Mars (Men) In Nature: The Conquest

This is in adjunct to the discussion that cropped up on the back of Cock Blocking / Happiness post. You can read the details in the comments but fact is I get hit on by men virtually every single day.

This is fairly stunning to me seeing as I write about my love and devotion to a man on a daily basis but it is no surprise to the solider at all. He explains men do this… they just want to piss on another man’s tree.
(swearing and violence below the break)

Hearing this, I agree which makes the attempt to penetrate our relationship very offensive as you see it is about a conquest and nothing more. I mean, they don’t want me, personally. They want someone else’s woman which essentially makes me a piece of meat.

The soldier and I talk about this at times especially lately as it’s a problem that is growing…

“I am surprised they mess with your woman,” I said. “You would think they would go after the wife of of someone a lot weaker. I mean, you kill people for Godsakes. Seems to me a man would go after any woman but yours, they could wind up dead.”

He laughed. “Well, they think I’m a pussy, P. Yep, that’s what they think and that’s why the do it. They think they’re better than me, they think they’re smarter than me, they think I am a piece of shit and they can take and have my woman. That’s it, P. They do it because they think I’m a pussy.”

“That’s hard to believe.”

“It is not hard to believe. I’ve never met a man in my life who didn’t underestimate me, it’s the most common thing in the world. Yeah, they underestimate me right up until I get up next to them and start snappin’ bones like twigs. It’s right about then they say, uh oh, this motherfucker might not be such a pussy after all. I might have gotten myself into some trouble here…”

miss mentioned the phenomena of how men put on a wedding ring and women start hitting on them.

What do you make of this? What have you observed.

16 thoughts on “Mars (Men) In Nature: The Conquest”

  1. I don’t think it’s nearly as sinister as what you’re painting…

    People see other people happy and want a bit of that happiness. If they could have you, it might rub off.

    Cockblocking happens- often- but that doesn’t mean that everyone that hits on you is attempting to steal the woman of the Soldier… or piss on his territory… or whatever.

    Sometimes sinister things have less-than-sinister sources.

  2. Ambidee – I like your frame but what about the merely stupid? The ones who don’t know an alpha dog when they see one? Where do they fall??? 🙂

  3. Unfortunately in a multitude of varying environments there are just too many alpha males. A gym is one of those places as is the military. I also think culture clashes can play a part in alpha dog thinking.
    As far as those who don’t know an alpa dog when they see one…well alpha dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and the ones with a napoleon(sp?) complex can be some of the worst offenders… in my personal, humble, experiences.

  4. The ones I hate the worst and the “plausible denial” assholes.

    “Whaaaat? I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t trying to put my dick in that. I was NOT trying to fuck that woman,” they say with their pants down around their knees…


    Women do this too… I think it’s hysterical.

    “Just because I stuck my tit in your husband’s mouth DOES NOT MEAN I was after him…”


  5. Oh yeah, and then it’s followed up with, “And if you think I was doing something, well that is YOUR problem… you obviously need to see a psychiatrist or something like that…” 😉

  6. The thing is, many of them believe their own lies and Fleetwood Mac always plays in my head when they do: Little Lies

    So I am entertained, see? Fact is, I am entertained regardless. Entertained and entertaining. It’s sort of like being a juggler. Toss a juggler something and they will juggle it. Even if you toss them a car, they’ll just get on top the car and do what? Juggle maybe?

  7. Factor One, A lot of the time, be you a man or woman, when you think someone is smokin’ hot you simply take leave of your senses. Factor Two, People do odd stuff late at night alone with thier computers. The internet has become a respository for misdirected emotions and unfeasable fantasy. Combine those and you get creeps who email you indecent proposals. And when you fire back, Neptune has shifted the miror oh so slightly. “who me?!?!?!?!” they say. How DO you combat that especially in an arena where all your attack power is disseminated across hyper-space-time?
    …I have no idea.

  8. I don’t remember everything you’ve mentioned abt the soldier’s chart but I do recall him having some important water placements (moon and mars?) – I think such folks are often underestimated, in terms of strength (physical, mental, whatever)–

  9. notatirem – very good point.

    I just have an increasing problem with this. I want to deflect the attention as politely as possible but the men do not respond to this. Any energy / ANY response is seen as an invitation it seems and I wind up having to be rude eventually, making enemies in the process.

    It’s very draining and I may wind up dealing with it by not responding, period. I mean, do I want to spend an hour of my day fending off Internet men? That makes no sense.

  10. yeah, he has moon and mars in water but mostly he’s just been around men all his life and has extremely good understanding of how they operate. Women on the other hand and pretty much foriegn.

    has some rules his father taught him that he taught his son but I don’t think he’s expanded much. He’s just not been around women to speak of… he is not that interested in them, other than he wants one of them for a wife. I mean, he will come right out and tell you, if you want anything to do with him feminine side you should talk to me. “P, is my feminine side”.

    This is why I call him “Voice of Mars”. He acts as an archetype and he reeeeeeeally does act as an archetype, he doesn’t seem to know anything else. It would be like telling a rhino to act like a lion – this is simply not going to happen.

  11. your response to notatirem totally ‘remind me’ of song lyrics ‘Brave men tell the truth,
    A wise man’s tools are analogies and puzzles,
    A woman holds her tongue,
    Knowing silence will speak for her.’

    it seems like such a yin, fem. thing—no response, let the energy chips fall where they may. it seems like when i make use of minimal response, they may still go on & talk more smack, but they tend to stop addressing me altogether, i.e., in their tracks. (i rarely find that the hitter-on-er interprets this as ‘playing harder to get than most’ 😉

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