Scorpio And Trust – The Vetting Process

Penny Royal questioned my complete faith and confidence in a person’s character as outlined in Care And Feeding Of Your Energy Source. This video addresses this topic. I’ve added comments below.

There is always a chance for betrayal but the chance is small when you can read a person. You read them and allow them to read you. If you both like what you see, this is a done deal.

The man I mentioned in that piece (double Scorpio) has never betrayed me.
My husband (Scorpio Moon) has never betrayed me even when we broke up as kids at an age where most act out.
Ben (Scorpio Sun) has never betrayed me.
Stevie (double Scorpio) never betrayed me.
My first husband never betrayed me (Sun and 4 more planets in Scorpio).

If you try to tell me any of these people ever will, I’m going to stare at you, as my husband would say, “like a hog looking at a wristwatch”. It’s just not going to happen.  There are people you can trust and I mean you can trust them with your life.

Adding to this, recently one of my husband’s old friends visited us.   We got talking about things, he’s a Scorpio with a stellium in the sign. “That’s not his currency,” I said of my husband, in regards to money.

“No it’s not his currency,” the man said. “His currency is loyalty and that’s why we’re friends.”

27 thoughts on “Scorpio And Trust – The Vetting Process”

  1. I trusted people who went against my Scorpio instinct. The upshot was that the Universe used to slap me about the face by providing freaky coincidences to show me the true nature of these people. These days I allow the inner process to marinade.

  2. Hi Elsa,
    As a scorp male, I just wanted to say I liked watching your short video on scorp trust. I just wanted to mention. When a scorp is going through the probing process on the same person a second and third time, that means their is serious doubt about their truthfulness, however we are trying to go against our initial instinct of mistrust, which always turns out to be right anyway. All scorps should never digress from their initial instict, (assuming they have all the facts). Because it just becomes a complete waste of time or we already decided this party is for amusement purposes only.

  3. I agree with Toni. About spiders senses: trusting them never fails. I think that is also about being secure: when you know, you know , unless there’s insecurity on the prober’s part or maybe they are still young & went through some harsh stuff and have not self repaired yet.

    Nicky I would exit that party in a heartbeat.

  4. I am a Scorpio whose (former) boss is a Scorpio and her (former) boss is a Scorpio. He scapegoated both of us to save his own job. He has a neptune mercury conjunction (deceptive or perceptive?), and mars and Venus conjunct with both squared by Pluto. Ruthless! Two Scorps betrayed by a fellow Scorp!

  5. I have gone through the vetting process for getting into a call centre. I have always faced tough exams. I hold merit as the benchmark in getting a job.

  6. I can so relate. I am a triple scorpio- sun, Ascendant, Mercury and pluto. Trust is a big issue for me. And yes I can tell without a second doubt that my instinct is never wrong and if I dont trust it in the first place, I am for a big slap from the universe.Our inner radar catches evrything hidden!

  7. Hmm I have a ton of Scorps in my life and yes all of them are very loyal. To me. Having said that, my friend who has a massive stellium in Scorpio (she’s also a Sun Scorp) is a cheater – has cheated on multiple boyfriends. She’s been good to me always but I would never vouch for her to a friend looking for a relationship.

  8. I had a Scorpio tell me recently that he would hurt himself before he would hurt me. I trusted that this was true because he knows himself very well. Hes transparent to himself.

    Most people arent. I think thats why mercury in scorpio has a hard time trusting. We see the superficial manifestation of a persona, but we also see the layers underneath that are dark. I dont trust anyone who hasnt looked at their own darkness in their minds because then itll control their behavior on an unconscious level and guess who that darkness will be projected upon?

    So, i do trust people who are integrated but theres just very few out there.

  9. Great post. Being extremely cautious myself (maybe due to my stellium in Scorpio), I love the topic of trust issues.

    I know I’ve set boundaries to the point where I have to revise some of them downwards (not giving enough of a chance) and some I’m willing to defend.

    I tend to see everyone as fallible (including myself), and liable to disappoint, not live up to promises, etc. I’ve used the “I don’t trust anyone, including myself” before. And that’s what I mean. Some situations, I don’t know how I would act, regardless of how I’d both like to think I would act and my moral code.

    So, personally, what I do is try to determine what I can (reasonably) expect from individuals, what they need from me in return, and whether I can see things being a win-win. That’s how I vet them. Also, I tend to try to identify people I’m willing to risk things for. Vulnerability makes things more genuine. More real. For the right people… I’m willing to put it (me) on the line. Those… I can’t explain it beyond “they hit the right spots”.

    I guess it’s that for such people, our bond has gone past the point where it matters that they can (and may) hurt me. They’re worth it. So in terms of Trust with a big T, I still think they may and can harm (/disappoint/betray) me. But… no regrets. Maybe a lesson, but no regrets.

  10. Loyalty is only as valuable as the rest of the components of a relationship. I’ve found that Scorpios like to focus on loyalty to the detriment of all else in a relationship. If you’re ignoring the issues, or not addressing what it actually takes to be in a healthy relationship, then loyalty doesn’t mean shit to me. I’ve no interest in being married to a golden retriever.

  11. I have Scorpio rising. Usually my instinct is dead on but being aqua sun and Virgo moon I give people the chance to prove what I already know…he burned but the older I get the less I give deep with people I sense are off… I’ve never betrayed anyone on purpose…doesn’t mean people don’t blame me for leaving their abuse. So if I feel you have motives I’m still kind but brace myself…they usually do something shady eventually

  12. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I know that there is probably more to it other that the sign, but… many Scorpio’s in my life have betrayed me. Father (sun), brother (sun), mother in-law (sun & rising), and sister in-law’s (rising). However, I do have a friend now who is a Scorpio Sun and so far so good… fingers crossed.

    1. That makes sense, my brother Scorpio sun… he’s always been the most egocentric and self centered person. He seems to love doting on people with other people’s money too…but I agree, I need to look at his chart. He was also so much fun to be around. Reminds me of sagg…they usually were fun to be with but burnt me always…

  13. A little bit agressive with the “I have had my share of liars, cheats, manipulation and loyalty to a fault from those rotten Scorpios”. Sounds like blame rather than an attempt to uncover the logic. Or maybe some of these posters should do a little more vetting before engaging.

  14. Thank you for pointing this out about scorpios because I have a tight 4 planet satellite in Scorpio. BUT I do have a sister in Scorpio who wrote to the court when I was divorcing my alcoholic husband to say that I was “vindictive”. I have to laugh that this was the worst she could come up with, but it wasn’t even true, and just having your own sister and her husband(a lawyer) go behind your back and write in support of my ex was an unbelievable blow to my faith in family.

  15. anonymoushermit

    One of my best friends, from my 20’s, is like a sister to me. She’s a Scorpio Sun.

    She said, to me, after twelve years of knowing me, that, “Your family members are jerks! They’re not very nice.”

    She’s my sister now! 🙂

  16. I am a Cancer and have dated numerous Scorpio men.ALL of them have betrayed me, and I mean every one of them. I was the loyal one. Maybe its my Saturn in Scorpio but I find them completely untrustworthy. Glad others haven’t but never again for me!

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