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There is such a thing as instant karma but in my experience,  karma is rarely instant. And it is incredibly, phenomenally bad when it does comes ’round ten or more years after the fact. You wish you could have or would have paid up right away.

I have never done anything to anyone and not had it done to me at a later date, IN SPADES. Further, payback was not merely a bitch. It was brutal and I could not deny it was deserved.

This is not to say all the hardship in my life is due bad karma. I don’t think that at all.

Also, when karma does come around it is always elegant and  humbling. It leaves me with no doubt I’ve earned the experience I’m having.

What is your experience with karma and where is your Saturn.

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  1. I noticed instant karma with an ex-roommate/ex-friend of mine. While I was living with her, she accused me of breaking and disposing of one of her wine glasses (I hadn’t) and went on about not having a full set anymore, and I should buy her a new one. This was one of many diatribes from her; she was aggravating. In any case, not even 2 minutes after this particular lecture from her, did she drop a wine glass to the floor and it broke into a thousand pieces. I was in the other room when I heard that as well as her say, “Oh…” and it was satisfying. Not sure about her Saturn details.

  2. My experience with instant karma (this was in 1997, I’ve learned since then): riding a bicycle, narrowly being missed being ‘doored’ by a taxi, turning around and saying ‘F U!’ …as soon as I do that I get doored for real by the taxi ahead of him. BOUNCE! So, my bike has wrecked parts…I take them to a bike store. The guy says: ‘Oh, the insurance is paying anyway, I’ll give you some fancy parts…’
    And you know what? They were stolen right off my bike within a MONTH.
    Ha ha, the joke’s on me. I definitely learned from that. I got everything I deserved for being the idiot 20 year old I was back then.

  3. Hmmmm Karma. Got a slight issue with that in as much as if your chart is full of trines, sextiles and whatnot you’re gonna sail through life regardless. What about those poor characters with squares, oppositions etc etc – shouldn’t they have some kind of handicap because of their uncharmly chart? I think so! I think they should have 5 points of karma (their choice how they use it) for every soft aspect their partner has that they are in relationship with. Now that’s fair and that makes the journey a fair fight!

  4. I am not sure about karma, because I have known more than one person, all they did was give, help, do for others, and life thanked them with cancer, husbands walking out on them, and one dear friend of the family, well she died during surgery, for what was supposed to be a simple procedure. And these people I knew, their deaths were so devastating,, so many people who loved them left behind.

    And I know nasty sob’s, who treat people like shit, and well, things just keep on a rolling their way. I guess if I could really be convinced in re-incarnation, maybe these pricks get their karma in another life-time, but I would much rather see it right here right now. And I would have preferred the good people I knew, to have been given blessings, blessings they deserved.

    1. Agree Dorothy. Its almost infuriating. The only comfort for those snobs is that they cause their own comeuppance. They usually get cocky and the law of large numbers guarantees they will eventually come up against the wrong someone who will devastate them.

  5. yes.
    on the cusp of the 12th. leo.

    sometimes i think karma is the soul’s desire to fix its broken pieces… and you keep getting classes until you finally pass…

  6. I’m with Dorothy. Real assholes seem to thrive while nice folks get crapped on a lot. You should see my evil aunt and uncle thrive and spread misery, ’nuff said. If we only get punished in the next life that’s not fair because it’s not like you know what you are getting punished for. I am one of those people with tons of squares, so I guess I was a serial killer or something even though in this life I don’t do any of that.

    I do not try to get revenge on people, but (a) I’m lazy, (b) I am in the “an ye harm none, do what you will” religion, and (c) why be an asshole just because someone else is doing it? Don’t we already have enough assholes without you hopping on the asshole train too?

    1. Sometimes the ride can be too hard to resist. As long as you dont ride too long and only go as far as your ticket takes you…

    2. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      OMG – asshole train! I love the hell out of that!! Seems one comes to the station everyday in my work world because I’m surrounded by them as of late. Saturn in 11th and 12th house… I thought Pluto raging through my sign was enough… apparently not.

