You’re Almost Married And You’ve Got The Wrong Birth Data On The Guy – What Is An Astrologer To Do?

cayce.jpgMichele asks on Oppression:

You say that you have been using the wrong chart for “YEEEARS” (LOL) for the Soldier. So I am curious to know if the other chart that you were using for him seemed accurate at all. Does this one seem more accurate, and is it a lot different? I ask because i am wondering if we just make ourselves believe that something fits, because we want it to, or think it should. 

Michele, yes the chart I have been using has seemed inordinately accurate. It has seemed so accurate I am having trouble switching realities.  I really thought the data I had was correct so never imagined he was going to walk up to me with his birth certificate in his hand (he was showing me his baby feet) and find out this horror!

Now we are talking about a bad time not the wrong year or something like that, so while the chart is significantly different it is also similar to what I had. For example, there is still a Mercury, Mars, Saturn T-square, it just falls into different houses in the chart. His Moon is still in the same sign but it has picked up a new (exact) aspect that I just have to assimilate. I have previously thought he was a (late) Pisces rising, giving a him a natural chart, but he is not.

The other chart was easier to read then the correct chart. For example, an Aries south node in the 1st house is like a double whammy. A Scorpio moon in the 8th house (the house it rules)… etc.  The old chart was very pronounced, the new chart is more convoluted so I am just having to slowly assimilate it which is exactly how I am handling this by the way.  Er… Saturn Neptune, my natural style.

Reality dissolves and another reality takes it’s place just like life.  At this point the new chart is less than 10% assimilated. I am not a nitpicking type astrologer or someone inclined to study things with a microscope, a protractor and some spectacles. I am more like Edgar Cayce who slept with books next to his head and absorbed their contents. Basically I am just hanging out near the new chart until the information winds up in my head because I don’t know any other way to do this.

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  1. Michele – try and also google bob marks astrologer… he has very good tutorial there – top notch.

    On the soldier – the other chart was completely absorbed, this one has been glanced at and little more. I just haven’t gotten to it but I talk about it with him or with friends here and there, so like I said, I have it about 10% understood which means I have some work to do (what else is new?” 🙂

  2. No, Michele, I am just busy as fuck. I get paid to look at people’s charts and believe me they want me looking at THEIR chart not someone’s chart in my personal life so my focus is just somewhere else.

    I am (constantly) in a situation where there is not enough time and when there is time, I generally want to screw not read charts so…


    Bottom line, the chart can wait, I am dealing with the man.

  3. Well that must be a tough one to swallow! (is flexibility in your charts? LOL) So are you saying that you are still trying to understand this new chart, to put it together as a whole? (rather than you have not read it all) Does this one seem like it fits him?

    Geeze Elsa, I don’t know what all this stuff means: what planets are in what houses…. natural chart, etc. Can you recommend a web site where i can read up so that i can understand what you are talking about?

  4. Thanks, Elsa, I just started looking at, but I’ll check out the Bob Marks website. It’s almost like people are speaking another language when they start talking about this stuff!

    As to the soldiers chart…you haven’t actually given any good reasons why you haven’t really looked at it – is it possible you are avoiding it? procrastination can be a very bad thing, you know…. (smiling)

  5. LOL, that’s pretty funny, Elsa. Screwing sounds good to me too!

    You didn’t go to school to learn to read charts, did you? what are the traits that make a person good at it?

  6. Sometime the nurses in the hospital get it wrong. I know exactly when my daughter was born since my astrologically minded sister was on the phone with my husband and recorded the time. The nurses didn’t bother to look at the clock until about 5 minutes later. How far off in time are the charts.

    I do understand what you mean because once I had an old boyfriend who was Ethiopian and they have a different calender. He told me he was born on Jan 24th but if you change the date to the Julian Calender to about November 13. I thought he was an Aquarian which made me think he wasn’t deep or intense enough for me (being a Virgo with a Scorpio Moon). I later found out his Sun was conjunct to my moon. Made we reflect about the whole relationship very, very strange.


  7. I get kinda fatalistic about this stuff. But there are some charts that make me wonder. One o’ my exes = Scorpio rising, current BF = Scorpio rising. Total mismatch. I stomp up and down the room swearing that ex-BF is a Sag rising. He’s got the height (6’8″), the Sag cheekbones, and the blunt manner, so what the hell, you know? How is he not a Sag rising? Somebody messed up. (Current BF with same rising is short, dark-haired, dark-eyed, quiet, intense. Essence of Scorpio.)

  8. I had to readjust my husband’s chart; for the 1st 3 years of our relationship we thought he had Scorpio rising, a 28-degrees Taurus moon & a 7th-house sun & moon. Upon finding out the correct birthtime, it turned out he had Sagittarius rising, a 1-degree Gemini moon & a 6th-house sun & moon! BIG difference.

  9. Selkie, did that 1st chart seem like it fit? were you always making allowances? how about this new chart, does it seem more accurate? I am still wondering how much we convince ourselves….

  10. Re: Sag vs Scorpio rising, I rectified a friend’s ascendant by moving her birth time 4 minutes to give her 0 Sag rising (rather than late Scorpio). Her affect is friendly, outgoing, big energy — and she’s a fabulous dancer and dance teacher. Also, typical Sag first decan appearance, right down to the teeth and hair. She does have a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio but the first “hit” you get around her is Sag rather than Scorpio — that energy is more subtle.

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