How Is Your Life, Post The Saturn Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn?

barnaclesThe Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn took place January 12, 2020. Saturn has since ingressed into Aquarius but it’s now headed back into join Pluto in Capricorn. It’s seems this topic should be revived.

This combo hit my chart, hard. I’ve taken stock of my life, post the conjunction. I’m sure others have done the same. What are you finding?

The conjunction hit my ascendant, which many would argue is the most important point in a chart. The affect was certainly personal. I’d say I suffered a wipe-out but that’s way too simplistic. My losses are staggering. I was stripped to the bone and left to live in some kind of void or vacuum.  It’s surreal; the depth of the layers of pain are unimaginable. I know this, because been told!

“I’ve tried to imagine what it must be like for you and I can’t,” a friend explained. The truth!  How kind, that she even tried.

This stuff is supernatural. I suffer a loss and I enjoy a gain. This transfer or “exchange of energy” is often simultaneous. Killing and healing. Dying and rebirth. Epic lows and highs in proportion.

While I don’t have the capacity to not feel the pain (Pluto) of rejection (Capricorn),  I can’t deny, the cleansing of bad energy leaves me refreshed and less burdened.

It’s pretty simple, really. No one wants to lose love. But if the love is not real, you’ve not actually lost anything and you’re empowered because you’re no longer relying, or dependent on someone who is essentially an “empty suit”.  A false thing. A false concept. A lie. You’re not dealing with what you think “should be”. You’re dealing with what is.  All the “extra” has been eradicated.

Post this process, you’re left with the new, clean slate on which you can begin to create.

That’s where I’m at now. My losses are pretty well consolidated. I understand the dead people and things in my life are gone but I see new people and things in my life, which are pretty exciting, truth be told. I would never have expected this to come around, a year ago.  It seems to me, I’m going to end up, where I go, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. What could be better than that?

I have not enjoyed having all these barnacles chipped off me over these last years. But I am happy with my simplified, slimmed down figure. I’ve let go and I’m ready to get down to the business of living. I’m quite excited with what the future can be!

Where are you at post the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn?

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  1. The conjunction was in my eighth house and this morning I spent three hours itemizing my credit card debt, paychecks, and everything I’ve spent money on this year in a fancy spreadsheet, complete with graphs and tables. Now I’ve solved the mystery of the disappearing paycheck and I have a much more realistic idea of what it will take to save money and pay off credit cards.

  2. All this piled up in my 6th house. I’ve been going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week since last October, finally admitting and accepting the long term care that my body needs and has needed for 30 years. In turn, I have felt the release of so much emotional and physical trauma with just about each and every spinal adjustment. It’s a full plate of physical and emotional healing but like you said Elsa, it feels good to accept what is and know that I’m exactly where I need to be. Reading your blog every week gives me potent reminders of how supported we all are – sometimes by strangers, the universe and most of all the light and love within us. Thanks for all you do! And hey, I’m ordering my natal chart today!

  3. The conjunction happened in my 4th house. I have been just about as far away from my home town as I could get — like other side of the planet far away. I have been focused on Ayurvedic treatments that last 2 weeks, for detox cleansing and weight loss. Those, plus restorative yoga for my problem hip, have cleared and revealed impacted emotions brought o my caregiving my Mother and then being with her as she passed.

    Ouch, Hallelujah! I have lost roughly 25 pounds and regained the fiery strength of my body.

    1. Avatar
      lunacy underground

      Also 4th house, and I relate a lot to this. I’ve been healing (Pluto) deep family wounds that were passed on to me. With Saturn coming into the picture, it was a black night of the soul. Felt like a death shroud descending, but once it got to me, it turned out to be a mantle of authority.

      Fiery strength indeed! With renewed faith in myself, I’m full of an unrelenting conviction to stand my ground. Pure, focused fire. Our reward for making it through the crucible, it would seem!

  4. Pluto/Saturn is in my 10th house, squaring my Asc/Descendant. Yet also making a grand trine to my 6th house Sun and 2nd house Mars. Work is killing me. My employers decided I could do the work of 4 people and let the others go. It’s literally killing me, I can feel it in my bones. I need a double hip operation. I do not see the grand trine at all; it’s all about the square right now. UGGGGHHHHHHHHH

    1. Fellow Aries Rising! I too feel the career pressure building, with Saturn and Pluto transiting directly over my Uranus and Neptune. It’s sextiling my North Node and Pluto, so I feel drawn to a direction in life and impatient to get there. Mentors that have shaped my future ambitions are passing away around me, while opportunities for advancement are presenting themselves in front of me… all in all, it’s a transformative time for my career.

