Neptune.

  16. First impression is generally deceiving. Takes time to know if they wash their hands after using a toilet; if they are minimally literate, can spell cat, talk while they eat, have holes in their shoes, it just takes time. Usually a couple Martinis will tell all.

  17. Pisces with Aries rising, leo moon. That combination is a hot air balloon. Near 50 now, people say i am still child like. In adult world, I’m more than often an awkward odd duck. But i am like a magic wand in the world of children, just by being mtself. Volunteered teaching in the past, students with high fever begged their parents to send them to my class, not to miss single lesson. Some quit paid sport camps to come to my class. Only recently i learned the aries rising people are forever child-like in the impression. Is that true? If so, how to blend in the adult world?

  18. I am accused of being aloof but can guarantee otherwise. My tendency to play the comedienne hides the sap. When your ascendant ruler is the sun in the 8th house though, I wonder what the mask is or if there is one? I think of this placement as being burned alive.

  19. My husband is an Aquarius Sun and Moon, but with a Scorpio ascendant. Our daughter-in-law told me one time that she feels intimidated by him because she thinks he is intense and hard to read, mysterious…it literally made me laugh out loud because I knew she was perceiving him by his ascendant and her description of him fit what many people see of him even though it is not at all how I perceive him. Interestingly enough our son whom this daughter-in-law is married to is a Scorpio Sun with and Aquarius rising. My son has very effectively recreated a similar version of his Father’s life for himself even though Father and Son are often and have always butted heads (no surprise there) My side of the family on the other hand (myself included) have a lot of Sag risings and even though we are all very different Sun signs they Sag parts cause us to express the same way and give people the initial impression that we are all very much alike when truth is the ways that we are the same (our outward presentations) and very much the same the ways that we are different are very very different. It is cool to know the Astrology of each person and see how they integrate into relationships in a family dynamic.

  20. I think cordial and friendly is a good tack. It’s fair. I am not saying the cordial and friendly is returned. I try to remain respectful as well. Sometimes it’s difficult. It’s always interesting and sometimes grrr to hear people’s judgment of me. I always think it says more about them than me. And some people will never change that opinion. I think I am sometimes judged as a pushover and that is where problems can arise down the line. I would say, that in that, I defy initial expectations. That can be either good or bad depending on what the person wants from me. It takes time (Saturn). Saturn in natal first house and transiting there now yet. The fun thing is that sometimes what a person gloms onto about me tells me more of who I am. But I think that is more a solar thing. ??? Likewise, the glomming can tell me what I am definitely not. Natal Scorpio Asc. Prog Cap Asc. And I cannot really tell anymore with people except for the really brazen. How a person treats other people and talks about other people usually says a lot. And speaking of attitude, I would say that is what I take a read on with a first meet.

  21. I have no idea . I hate my Gemini ascendant though . Fuck it , I wanna be normal . Gemini is all smile and talkative , and I wanna just keep my mouth shot . I am sun in Taurus . They all think I am mad . That is why I hate my ascendant ?

    1. Take heart bunnygirl86:) I was born with a Natal Capricorn Ascendent, secretive and conservative as a nun. No offense to the women in robes! Sixty years later, my Ascendent is in Gemini and I am ready for smiling and talking and writing sh*t left and right. They can’t keep up with me. Some may think me mad, but then at this stage I don’t look back (at ’em) as often.

  22. I have a sag rising. Sometimes I freakingly adore it and sometimes I just hate it, so much.

    I am an aqua sun and cancer moon. The combination of all these 3 make me very honest and often very blunt. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I regret this sometimes. I am so open my venus in capricorn gets uncomfortable sometimes.

    Some days, I want to explore the world, but my catious venus makes me insecure about this. Like, I keep thinking and worrying, because I want everything structured. But at the same time, I want fun without any boundaries.

    Also. With my sag rising, I attract strangers that out of the blue talk to me without me knowing them. Amd my venus in cap HATES this. It wants deep and meaningful bondings

  23. I am really at odds with myself, having Aquarius Rising and a Sag Midheaven and Virgo Sun. So imagine this Virgo Sun that nervously gripes at myself over everything and tell myself that I should care what others think of me and I should try to impress them.

    Here comes the Aquarius Ascendant that just utterly refuses to listen to the Virgo voice and does its own thing which is reinforced by my Sagittarius Midheaven. Virgo is outvoted, but always fusses and says, “Don’t do that. Do this. What are you thinking? Etc”

    Aquarius Rising wants to do what it wants to do and if no one else likes that, big deal. My Saturn (ancient ruler of Aquarius) is in Taurus and it frowns at my Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) side.

    I am constantly at odds with myself.

  24. Miss. Understood? It’s misunderstood. Capricorn rising. Hard to approach mostly. But I want to be approachable- gemini sun. And I am more than that, to people close to my heart.

  25. My sun and Mars in Gemini conjuncts my Gemini ascendant and people find me friendly and happy and it serves me well but have Pluto conjunct Uranus in the third house a lot deeper than they think😁 i

  26. Nah different people see and feel different stuff. Also depends on what mood
    you were that day and what mood the other person was that day, the settings you meet at etc etc. So many factors, ao its not as simple as “my asc and what people see”.

    Also no first impressions may leave something with you, IF that was the first and Last meeting. Otherwise the first impression I had of someone will just fade away and maybe become a nice or funny or bad memory.

    Like: “I remember the first time I met you, I thought you seemed happy go lucky but you are infact very intense now when I know you better”

  27. Still love this topic. I love to notice how people enter a room and mingle or what they do after they get in. It’s like a fun puzzle.

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