Inner Beauty And Outer Beauty: Pisces Mercury Sees Both

Nem“She’s got a great personality.” We’ve been trained to shudder at those words, as if inner beauty were not real. But it is. With Pisces Mercury in the 7th house I see it in others. In fact, I see it all the time, whether or not the person can see it in themselves. I think sometimes we’re led to believe it’s some kind of metaphor and not “real” beauty, but that’s wrong. I also have a secret I want to share.

Over years of doing hair I’ve noticed something. There are parts of ourselves we’ve never seen directly, that is we’ve seen them reflected back as in a mirror but never with our own eyes. Have you seen your face, your actual face, the back of your head? Have you ever seen your own eyes? No. We take it on faith that what we see in the mirror reflects reality. And it does, of a sort.

I do hair. When I cut someone’s hair they see the results in the mirror. I also hand them a mirror and turn them so that they can see in the hand mirror the reflection of the back of their hair in the reflection of the second mirror. I look in the mirror and see what they are seeing, and let me tell you what they are seeing is not as beautiful as what I am seeing in front of me. There is a deep beauty that is not visible in any mirror. There is a phrase, “a pale reflection,” and it is so true. You can look at the nuts and bolts of what you look like in a mirror, but the real beauty of your appearance is far greater. It truly is.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is supposedly not literal. I posit that it IS. There are days I look in the mirror and think, “OUCH.” I try to remember that what I see there is not all there is. We are illuminated from within, really, physically. There is a beauty in life, a real, physical beauty. You are more beautiful than you can see.

Do you see that inner light, that extra something, physically in other people?

20 thoughts on “Inner Beauty And Outer Beauty: Pisces Mercury Sees Both”

  1. Yes Satori. Its like the lights at Christmas with out the energy it is just a string and glass but what comes from within it is what takes our breath away. Makes us pull the car over and absorb.

  2. That was loverly satori. πŸ™‚
    Yes, I seem to have a knack for seeing the best and the most wonderful parts of a person, even if they don’t think it’s there. I could stand to use that on myself at times. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, yes and yes. Thank you, Satori. This is exactly how i feel about beauty,even though i don’t have merc in pisces, i have it in a sq with neptune, and a strong venus pisces trine. Beauty to me is exactly the way you describe it, whereas for my SO, it is so much more down to earth, practical and critical. And I’m the one with the Virgo Venus / Mars ! To him, who has capricorn mercury and venus in scorpio, people either are beautiful or they are not. And anything in between seems hypocritical to him. I totally understand it but cannot help but disagree.

  4. In choosing partners for myself over the years I have learned to sharply downgrade the outer physical appearance of a person in favour of the beauty of the person within the body. To me the person inside the body has much more value than the outer physical form. And what I find interesting is that the outer physical form and the inner person often don’t match!

  5. How wonderful, Satori. When can you do my hair?! And Me!
    I love Beauty, inside and out. I married someone who is (to me) both inside and out and can’t see either. Like many of us, I guess.
    What sillies we are.
    When I was 6 a boy walked me partway home and declaimed, ‘Your eyes are like stars, your hair like silk’ – how funny, how old we are born,

  6. i dont agree with Wizron’s statement that outer physcial form and inner person don’t often match, if this means that outer and inner beauty don’t often match. To me, there is no statistical correlation with whether someone is pretty and whether they are nice, these are two independent variables. But nice people have an inner glow and innocence which makes them beautiful evenif it may not be conventional beauty. But not everyone can sense this inner glow, mostly kindred spirits recognize each other’s glow in my experience.

  7. “And what I find interesting is that the outer physical form and the inner person often don’t match!”

    Wizron, this nails almost 90% of my connections with people on a daily basis.

    That said, I tend to follow that saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. I look into people’s eyes for a clue into who they truly are.

  8. Very much so. In fact, your ageless beauties always have the inner glow. My mother-in-law has it. She is 80 and still beautiful. My mercury in pisces is in the 9th house.

  9. “I look in the mirror and see what they are seeing, and let me tell you what they are seeing is not as beautiful as what I am seeing in front of me.”

    That right there made all teary eyed,sublime moments of beauty experienced in every day life,I’m very moved.

    When I’m looking in that mirror and seeing all my flaws and lip hairs and pores and how absolutely horrible that smock makes me and my neck look..someone likes you can see right through all that,just nothing but pure love of a persons goodness and it reflects like a prism hit by light from the inside out and you can see that.I think along the lines of everyone is always picking everyone apart microscopically,instead of really seeing me.. you’ll see my physical defects first.I can be very vain at times,I know that’s not something

    I have a habit of taking pictures of myself , some are for a self esteem boost lol some are a form of expression but I take many just to see how I look outside myself,when I’m ready to go out I take a few photos to see how I actually look because how I see myself is actually better than the mirror shows even lol.I have seen the back of my head (damn cowlick looks like a bald spot) I’ve also seen my facial profile ( which I am not a huge fan of ,I wish I had window tint on my front windows so people wouldn’t see me from the side lol ,bulgy eyes and an undefined jawline) among a whole host of other things. I’ve seen myself at all sort of weird and unflattering angles.Not pretty to me at all.I obsess about these things at times but I don’t let it prohibit me really,I can’t really change how much my eyes stick any rate I think that is all of what people see.

    Your post gave me some hope that maybe my flaws $ insecurities aren’t blinding to everyone and once in a while someone can see the bigger picture of physical beauty and soul beauty merged together and that I ought to try not fret so damn much about it.

    I don’t see things in exactly the same way ..I can see someones inner beauty easily,the outside does not necessarily become more attractive,it just ceases to matter for me,like it’s just a functional piece of the expression of someone.On the other hand when someone who is the perfect specimen of beauty and they have an ugly personality or way about them, they just look vacant to me and the nasty bits of their visage stick out a bit.I have Mercury/Venus/Sun cnj in Libra 6/7th house.

    Thanks for this post though,it’s inspirational πŸ™‚

  10. p.s I’m not really complaining about how I look and being a sad sack or anything like that.I’m fine and normal and everything,just have little quibbles about things here n’ there,like many others I imagine πŸ™‚

  11. I see all of it. When I am looking at someone all of their beautiful traits jump right in front of me with their inner glow as well. ( reasons > moon trine venus, moon conj neptune, venus trine neptune, neptune conj asc). Can’t understand when people tear other people apart based on how they look – to them. Gentleness and wisdom in old age is beautiful as well. When I was small, there was this lady who was known as grandma even if you weren’t related to her, with flawless cheeks and I’d always sit on her lap and cup her face and ask for her beauty secrets. Haha, she’d laugh and say, don’t put useless things on your face, just wash it with cold water. She was a Scorpio. πŸ™‚

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