      Additionally, with the Aries Chiron transiting directly over my Ascendant, which is in a tight square with my Mercury, deep wounds are being inflicted and healed in the way I communicate with the world. My outer identity is being challenged right now and how I’m communicating with others is being put to the test. Do you feel pressure on your Ascendant as well, in the way you assert yourself in this world?

    2. Diane, exact same here. Doing the work that 4 people used to do, before the company was sold last Sept. Ive been “left to die”. Cant even begin to describe. Only twist is that I am a Taurus Sun and rising, and right now I am just about to setting some limits. It hurts that Tr. Neptune is sextiling my MC and NN. I feel compelles to sacrifice and sacrifice… but my new boss and colleagues treat me wrong. I can transcend most days but Tr. Uranus on my sun is tellinge ro break free… I just lack direction… need a breather, time to think… afraid, though, I might lose whatever… effin Saturn/Pluto…

  5. “While I don’t have the capacity to not feel the pain (Pluto) of rejection (Capricorn), I also can’t deny, the cleansing of bad energy leaves me refreshed and less burdened.”

    Just so, to be honest.
    Although the process started last year when they were close, I have suffered the losses no one should have to, but was nessecary for me to grow into my own life and own authority figure.

    For me, the sorrow has been present the past year, but it has also cleansed the toxicity. I spent my money wisely and has been visiting a therapist with specialization in deep treatment of trauma.

    That way, when Saturn moves his butt into my 1st house from December 2020, I will be ready to tackle the rest of life I hope.
    I have Aquarius Ascendant on 2 degrees, so I will not see him in the 1st before 2021, but during that time I will continue to work on empowerment through my 12th house.

    I look forward to the rebirth.
    I had a talk with Saturn this morning. He was oddly…. Mild looking?! (WTF?!)

    1. Ah, the cleansing. That word is so much better than purging. A positive manifestation of Saturn-Pluto?

      (Re)Birth should happen in a clean environment. Best wishes ahead, Anette.

      1. Thanks Judy – and yes, perhaps cleansing is a more positive word like for example cleaning out the closet, detoxing, de-clutter or other such words.

        For many years I was intent on purging the ghosts out of my psyche before I gave birth to any babies. Until I realized that this toxicity would and could never be fully purged.
        Instead I started to accept the wound and now I am working on cleaning it as best as I can and hopefully it will heal and be part of the other scars and folds.

  6. This transit really highlighted some of my deficiencies but also gave me some hope to hold onto. It’s basically been a turning point for me to get more serious about some things. The story for me is still ongoing.

  7. First house for me square my natal MC and Pluto. I dont live anymore, by other’s definitions of me. I realized that others were just projecting their own ideas about their personal limitations and I accepted them. Cycle ad infinitum because they were really a projection of my own perceived personal limitations and on and on. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

    I decide who and what I am, within my own consciousness, in every moment. The core of who I am, is what I say it is. What I appear to be is just a reflection of how I used to define myself. A remnant of my previous ideas. Its a past truth. I am the alpha and the omega, the karma is turned around within me.

    So, ya, Im going to count this as a very significant realization.

    1. First house for me too, Libra noir, squaring my natal MC and Mercury. Who am I is a big unknown to others, just as you’ve put it … projections don’t fit (neither the ones that people have of me, or how I have tried to communicate (Mercury). My husband and I have had major breakdowns and breakthroughs over the winter; how we go forward from here shifts ‘the reins’ in our relationship. I’ve taken on the financials, freeing him of that burden while he has been my primary caregiver for my chronic illness. There IS freedom coming from this: reality checks and seeing that others will not take care of us, so we have to see the opportunity to do it within the reality of limits. Focused on more conscious spending on our food and gas expenses. And, the timely purchases of our Natal Charts from Elsa give us the “brass tacks” to get down to basics.

      1. Sounds good Mokihana. There’s something for me too about ESSENCE or whats ESSENTIAL. I think the combo of Saturn (Definition) and Pluto (destruction) really made it clear to me what needed to be cut out.

    2. The Saturn Pluto transit occurred EXACTLY on my daughter’s chart ruler, Venus in Capricorn in 8th, close to 9th cusp. Venus conjuncts Mercury opposes Saturn in Cancer in 2nd, squares Jupiter in Libra in 5th. She has severe ADHD and depression. She is a teenager.

