Rooting For Someone To Die? Gambling On Life Insurance…

My husband’s Scorpio Moon talking to my 8th house, circa 2007:

“Yeah, well she must have thought I was going to die,” he said, talking about his wife when he was in Special Forces. “Everyone else was dying. I think she was banking on it. Get the insurance money, you know? But I just kept coming back, still alive.”

I didn’t answer.

“Yeah. Surely he’s going to die. Everyone else is dying. And they were dying too. They were dying left and right, dropping all around her. So just imagine,” he said.

“Imagine what?”

“Well imagine all these people dying like crazy. Every time you look up someone else is gone.”


“Yeah, it was bad. So this was going on and then twelve of us went out and ten were killed. Only two of us came back and I was one of them.” He stopped to chuckle. “I wonder what she thought of that. She must have smacked herself in the forehead. How can this be? How come he never gets killed? Why won’t he… why doesn’t he get killed with the rest of them?” he said, snorting.

“You think that’s funny?”

“Well, yeah. I think it’s sort of funny. Don’t you think it’s funny?”

“You wife wants you to die? No it’s not funny. Well, if someone wants you dead and you’re stubborn and just keep living, I suppose that is funny. But still, to hell with her rooting for you to die. You’re not supposed to be waiting for someone to die so you can be flush. What kind of person does that? A lazy person, I suppose. And a boring person. Because she’s got her life contingent upon yours which is sort of like having no life at all. Meanwhile you’re out there living in full color.”


Funny thing is, I had someone gamble on my death as well. They literally took out a life insurance policy on me explaining they thought it had good odds to pay off.

I was twenty years old at the time. There was nothing I could do. Fact is you can buy an insurance policy on anyone you want.

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  1. You may have covered this already, but what kind of 8th house action suggests that someone might be a little hard to bump off?

  2. seekingzen – Well in my case, the Jupiter trines to my 8th house offer a lot of support. In the case of the soldier, he’s got that Scorpio moon Neptune in the 8th… highly sensitized.

    So you’re in the jungle trying to kill him and he’s in the jungle trying to kill you and apparently his senses trump yours – you die and he lives.

    DR – I agree but still. Bastard married this gal instead of me, wtf was he thinking? I am the one who is indignant!

  3. Seriously? You can take out a policy on anyone you want???

    Dharmaruci, what a brilliant idea then! My kid’s dad decided to dump her (as well as his son from another woman) years ago, and although I have been able to support my daughter fairly decently, it really miffs me that not only did he deny her the love and emotional support of a father, but that some of the opportunities she’s been offered and might otherwise have accepted have had to be turned down for the simple reason that I couldn’t afford to let her do it.

    And, when she was just a toddler (before he decided children were too much bother and ran off), I specifically asked him to carry life insurance with her as beneficiary (as do I and have since her birth–I was orphaned, and so know first hand that parents don’t live forever just because their kids think they will!) He agreed, and then never would get to it and so has not.

    I wonder if the expense of carrying a policy on him would justify itself in the end? Hm….

  4. You have to have an insurable interest. It is not like placing a bet with the turf accountant. So for instance, I cannot buy a policy on the life of a famous person who I think might die. Also they have to be insurable. So someone who drinks vodka and smokes a pack every day might not be insurable and if they are the costs are likely way higher. Taking a policy out on your ex to support children makes a lot of sense, but they have to agree to either applying for themselves or you applying on their behalf. Either way they have to be in reasonably good health.

    PS I hope the soldier lives to be 100.

  5. On second thought, you probably go to the bookie and bet that a famous person would die, but that is gambling not life insurance.

  6. This is what is awful!- ‘They literally took out a life insurance policy on me explaining they thought it had good odds to pay off.’

    I am sorry!

  7. Some people take out life insurance on their kids beacuase they know that if they died they would be so fucked up they wouldn’t be able to function.

  8. “Well it was my father who invested in me dying. Whaddya think of that?”

    I think that’s terrible!!
    The only insurance policy I’m involved with in any shape or form is my godson’s mother’s. If anything happens to her I have sole custody. His father is such uninvolved he was more than happy to sign his rights as a parent away. It makes me mad but since I know it is the right decision for this child, so so be it.

  9. I have a ton of insurance on myself, because if I were to die prematurely, I would want to provide my loved ones with the same kind of lifestyle that I can provide for them while I am still living and working.

  10. i was having a similar conversation with my plutonian kid a few days ago. about getting insurance on my husband and me because if something happened, whoever left would be utterly wrecked.

