Your Ascendant (Rising Sign) AKA Your Veneer

yes this is truck no wont help moveI’ll just come right out and say it- I am inundated right now with people who really want to solve the relationship problems that dog them so when I see something I think might help, I am going to throw it up here.

I apologize in advance if some are hurt but I am afraid I am getting bolder with age which seems appropriate as there is less time to waste. In whatever case, I went to the library today and on the way I saw a man in a new blue truck with this bumper sticker, prominently (and perfectly) displayed:

“Yes, This Is My Truck. No, I Will Not Help You Move”

And I just thought, what the hell.  This is this guy’s statement? This is how he wishes to identify himself?  As a guy with boundaries?  As a guy who is not generous, a person who has things they will not share?  What kind of first handshake is that? Who would want to go on a date with this guy, hmm?

The truck was immaculate and the sticker might as well have said, “Yes this is my dick and no you can’t have any.”  And it gets even worse because the statement is not original.

Why take the truck you maintain in perfect condition and then slap some lame thing someone thought of 10 years ago and label yourself that way? I just can’t function on this and when I spotted the truck, I thought of astrology of course.  The ascendant describes your first handshake.

Is your first handshake off-putting?

29 thoughts on “Your Ascendant (Rising Sign) AKA Your Veneer”

  1. Leo ascendant, w/Pluto conj. I have no idea, but I have always been amazed and flabbergasted at the responses I get from people.

  2. not like that, but maybe to some people.
    virgo doesn’t tend to be immediately offensive. but i tend to wear my aries on my sleeve (when i’m not at work) and that can get me some interesting responses 😉

  3. “nice floor mats and a cute rearview hanging thing.”

    LMAO! I’d like that too. I need you to interior design my car, Lexie!

  4. my bumpersticker says “namaste”. I put it there so I wouldn’t flip people off so much. I haven’t flipped anyone off in longer than I can remember! go ME!!

    my ascendant is uncomfy with my sun and moon so I don’t think I come across as I am, which may confuse people. if I get too uncomfortable my leo takes over and it’s SHOW TIME. :p

  5. I’m a rising Scorpio. Tends to be about 50/50. If it makes any sense or means anything, ceres conjuncts it. Either way, people either love me or hate me right away, and if they hate me, I have the power to badger them with love until they adore me.

    But my natural expressions that I make without thinking seem to send negative signals…can’t really seem to help that.

    My car is bumperstickerless, thank god. I always hated those. I in fact, keep all external decorations away, and only like to have some nice floor mats and a cute rearview hanging thing.

  6. I have Scorpio ASC and I always think that people should recieve me well…I am very friendly (or shy in some cases), I’m never rude or anything of the sort (minus the occassional snobbiness I give to obnoxious, clueless guys). But I have been told there is a mysteriousness about me that can be intimidating.

    I’m not much into bumperstickers either, but if I had one it would probably be like “Buckle Your Kids” or something like that. Not very exciting.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    When people have a very limp handshake, I’m very reluctant to get to know them any better; too much work (which with my typical mo is going nowhere with these types, anyway) and probably not very interesting unless you’re willing to give it a few years:) (If that limp handshake happens to belong to a homosexual, none of this applies – obviously:)
    -> Sagittarius Rising; Uranus/NN in Scorpio in the 9th conj MC.; Pluto stellium in the 8th/9th house; 4 planets within 9 degrees – will react like a solar Scorpio – re:a previous discussion on Elsa’s blog – that is to say, I will only help those who demonstrate willingness to help themselves. (Btw., this is me finally learning the proper lesson after having let a 12th house Neptune sextile that entire stellium allow all sorts of stray cats into my life. No more). Limp handshake? Go away (please):o)
    P.S. I am aware of the giant brush!;)

  8. OMG, I have to laugh… I’ve known more than one person with a truck who were constantly bugged about helping other people move stuff. People calling them out of the blue, “Hey, um, you have a truck, right?” And you immediately know that whatever it is, it’s not gonna be good.