      After a few years of increasingly erratic behaviour, she is – thanks to counselling and various medication – turning a corner. With Saturn and Pluto going back and forth over her chart ruler, she has made immense progress since the end of last year. The difference is visible – she’s lost a tonne of weight – and behavioural. Astrology always have me the assurance that she would emerge “transformed” but I feel relieved nonetheless.

  8. “… But if the love is not real, you’ve not actually lost anything and you’re empowered because you’re no longer relying, or dependent on someone who is essentially an “empty suit”. … You’re dealing with what is….”

    12H Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The past 18 months have been about reassessing relationships with friends and family members. The toxic family members were surprised that I am no longer in contact with them. My current allegiances are to those who have my similar 2H Pisces values. I am finally being true to myself.

    1. I hear ya, Jayne.
      Same here.

      Yesterday I laid out the cards in front of me and realized my heart has already answered the question “should I stay or go or give it one last try?”

      Well, yesterday I realized that maybe all the past months of anguish has been my heart and my mind having disagreement about whether or not to let go and let God.
      I came the conclusion that I was finished doing things for others’ sake and not taking care of my inner child, and I needed to stop my suffering from the ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ virus.
      This virus destroys happiness and energy and living in accordance with your inside needs.

      My clan or family is those with the same heart, values and moral as mine, just as you say.
      I am relieved to hear that others with 12H transits have been in likewise situations. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m feeling relieved and lighter after the January conjunction. A

    Have had Pluto conjunct natal Saturn the past couple of years. That went exact and did its final pass before January.

    Major life change (retirement, Saturn is in my 6th). This last year was disastrous: three deaths in my immediate family, one of which was my Mum, another was a suicide; two bad car accidents; I broke my leg; couldn’t drive and I live rural; gigantic legal troubles.

    Stripped down now. Rebuilding.

  10. The conjunction in my 4 house, opposite my moon in 9th and square my ascendant. I was prepared for terrible things but all that happened was I reconnected with a person who was a very good friend and we lost touch. That was nice. And I gave up booze, hopefully forever. I’m sick of feeling below par.

    I’m still waiting for something awful to happen – maybe it will be Coronavirus that’s due to come to the UK any day now ?

  11. The conjunction was in my 12th, but 1-1/2 degrees from my acendant, and square natal Sun. Finalizing the financials of leaving a marriage of 30+ years, family home of 29 years sold, I moved. Total stripping away of Identity. It’s been hard, waves of grief over the passing of my old life. But finding things to be in appreciation of every day, and thinking about what I want my future to be.

      1. Thank you Jayne. I also have found astrology to be a very helpful tool for understanding life’s challenges, and my own inner wiring.

        1. Avatar
          Hildegarde's Noviciate

          Sounds like its your time of change in redefining who you are. All the labels comfortably afixed are being peeled off and now you have Post-Its to use.
          I hope you find joy in this time of rediscovering yourself
          I did find getting to know my North Node helped for me.
          I wish you the best.

        2. Just spin the damn wheel! Way too much partying since Jan. Partying with myself! Now I know the tipping point is that I sleepwalk and will wake up anywhere, wearing anything. Scary to think I’m one Champagne bottle away from turning into that lady that’s been sleeping on the sidewalk one block up for 4 years. Party is OVER. Back to basics. Just too much to lose. Thanks Elsa!! You are a Savior?

  12. My 1.5 year old pup died after having been sick one months on the 11th of January. I was suppose to stay where I’m living now, but now me and my husband are going travelling again again… Feels like an attempt to make roots failed and I am spiralled up on the air. Again. I feel my life took a big turn with my pup dying. Still in so much sorrow. Travelling to India this Saturday, my husband is already there. Also exciting to leave, ofcourse. I have natel saturn conjunct my midtheaven unaspected and pluto in ninth opposite northnote in 3rd. Saturn is SO tough on me it’s rediculous. I feel lighter now though, also had a saturn square most of 2019 with my sun, merc, venus in 14thdegree aries. so glad that’s far behind as well. I’m tired but things are looking better.

    1. Long time reader and enjoyer of your writing and musings. Someone Please help me figure out where this is occurring in my chart. Am I looking to see where Capricorn is in my chart? If so, my descendant is 29 degrees Capricorn. So depending on the degrees of this transit it’s probably happening in my 6th house right? I’d appreciate any feedback or insight anyone has to offer.

  13. The conjunction was in 2nd house exact opposite Saturn in Cancer. Pluto will be opposites this Saturn all year. I am having a hard time moving. People around me are having serious health problems or dying that is hard to just watch. Love I look around and appreciate what I have things and people. I’ve had people openly angry at me for being privileged and ungrateful. I don’t understand why? Help

    1. I’ve found myself in the same position. People assuming I’m in a prosperous situation vis-a-vis them… When all the while I’ve been subject to similar blows due to Covid-19. I’ve a similar conjunction to Mars in 2nd house , with natal Saturn sitting opposite in 7th house Gemini.