    1. Interesting question. I think it does sometimes. (….I hope it does, without making people self-sufficient or arrogant!).

    2. I think it does.

      I hear people say it does – frequently. Like my neighbor who was broke. Broke as in BROKE. But some gal’s car was broken down – she was stuck. She put this on FB.

      He thought he could probably get her car started…she was stuck at a drive in theater (day time) if you can believe that. So he went over there and he did get her car going.

      She tried to give him $20 but he said no, even though he was broke.

      Later that day he found a $20 bill. He called it karma..and $20 is what he needed, of course.

  7. I do wonder about the good ppl getting the hard lives/endings :(. Just had a friend who was an angel on earth who died a horrible painful flesh eating disease death 🙁 It was just not right she was compassionate, kind, loving and worked with CYS and had the sweetest heart.
    I have my second saturn return in 6th coming up. During my 1st hubby had started a new business and our lives changed drastically then eased after years of hard work. With the returns are there usually similarities between them?

    1. This is my question about all of this. Not trying to be polemical just discussing. You can find an example to support either position, either that people get theirs or they don’t (good or bad). But wouldn’t it have to be consistent? Meaning every time. If you want to talk odds then yes, there is a “trend” maybe towards a certain outcome. (Drug addiction will destroy your life, ex.) It also just seems random, where does that fit in?

      1. It should be consistent, not random. What I see is also random. So it will only fit when you add reincarnation. Then there are a lot of events, that we don’t see. This can also be true for within one life. I’m afraid that karma isn’t easy to understand. Most of us won’t make the conclusion that there is something like karma only because of one or two events, but rather know about it from spiritual sources. Plus karma isn’t about punishment at all. This part is only what we could most easily see, so we want to take it as proof of karma, when something looks like punishment. But this isn’t the idea of karma. Sounds not fair at first, but when thinking about it, then it becomes clear that punishment would even be a contradiction to ideas like balance and justice and also to other influences like destiny.

  8. I got stitches once for making fun of a girl who got stitches. I thought she looked funny with them! I was only seven, though. I got mine about two years later.

  9. When Saturn transited through my 12th house and conjunct Pluto last time, I had a third depressive episode. Given my rough upbringing, it was enough karma for me. I guess the upside was that I really started to pull it together after that, though the episode itself was so brutal, and the good stuff took years to actually manifest.

  10. In my understanding, karma is not quite a system of punishment. It can be, but its ultimate function is balance. If we see one side of the coin, we will see the other. This is the plane of polarity that we live on. Saturn (karma) is exalted in libra (the scales).

    The yin yang symbol expresses this principle. Nothing here is independent. Sometimes the issues are so subtle that its hard to figure out what is being balanced. Thats why “bad things happen to good people”.

    But i dont think it’s important to figure out exactly what is being accounted for or balanced. It is important though, to realize that life (by that, i mean, all that we percieve), is ruled by this principle and that our souls (our greater Selves) crave COMPLETION of the karmic cycle.

  11. I know what you mean Elsa.

    I usually experience this in a brutal way. Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Libra in the 8th house on the anaretic degree. It’s linked to Chiron. Not in a good way.
    Saturn is exalted in Libra, but with Pluto my karma comes back to bite my ass, often in a heartbreak or massive loss of something profound that robs me of power. I have to earn that power back by doing good things (in Pluto’s eyes that is standard slang for transformation. Thanks Pluto. Again. I guess.)

  12. Since Saturn is now transiting my 5th house. My natal Sun in Capricorn is here. Then it opposes my natal Saturn in the 11th. My son is paying me back. Maybe that is the responsible placement? I have always loaned him money. He finally has had his ship come in and I am getting my investment returns so to speak. I wonder what other Karma will come through.