    I couldn’t say for sure what my first handshake is like. I think I’m pretty guarded, and that people get a very clear idea that they aren’t seeing everything there is to see right off, and that works for me and for the other people too.

    But I can say that, for some reason, when the first handshake I get from someone else is off-putting in some way… harsh, or rude, or maybe just grumpy or ornery… I’m immediately drawn to the person. Not every single time, and not only those people. But enough that I’ve noticed myself doing it. “He was just RUDE to me! I must know why! *chase chase chase*”

  9. I’d second the “Scorpio rising, either they love you or they hate you” thing. I was outright HATED on sight when I first started school. Clearly my hometown wasn’t right for me, because the love ration went way up once I moved to where I live now.

    Uranus rising probably contributes to that because I come off as weird no matter what. Weird was not tolerated in the hometown, it’s loved here.

  10. Scorp rising with Sag neptune/jupiter conjunct. People seem to label me pretty quickly – (usually as they’d prefer) and it’s easy for me to take on various personas. I’ve often been told that I’m (later) not as I initially appear. As I grow on people they generally label me as being stronger and more deeply unique.

  11. Oct27, got to agree with you. Leo Rising (esp. trine Neptune) just gets the wildest range of reactions, none of them which seem to have anything to do with your real personality.

    My bumper sticker says “Walk gently on Mother Earth” (venus in 4th house). The guy with the truck, umm– *puts on blinker, merges away*

  12. Aries is another love ’em or hate ’em sign, and I have it rising, with Jupiter exactly opposite it. So I come off as smug and full of myself (plus reserved–Saturn is in the 1st, but not conjunct the ASC). The people I want to get to know are the people who take the time to look beyond that.

  13. I second what October 27 said. I have Leo rising with pluto in 1st house – not quite conjunct. I’ve often been amazed & flabbergasted by responses I’ve received – sometimes dumbfounded. Speaking of handshakes, I’ve often been told I have a strong, firm grip. Something that amazes me – why do some people who are in a position of power have such limp handshakes? Makes one think they don’t really want to shake hands…then why introduce yourself and offer your hand? Then, there are the germaphobes who refuse to shake hands completely. They don’t want to touch or be touched – talk about boundaries.

  14. Scorpio Rising, conjunct Uranus (minor aspects from Moon, Venus and Jupiter) ~ and ditto to the above for Scorpio. There’s a percentage of people who usually reserve judgement, but not that many, and I’m also amazed by some of the responses people have had to me, when I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary.

    According to others, I’m either too shy/sweet/nice/polite/quiet – sometimes so much that I apparently can’t be trusted – to too intense/bitchy/stand-offish/weird, etc… it can *all* fit, but whatever it is, I seem to be “too much” of it.

    I also have Saturn inconjunct Neptune, and Neptune trine Midheaven and Jupiter – people tend to just make their own judgements immediately, without even taking in the *real* me. As somebody else said above, I’ve ended up making friends out of some who weren’t so nice to me before. I don’t hold many grudges, and I tend to think that everyone’s interesting, in some way.

  15. I forgot ditzy, on my more upbeat days, and because I can be friendly to everyone, that comes across as my being too superficial? I don’t know.

  16. Im not actually put off by this guys bumper sticker. Like ewinbee it made me laugh. Bumper stickers and T-shirt slogans in general make me laugh. I would like this guy, it seems his been asked to move things all the time and is now pissed off and is putting it out there. Either way it doesnt bother me

    Im a Pisces Rising – have no idea how I come across. Sometimes im invisible, sometimes i guess i could be seen as sweet and dreamy or whatever the other person wants to see me as.