  14. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Conjunction in my 4th.
    After that day I went to my sons house and burst into tears on his shoulder. What a f***er of a week.
    I reeled from the impact for weeks. The dust is settling a bit.
    its bringing my son back to my hometown. Yipee!!
    And bringing more openness with my roommate resolving another aspect of the 5th house.
    This jives with my 5th house of children and love and the Saturn Return coming to roost in March.

    1. I’m sorry it’s been so painful, Elsa. I have the conjunction in the 4th, close to my Jupiter. This period has been marked by the death of 2 people close to me, another has stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, and another had a double mastectomy. Given the fragility of life, I submitted notice of my retirement in January to have more time for myself and the people I love.

  15. Damn lady, sorry to read about the sort of turmoil you’re maneuvering. Not only on your ascendant but with the ruler of your chart involved too.

    No wonder, though, that your post transmits so much wisdom. Glad you’re ploughing forward, keeping on keeping on!

    I’ve noticed that my Capricorn highlighted friends are handling the transit best by staying committed to their creative drive — despite the overwhelm of that ‘void’. There’s a newfound potency to their work, aim and life.

    It’s really true, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.



  16. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Another 12H-er here… since Pluto has been in Cap what was my life previously has been destroyed. And now since Saturn has showed up and is sweeping out the rubble that remains, I have realized that I have literally been living in the past – living in the town I grew up in for the past 16 years, where every corner and familiar face or connection brings up all that shit that I tried to escape from 30+ years ago when I first left. And now? Well- in the last 6 months we sold our home, built a new one in a different town, I have been “cleansing” my belongings as well as my psyche, and have learned that I can end this chapter (shitshow) – forever. And that is OK. And I believe with all my heart that this is what is supposed to happen, because everything has fell into place flawlessly.

      1. Avatar
        the laughing goat

        PPS – “While I don’t have the capacity to not feel the pain (Pluto) of rejection (Capricorn), I also can’t deny, the cleansing of bad energy leaves me refreshed and less burdened.”

        (((Elsa))), I completely understand and feel you with this. It has been relentless and some days unfathomable. May your days and heart soon become lighter.

    1. Good for you for getting yourself unstuck! I believe a clean physical space is a clean psychic space – boy howdy, it sounds like you cleaned house in a profound way. Enjoy your new home and your fresh outlook!

  17. The conjunction happened in my 3rd house on my birthday. It was the day I knew that the relationship with my on-off partner and I couldn’t continue as it had been. But I can’t find the right words to express how I feel or what’s going on. I’m wondering if we are each other’s ‘false suits’ or if the love was ever real. And how can I next time communicate what’s real more often.

  18. The conjunction was exactly on my Mars (2nd House).

    Best part is that natally I have mars sextile Jupiter (4th H) so the transit didn’t gave me crazy blow out. Recently I have moved to another country and starting over my life as afresh with loads of family support.

  19. Because these malefic’s have been sitting on my personal planets, January was very dark. I am slowly recovering, and am only ready to share the personal events with a close friend, now.
    Broader problems such as COVID-19, bushfires & floods, continue to be a major concern. I am not in control of the outcome/fate of such issues, and have no choice but to surrender.

  20. It happened in my 7th house opposite my moon and ascendant. My marriage feels more solid & I feel like I have extra bandwidth/optimism now. My social life is almost zeroed out, I have lots of business relationships that are fine though. I feel like I can wait through it and reconnect with friends. Time will tell.

    1. This is me exactly. My marriage is suddenly more lovely than it’s been in 3 years. Money & business are chugging along. Friends are on the internet but no real contact/ connection. Yes, it feels like just a matter of waiting it out.

      Mine is cusp with 6th, so kids are home, housework, homeschooling, eating at home galore.

      Bonus: Lovely visit for a month with my parents. They rented a house 20 min away.

  21. Your post hit me like a ton of bricks. Since January 13th health problems popped up for the first time in decades. These forced me to a sofa where I watched a sappy Hallmark movie and bam!Revelations.Reminders of a life where I flourished. Can’t go back but will go forward reinventing myself once again.Thank you for your wisdom.

