Aries 2026

Big Changes In 2026 – Aries On Deck – Boots On The Ground!

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus and the future (Jupiter) in unpredictable (Uranus).  Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces but they won’t actually form a conjunction until they reach Aries.  The conjunction occurs on February 20th, 2026.  There are many ways to see this and I know people are concerned! Will we wake in […]

Mercury trickster

Who Gets Tricked & How?

“Could a person’s chart suggest ways they might misidentify people like that? Or other, and what kinds of people? Towards what kinds of people a person may be more blind? Lamari on Cause Of Immense Suffering, Terror, Oppression, Genocide & Decay: I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. My angle here or rather, what I see, is

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