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What is a progressed chart? How to interpret a progressed chart.


Evolving As Your Life Story Unfolds

There’s a lot of negative emotion out there right now. Dread and fear and rage.  In spite of this, we’re all evolving  as our lives are unfolds. We learn more every day.  Astrology allows us to see the path, often with startling clarity. I’m prompted to write this after a session with a young woman.  […]


Which Charts Or Techniques Should Be Used To Address Different Issues?

Hi, Elsa. I wonder about the many astrological tools or approaches that are available: transits, midpoints, solar arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, etc. What are your thoughts on which tools or approaches are best for what particular issues? If someone asks for your guidance do you just routinely look at natal & transits, do

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Progressed Chart Maps Your Life Story

Last week, I posted a gal’s progressed chart. She has six progressed planets/bodies in Aquarius. When the moon gets there, it’ll be seven! I had to explain this somehow. Basically, she was a Sagittarius with Virgo. Now she’s mega Aquarian. If you think about it, you can see how this would work out.  She’s still

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Progressed Planets Changing Signs: Big Life Changes

I  got in a conversation in the Colosseum about how I’ve essentially quit making friends. It’s conscious at this point.  It prompted me to think how this could have come about. Generally speaking, I’m an extrovert.  So what changed? I realized, 2014 was key. This is when something rare occurred.  My progressed moon, Jupiter and

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Difference Between Transits, Progressions & Solar Returns?

Dear Elsa, I recently had a solar return done. I would be very interested, if you could comment on the difference in use of: the progressive horoscope, transits and a solar return? Curious Hi, Curious. Great question! Your natal chart is a map of your personality. No one understands themselves, fully. We all have parts of

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