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Is Mercury/Jupiter the funny bone?

I read today that the best sign that you have coupled with the right person is if you laugh often together.  This makes sense.  However, there’s all different kinds of humor; for instance, some people think “bathroom” humor is hilarious and I run like the devil is chasing me when I hear toilet jokes.  My

Gossip is a mortal sin

Last night I was reading about how gossiping is a mortal sin. I’ve never liked  gossip and I’ve never liked people who indulge in it. But I’ve never seen it treated in quite this way. The writer, Daniel A. Lord calls it the “commonest fault” and the “meanest of human instincts.”  He considers it cowardly,

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Bridging The Communication Gap

My son and I are both having Uranus and Pluto transit our natal Mercury.  We’re talking a lot. He’s 14, so I was a little surprised when he defined himself and his intelligence. He said a number of things. I want to focus on one of them. My son feels he has a good sense

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boy with puzzle

Astrology and Children: Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – 2000 Piece Puzzle

I am doing a 2000 piece puzzle with my son. We’re both very keen on puzzles. “Why couldn’t you have just gotten me a board game?” he asked. “I already told you. I wanted something we could do together.” “You could play a board game with me.” “I already explained why we are doing this.

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