Moon square Uranus
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Moon square Uranus

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Hi guys Smile

Anyone on here who has moon square uranus in natal chart? Mine is in scorpio 3rd house squaring uranus in aquarius in 6th house.

How did you learn to deal with emotional ''instability''? How can you keep your sense of freedom without hurting the people involved? How can you stay grounded without being swayved by this wave of sudden change within you that hits you like a ton of bricks? can I get a grip on this...

This aspects really bothers me and it messes with my sense of stability..I don't have it actually..I never did..and it is getting tiresome...

I just wish for one stable day...

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My husband has a Scorpio moon sq Uranus. He needs quite a bit of space and autonomy. He was deployed when he was in the military. He drove a truck for many years. Now he's home and we a lot of things independently. I wonder if you're trying to be near someone all the time.  

The moon shows what you need. Loyalty and energy? But you need some space - air to breathe. If you can build this in somehow, it might help.


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I think if I had this ntal aspect, when the wave/urge for sudden change hit, I would try to sit in it, even if it was uncomfortable, and totally interrogate the experience. You can use your Scorpio moon for that. Like, do research into what it feels like when you're right in the midst of it. Really dig deep into it, but don't let it sway you to do something/take action. There is likely something deep beneath the feeling and also I imagine the feeling has multiple layers and responses to it if you can give time and space to it (I know Uranus energy is without time/space so its hard to apply these parametres, but...)

I remember when I had my Uranus opposite Uranus transit, the powerful urge to do a sort of 'Tower' card (tarot) on my own life structure was so strong. I knew it was urging me to change but I didn't know what I wanted to do, direction, etc. I met someone at an astrology meeting at the time and got into talking about the transit. They told me all about their Uranus op Uranus experience and said, I regret the drastic changes I made to this day. They urged me to be aware of the feelings but not act impulsively. I followed their advice. It was very uncomfortabel but I sat there (I'm a Taurus!) The changes I needed occurred anyway, but not in a devastating fashion, and I felt part of the process. Now, I know this is a different transit/aspect BUT what I'm talking about is dealing with Uranus. So, hopefully it has some relevance to your natal situation.

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I remember turning my whole life upside down during my Uranus opposition, and the eventual regrets.  Makes me wonder about the monthly transiting Moon's squaring and opposing natal Uranus.  Has anyone noted intensity in these fleeting sudden urges?  Have they resisted them or acted on impulse?  Could explain so much.

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