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Natal Sun Square Pluto People

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Do you have Pluto squaring your sun? How do you think it plays out?

Also, what's your experience with people with sun square Pluto?  How do they act?

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Power struggles with myself. Sometimes I feel invincible, other times the exact opposite. 

Wounded in childhood and constantly working on healing myself. Naturally suspicious of others and vengeful when betrayed, because of these wounds.

Power struggles with the external - people, situations - that force me to transform myself or die. It's hard.

I have two people in my life with these squares and we all come from a wounded place due to awful fathers - not sure if that's a pattern - and sometimes we need positivity and approval from others a little too much. We give our power away too much. So that's a struggle. 

But when I do the opposite, I'm so full of confidence and drive, I can do anything, happily. I don't like to allow this stuff to defeat me, so I work hard to channel it towards achievement or contentment/acceptance. And forgiveness, when I can. Occasionally, I use it in an "I'll show them" kind of way. Is that good or bad? Maybe both...

All of this tends to be hidden. I rarely tell anyone of my biggest struggles. That's another form of power I like to retain, if that makes sense. My battles are mine. My husband knows about them because I know I can be vulnerable with him. He sees me at my weakest and I don't feel shame over it. And afterwards I get myself up and keep going. Partly why I am repulsed by weakness, I don't like it in myself.

Phew, heavy stuff. Thank goodness for my Gemini Venus and Jupiter-Moon ?

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My experience has always been that they are very cool, down to earth and interesting people. I see that they struggle. 

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I have that..I have had that problem with the Father, authority figures and life as a struggle in general. I am sure everyone has struggles however.

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I find Sun Pluto - there's a strong need to control image, because of inner tension but then that creates more of it... it's a defense mechanism to hide/stay safe


"Another characteristic of these aspects is an intense need for privacy. They fear being exposed or invaded. Again, this is an expression of their dissatisfaction with the self they are projecting, and they are generally uncomfortable with their evolving ego. They seem to undergo many identity crises, and they feel the need to control what others know about them and think about them." - cafeastrology


I have Sun Pluto and I agree with this... integrating both (light and dark) and caring less about what others think = liberation and healing... otherwise there's a shield and we're not open to authentically share our gifts

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vulnerability is the key and challenge

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Here’s an interview of her: 

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