    I’d considered getting insurance on my SD during one period. her self-destruction just seemed so imminent, i wanted to be able to pay for a nice funeral. she has lots of Leo and would like that…

    as far as your father – i don’t know why he’d think it was a good bet since you’d already survived growing up with him…

  11. Good one goddess. Elsa- here you were having a pluto moon moment and I was all planets in libra. I am starting to get what that feels like from the other side of that equation. Sometimes I need to switch from left to right brain to get simple mathematics.

  12. I agree with you Elsa, in not thinking it’s funny, but I guess it’s good that he can laugh about it. I must say I don’t know much about the 8th house, and transits to it that are protective. I don’t have any planets in my 8th, but Gemini is on the cusp.

  13. I don’t know if I’m the beneficiary to any insurance policies, don’t care much either. But I do think about what will happen when people close to me die, and what of theirs I would like to have to remember them by. Usually, it’s things that scream “THIS PERSON” to me, yanno?
    Sun in 2nd, maaan. Stuff is important to me. But that Neptune trine means I keep it for more esoteric, sentimental reasons than for monetary value.

  14. haha my parents did that too – when I got married my mom told me about the insurance policy & wanted to change the beneficiary to my husband. I was like WTF?

  15. Actually if you are under the age of 25 you are more likely to die of an accident.

    A funeral will run 10,000 to 16,000 for a cheap one with a plot.

    In the old days parents always bought a life insurance policy and later own it could be cashed in to pay for a child’s college. (If you bought the right policy.)

    If you are a single mother and your child dies do you have 16,000 to pay for the funeral and a plot ?

    Because the funeral director will not let you make payments, they want there money before the funeral is even done.

    I really hate to say this, I know a mother who’s child was shot by a gang rival. They kept her son’s body for 2 weeks, until she had all of the money for the funeral. If your in the military, I think they pay for that ?

  16. Well in my case it was a pure wager and stated as such. I was actually invited to go out and die so that he might collect.

    I laughed my ass off… told him I hope he got paid.

    I have been ready / willing to die for a very long time. When I was told to stay down because bullets may be flying, I stood up and that’s a fact. I guess I was 8 or 9 at the time. I have had quite a life.

  17. the idea makes me ill. though i imagine there might be some money out there for me eventually.
    family is irreplaceable.
    and spouses better count as family…

  18. Elsa, I think there’s a Murphy’s Law effect with something like that — if you really want it or think it will happen, it’s almost guaranteed not to, so if someone gets a life insurance policy really expecting the insured to drop, better believe that person will stay alive for a very long time!

    Kind of like warrantees — while they’re in effect, the covered object works, but the day after they lapse, boom!

  19. “What kind of person does that? A lazy person, I suppose. And a boring person. Because she’s got her life contingent upon yours which is sort of like having no life at all. Meanwhile you’re out there living in full color.”

    Booyah, BAM, you hit it, lady!

  20. “I’ll never forget the look if disappointment on her face. She said, how could you fight until you ran out of ammo and still survive? Well,I’m pretty good with a knife, I told her. Now I’m going to go out to the bar for a drink and spend some of that money… that money you wish you had.”

  21. “I remember when my father told me to go die so he could get paid. He said, I’m hoping you make this pay for me. I said, I know. I didn’t say anything else. I didn’t say, oh how could you or anything like that. We played cards, you know. My family are gamblers so I knew what he was doing. I mean we don’t bet hoping we’ll lose for Godsakes. He was hoping I;d die and he’s be paid, end of story.”

  22. this is nowhere near as rotten but my mom took out major medical on me, telling me that she figured I’d get HIV, develop AIDS, and bankrupt her. it’s too bad she let it lapse, actually.

  23. Someone mentioned this in an email today and it made me remember this and I realize he told me this on Christmas. Had to be, because it was in person and I only went out their once a year in that era.

    I didn’t think a damned thing about it at the time and I guess that might be pretty hard to understand. I’d explain it but I don’t understand it myself. This was just normal is the think. It was not extraordinary in any way, just the current wrinkle sort of like throwing down a card after you’ve already thrown down several thousand of them.

    So now I look at this and just feel amused the soldier and I have had the same experience.

    If you want an another angle, there are people out there who don;t think people like this (or people like me for that matter) exist which makes this world sort of queer to be in.

  24. I didn’t know people like this existed, or preferred not to think about it. I know you exist, since I’ve been reading here. I’m glad you exist.

    And…. ouch is right.

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