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Neptune in Aries

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I wonder how Neptune in Aries will be compared to Neptune in Pisces. More aggression? Less imagination?

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I would say more, simply because Neptune and Pisces are not associated with aggression when Aries is.

Anger may dissipate but you're also got the fog of war and misguided attacks. Sneak attacks. Oh my... I can think of many things.

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I have a feeling that since not only Neptune but Saturn too will be ingressing Aries  , and they will initially conjunct, we shall be living in a very different world from 2026 onward. Saturn is structure and Neptune in its higher form is spirit , so I hope there is an evolution of unity between us commoners in some shape or form in a few years from now.

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Neptune in Aries makes me think of a phase of creativity and innovation.

When Neptune moves signs the types of films being made changes too. 

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Artistically, it could be an inspiring time 🎨  🖼️ .

I will like Neptune moving out of my first house.

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It could mean more innovation, maybe passive anger etc 


This means Neptune will slowly go into my 8th house making sqaure to my cap, cancer planets!

It didn't feel good when Uranus was in Aries and brought up many issues and I wonder how Neptune will compare!


I have learnt from it

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