  17. Scorpio rising, no idea what is conjunct or trine, or where Pluto is – I’m a newbie.

    I’ve been told by many that I’m intimidating when I think I’m only being polite by not getting into a person’s space the instant we meet. Am reserved when I first meet someone, though when I was younger my Leo Sun had me responding with expansive friendliness (waayy too trusting) but since then it seems my Scorpio Moon (and life’s experiences) have taken over and I am far more reserved and will wait quietly until I hear the new person speak or express themselves in some way before I initiate a dialogue with them. I don’t think I’m intimidating about it but what feels like simple courtesy to me is intimidating to others I guess.

    Speaking of being polite, those of you who have commented on a limp handshake, I am a member of a Northern Plains Tribe and I’d like to share with you that in our culture it is considered rude to shake a person’s hand in a hard or firm way, much ruder to look someone in the eye when you’re doing it, so most of us give what would be considered a limp handshake with eyes downcast in respect for the other person, but in our way we are being polite and courteous when we do that: we are acting on one of our earliest teachings, “Let us be like the flowers and the grasses, and turn gentle faces toward one another.” Funny how things look differently when looked at through a cultural lens! Of course I am aware that this way of greeting someone is not what mainstream society expects and try to be welcoming to those who are not put off by it and look beneath the surface.

    As to bumper stickers, the last time I had one it was very glittery and read “Drama Queen,” (Leo humor in its self-deprecating form), but I hit a deer with that car and had to get a different one and the bumper sticker went with it. Since then I haven’t seen any that have made me want to put them on my car – I have to feel that *twinkle* you get when something just vibrates right. As to the guy with the truck, I’m with those that guessed he’s been prevailed upon one time too many. Who knows, maybe someone borrowed his truck to move and hit a deer with it (smile).

    Have a great day everyone!

  18. I wish there was a way to edit comments. 🙂

    I just realized what I said above, about how the descriptions can all fit – I didn’t mean the “can’t be trusted” part, but the rest can fit at different times… I’m genuinely nice, but when pushed too far, I can blow – I don’t like low-blows, though, I usually fight fair. The thing is that when I finally lose my temper, I’ll get that “We knew you weren’t so sweet!” type of response. Well, would they be, when pushed so far?

    Oh, and no bumper-stickers for me, at least so far…

  19. WIth libra rising I am generally seen as being very friendly upon meeting people. Probablya a bit shy too.

  20. No idea. I’m told I look/sound cheerful and smile a lot around people, to the point that nobody can ever believe it if I have a bad day. Makes me feel like the happy/sad drama masks. Apparently, I am deceptive. And I move fast too…people can never find me in the same spot for too long, I vanish.

    Gemini rising opposed moon/neptune, trine pluto.

  21. And no bumper stickers or other ‘identifiers’ for me either. I don’t like being picked out from a crowd!

  22. Thanks for mentioning handshakes. Someone just mentioned last night I’m the first woman he’d ever met who actually shook hands ‘like a man.’ I wouldn’t know what that means–I’m not a man. All I know is I don’t want to hug you unless I want to screw you.

    For the record my favorite bumper sticker ever is ‘Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.’

    Sag ASC; Pluto square Moon in the 9th

  23. Scorpio rising conjunct Neptune. People see what they want to see and I generally play along initially…

  24. Scorp rising w/ Uranus in 1st House. I was voted most shy in high school so maybe people think i’m shy? I went out w/ a distant friend that i havent seen in a long time and i’m sitting at a table w/ him in a bar/restaurant listening to him, and out of the blue he says i scare him. That surprised me cuz i dont think im scary.

  25. There was a sticker I felt was off putting it said you say I’m a btch like it’s a bad thing. I was like well I have to get far away from you cause you’re a btch. Where do you get off.

    My first handshake doesn’t seem to age very well. People are put off by my quirky random friendliness and I’m getting scared to talk to people especially men when I can see rejection in their eyes. And I’m inappropriately thankful and skeptical when someone treats me like I used to be treated.
    I asked a guy what his tattoo was and he was put off he was like it’s just a money bag.
    I shouldn’t have asked a douche bag. I miss being treated like a funny girl, not a why are you talking to me.

    It also has nothing to do with the rest of my chart

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