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Weekend Love Forecast – Follow The Pre-eclipse Rabbit

Through Saturday morning, Aries Venus sextiles Pluto in Aquarius. Are you thinking of a long-lost special friend? They may be thinking of you too. Friday night, the Pisces Moon moves from the Venus-Pluto midpoint into wavy, watery conjunction with Mars. As we head into Monday’s new moon eclispe in Aries, desire and action are both


Stay Too Long Or Leave To Early?

How fast do you pull the trigger? Are you fast to exit a “toxic” relationship or some other bad situation?  Doesn’t have to be “people”.  Personally, I’m talking about changing webhosts. Do you tend to stay with the known quantity?  Do you avoid change, in general? Do you keep friends, through thick and thin? Roll

mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Little Fires, Everywhere!

I’m sorry if you had problems making a purchase on this site, yesterday.  I didn’t realize there is an issue with the stripe plugin, until late in the evening. I disabled it and contacted support.  Hopefully they’ll fix it today. Until then, we have Paypal. I also got a paypal case opened against me.  It’s

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