  13. Oh this is good. My Saturn is in the 5th.
    Funny, Karma is usually immediate . If someone does me wrong they usually get the boomerang while I’m still around for me to see it and to tell me about it. My Karma doesn’t wait for years…months at most. And yes…it has to do with romantic love.

  14. I must have instant karma! Saturn Conjunct Pluto in the 9th, and Capricorn rising, with a Scorpio MC. Can’t get away with much 😉
    I remember once I was being uncool to my mom, who was visiting, as I was super stressed out at the time. I was chopping onions for dinner with a huge knife and the moment I realized I was being an A**hole, the knife slipped and landed tip-first in the floor, about an inch from my foot. I just stood there like, whoa. Ok. Got it. This type of thing has happened to me time and time again, not always with so much potential injury/violence, but Ive definitely noticed a trend.

    I think my Aries moon gets me in trouble (hey, hot head!) and my Saturn/pluto conjunction keeps me humbled….

  15. Well, i once had a long term relationship with a person who was lazy about picking up after himself. At the time, I was a stay-at-home home of a little toddler and it used to drive me nuts he would not lift a finger to pick up 5 pairs of shoes from the entry-way, so I used to nag him badly and really get mad at him. That relationship ended and I got a new partner with a very strongly placed virgo mars on the MC…. guess what happened?

    The script flipped but he is 3 times more anal than I ever dreamed of being. Guess where this fussy clean freak energy gets directed… at me of course.. in the form of nagging. ☺

  16. I am no different than most
    Being hurt,believing my hurt unfair
    Believing justice should be dealt by
    Universe,Long time ago decided there was no scorekeeper
    I trying mostly to focus on my own powers and path
    But sure have been wearing pretty good grin on the sidelines lately
    You can’t save people from themselves,”Boo,to the meanie”

  17. I have Saturn in 12th (Taurus). Exact opposed by Scorpio Moon. Ask me what is Karma ….. I can never curse anyone, not even in my dream. Its just come back and landed on me, Period. No escape. I have learned that from my life lessons. And now I never curse anyone for any reason, any time…. let Go and let God.

  18. One time I got so desperate that I asked God:”Please if you exist give me a sign that my (narcissistic) mother is wrong and I am right. A seagull flew by an shat on by mothers head. Boy, do I like seagulls.

    1. anonymoushermit

      I lived with at least one narcissist in my family. Isn’t it horrible how they make it feel like everything is our fault, and that our points of views aren’t valid?

    2. Hahaha:) Not funny that you haveva narcissistic mother or that she got shit on. Just the power of that symbol! The Universe sure has a sense of humor.

  19. Back after some reading,I think we all have a magnetic field vibration frequency?at times energies combine results occur
    But maybe very unconnected?There is plenty of energy on this planet
    Again my hurts I hope to completely grow past, and honestly never want to witness another’s hurt
    Guess feeling a little ashamed that I was grinning from sidelines
    “Ok , your turn”; that’s not who I want to be; truth is all hurt unfair
    Even to the “mean one”
    Decided I don’t want to watch or know.

  20. anonymoushermit

    Here’s one where my offender got hers. I was a mentally unbalanced young dude, and a girl called me ‘crazy’ and ‘daft’. I was in my teens.

    Three years later, she ended up in a mental hospital for severe stress and depression. Now, I don’t wish a mental breakdown on anyone, but I do wish sympathy and understanding from people, not nasty words and all that. I hope she’s doing okay, and no longer depressed. But she was a total dick towards me, and I have no interest in seeing her ever again.

  21. Saturn in pisces in the 12th. I have learned something about karma in the last feel years, it cares nothing of your intent. Had a massive dose in the last feel years, it was more “Here is the flipside of that coin” than punishment I think.

  22. What jumps out in my chart is that asteroid karma is in leo 7th, being the missing leg of my fixed t-square. So it turns the whole thing into a fixed grand cross with saturn, pluto, mercury, venus, asteroid karma. It’s exactly like it sounds. ✨

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