Astrology Consulting With Aries Suns, Moons Or Stelliums…

“Can you read my chart immediately?” asks the Aries client.

“Er… yes,” says my Mars conjunct Mercury. “What are we waiting for?”

Most people approach an astrology consultation with some degree of trepidation.  Aries is not that way.  They either email and ask for a consult asap or they schedule with my calendar, then email and ask if they can move up the appointment.

I can relate. “Want to talk”, means want to talk now, provided it can happen. Invariably, these consultations go very well.  Speed meets speed!

How do you approach an astrology consultation?

10 thoughts on “Astrology Consulting With Aries Suns, Moons Or Stelliums…”

  1. … I am Aries ascendant- and I applaud how quick I get my purchased reports from you- much appreciated!!!
    (as are all of the many many gifts you share with us on your blog)
    thank you! <3

  2. Sometimes I ponder on having an astrological consultation for some weeks or days, deciding whether it’s the right time, whether I know what I’m hoping/looking for, or whether I can afford it.

    Then when I’m decided, I book.

    I do have aries in my chart (co-ruler of my sun in pisces is jupiter in aries, and I have aries in my 6th house), progressed sun in aries (about to move into taurus in two months) and a sun mars square so when I want something I do want it now.

    If I’m desperately in need for help I might ask if there is an earlier space or a cancellation spot yet this has only happened to me once (with another astrologer once.)

    In general I wait as with all my martian energy I’ve learned that compromise and waiting is best. Got plenty of venus so I also think it’s polite to wait and not inconvenience a busy astrologer if I can wait.

    The waiting and having a specific calendar date to look for actually helps me feel contained most of the time before a reading.

    I find you pretty available, Elsa, as it seems that you work a lot (this blog and workshops are proof) and in general you are very quick to give dates as seen in your calendar.

    And I love quick purchased reports too!!

  3. Lol, thats exactly what I did when I requested a consultation wasn’t it Elsa?

    Even though it wasn’t exactly something that needed to happen right now, Elsa was able to help me reconnect with that part of me that is highly capable and can build a lot of momentum through doing (rather than ruminating).

    After my session my Aries moon square mars then decided to take the bull by the horns and spring clean the entire house!

    I was very lucky that Elsa was able to respond so quickly and decisively when I requested a session.

    Many thanks!

    1. I enjoy sessions like this. There are people I want to talk to (real life), but I want to talk to them on impulse. If I have to plan a time in the future…well, I may not be feeling chatty when that time rolls around, so I wind up either not talking, or talking to someone else.

      1. It sounds like you have the gift of knowing (mercury) when you’re on fire (mars) I’m glad I was able to benefit on this occasion 🙂

  4. I approach an astrology consultation with hope, optimism, and Trust. One of the nicest changes I have mastered during this 7 year Uranus transit in my first house is
    P A T I E N C E. It has made me a softer and slower woman and I am attracting more authentic men in my romantic relationships. I like the change.
    Aries Rising

  5. I love it! I have Pallas, Eris, Sedna and Vesta all in Aries in my 4th and 5th houses. And Juno in my 7th in Gemini. If I see an offer for a reading, I am on it! “what are we waiting for?”…exactly! In fact going to book one right now!

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