  22. I want to shout it from the mountain tops. But am finding that I must contain myself. It is not always well received. Much grumpiness. Maybe my exuberance has too much of a raw sexual energy (not like fornication sexual, just raw joyful fullout love animalness) and that is what disturbs some people. I don’t want to allow anyone to take this love away again. So I am going to channel this creatively. The conjunction is opp natal venus after all. My natal venus in Cancer,maybe I need to protect it, nurture it.

    It is much clearer now that Saturn is moving on. That was a bit of a damper.

  23. Thanks Elsa. Your post gives me hope. 12th house conj happened here but you helped me be prepared and now I see the light at the ?end of the tunnel! Much love, kim xoxo

  24. The conjunction took place in my 4 house. I’ve been feeling inner turmoil like I walk on fire… Tremendous anxiety, fear, emotions… much work with childhood pain/ suffering & authority figures/ archetype. I feel pushed to change some of my habits. Natal Saturn in the 2nd house, I have to face the consequence of not having managed well my finances. Work still in progress…

  25. Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    The great Pluto/Saturn conjunction was on my Saturn return in my 5th house, so although things are good, promising, and shaping up, there is also an element of “Holy Shit, what do you mean?” that sort of rattled me a little tiny bit in the last month or so.
    But even THAT hasn’t stopped me from finally letting go of some ideas and stuff I was holding onto like a security blanket for the past 7 years or so, and moving onto accepting things that are offered, rather than holding out for what I thought I needed.

  26. The conjunction is in the 4th house. I was kind of forced far away from my hometown. Deep Shakespeare Family Drama. It’s rough and deadly since December/January. I am a Taurus sun. Libra Rising.

  27. Avatar

    Saturn/Pluto went conjunct in my 8th house over my stellium and it was *intense.* A lot of anxiety about how things were/are unfolding in the world, was not happy with my job, etc etc. I have since quit my job, and have seen much to be hopeful about even though we’re not out of the thick of it just yet. I’m sure more will come but let’s just say I’ve done a lot of emotional purging.

  28. Avatar

    This happened smack on my Descendant. The day it was exact I had a melt down at my business partners house over my relationship with my husband and infidelity fears which were totally unfounded. A real melt down. Came out of no-where and intense. I was embarrassed afterwards… yikes.

  29. Feel like a child who watched the wave destroy the castle,raw,little, I have been trying to keep my chin up, keep my tiny plans moving forward
    Feel like something awful hiding behind a tree waiting to bite me.
    It’s a chill even in the heat , if I was a cat I’d have a line of fur standing up, hopeful it’s just the planets pulling at my balance.Days start innocently then race to a spot where I feel like the parent who is watching the carriage roll into traffic, wish I could shake it off
    Looming ,once awake craving to crawl back to sleep
    I guess it is the damn virus , mask, unknown income effects media coverage
    But numbers shared could have , on any other year been
    Part of natural death , smoking deaths,food poisoning yada yada?
    Hoping to feel or rather find some peace ,need that lazy summer Sunday music

  30. Coffee, smile birds working at edge of the ocean, windy,, little weeding, got my balance,sorry
    It’s like to say it will start the rippleOf its change all the full moon stuff should teach me , bite my tongue

  31. Rx Pluto and Rx Jupiter are trining my natal 8H Virgo Mercury. I was given the gift of accepting the
    gut-level truth about a committed relationship that I was in. The earthy trine made my decision to terminate it a rather perfunctory action.

  32. So here it is 6 months later. I never wanted to leave the city I love and hope to go back before winter and maybe someday live abroad. However, I find myself upstate, happy deadheading perennials and planting a vegetable garden for the first time in my life. And the kittens I adopted in January love having a view of the chipmunks, groundhogs and deer.
    Conjunction in the 4th house with Jupiter return @ 24 Capricorn.

  33. I got slammed upside the head on January 12 2020. Then I made an investment later in the month not knowing the ectent of the Corona virus unfolding situation. Things turned revelatory and positive in April and I am pursuing a new path with optimism.

  34. Conjunction happened in my12th house, but conjunct 24* Capricorn ascendant and square 23* Aries Sun, opposite progressed 22* cancer Venus. In past 9 months, I permanently left 33 year marriage to a deeply closeted gay man, moved out of 30-year family home, living on my own for first time ever, months of deep despair processing, lost my thriving business as a massage therapist in NJ in one fell swoop with the pandemic…and now I am at peace. Have used this forced time off to self nurture, meditate, exercise, hike, tie up all the loose ends of my old life. Now babysitting a family friend’s sweet 3-month old baby girl, finding peace and joy in my new life, and loving it. I knew 2020 would be pivotal, but sweet Jesus, it’s been a total change of identity!

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