Will My Relationship Last Through A Saturn Return?

mountain couple In my last post about my Saturn Return, debdeb asked:

if you’re seeing someone who’s going through their SR, especially now as Saturn’s going retrograde, what can you expect? What should you to support him/her? Can you expect him/her to come out of the SR more confident [about your bond], or more clearsighted and perhaps more ready to go it alone?

Well, it all depends.

First I have to give to standard astrological disclaimer that the entire chart(s) should be considered. These things are complex. Relationships don’t take place in a vacuum. They are a magic charge that happens between two unique individuals coming together as they are each differently influenced by the sky and each other.

That said, here are some general things I can say on the subject.

Saturn realizes. He takes seeds of dreams and makes them grow. He also wipes away illusions. He makes things real.

If the relationship is real, supports who your partner knows himself to be and his vision for the future, gives him a sense of security, and is practical… Then you’re locked in (for the time being.)

If the relationship is built around something flimsy and ephemeral, is a block to some larger success, or doesn’t make sense in the light of day… You’re fired.

The great thing about Saturn is he moves pretty slow. So none of this will be a surprise. You can hear the old man’s Buick creeping up the drive long before he makes it to the door. You’ve got time to work on your issues. And that pleases Saturn. You don’t have to have everything figured out, as long as you’re working on it when he walks in. You get lots of chances to fix your mistakes.

If you’re unsure about the relationship, ask the opinion of someone much older. They will most likely be spot on. If you don’t like the answer, ask the opinions of several someones much older. Than you’ll have to accept it.

I’ll write some more about this tomorrow, addressing the retrograde question/ how to support someone through their SR. It’s past my bedtime now.

Those of you who have made it past Saturn’s infamous return, please tell us, what was the status of your relationship, did it change?

Pictured: Some random couple I found on the internet next to a mountain. Yeah.



18 thoughts on “Will My Relationship Last Through A Saturn Return?”

  1. My marriage made it through my Saturn return, but the seeds were planted for its ending. We separated seven years later, when Saturn squared itself… Completing unfinished business, I suppose. 🙂

    My fiancée has her Saturn return next year. I look forward to your advice for how I can help her through it.

  2. On my solar return I dumped my long time partner, on her solar return my best friend married her “doubtful” boyfriend, their relationship got really strong and they are still happily married after 8 years.

  3. great concept for a post.
    love the image of the old man in the buick – fantastic saturn metaphor. that’s just how it works.

    and i also really liked the thought of justice that saturn brings (esp. saturn in libra) — if it’s good, working, built on solid ground, you’re good to go. if not, if it “doesn’t make sense in the light of day” then that is that. no bitching, moaning, questions. either it works, or it doesnt. so lets stop wasting time and figure out what we need to do to ‘fix’ it.

    had never thought of saturn as something that can make things grow, flourish, taking seed dreams and making them grow. this idea also is very inspiring to me.

    thanks for another thought-provoking, short, concise and well written piece nota!

  4. Ha! Saturn drives a Buick. Love it!
    My Saturn return? I ended a 3-year relationship. Thank the Lord. He was awful.

  5. I wasn’t dating anyone during my own SR, but the guy I dated during his SR of course dumped me during it. Very Saturninan relationship there in the synastry and in the timing (I dated him when Saturn was in my 7th). This guy doesn’t commit, so there you go.

  6. We were losing a custody battle through our Saturn returns. It was very hard on the whole family. His Saturn is 4th house, mine is 7th, so big impact there.

    We did pull together and stay on the same side through out. That’s probably why we’re still married.

  7. I love how you addressed this by means of a post! I’ve been reading this today and look forward to more of everyone’s experiences and more of your insight.

  8. Also, due to the retrograding action that we are experiencing now, the SR wont officially occur for him until the fall.

    Will current planetary energies (10 degrees away from his placement) matter? I’m not sure how astrological influences play out, whether or not they are felt simply because they are in the same SIGN (and not degree) as your own planet, and so on.

    Haha. And if the answer is no, the SR wont be experienced by individual until saturn actually crosses the said individual’s degree, then I’m not even sure if I’ll still know him by the time the crossing occurs! That’s just my own personal issue, I’m definitely curious about the SR stuff at large, too.

  9. Hah. I do not think you only have an SR when it’s on your degree. I was feeling the Saturn crap the entire time Saturn was in Leo– then again that’s my MC and I have Mars early on. Yeah, the serious shit (like my dad’s death) can happen exactly, but the entire time around to me felt severe.

  10. We started a business together had great fun. The relationship only got stronger, the SR wasn’t so bad for me at all. It was a great time of maturation for me and fun. SR in Leo fell half in my 11th and half in my 12th house it was OK. But the relationship was good and strong anyhow. So yes depends where your relathioship stands wheather it survives it or not.

  11. I was in a long-term relationship with someone who was only six weeks younger than I.

    We weathered my Saturn Return just fine; no bumps. I thought we had also weathered his Saturn Return, but when I checked — nope! His Saturn Return happened right about the time he later told me that his feelings for me had started to wane.

    And, in truth, there were so, so, so many break-up transits occuring in both our natals and the composite that I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I still am. :/

    Further brain re-wiring to be done, I see. *sighs with a smile*

  12. This is an old post, but I’ll bite in case someone, like me, gets curious and decides to Google the subject.

    In my 20s, I dated a man off and on for about five years. Both of us were experiencing our late-twentysomething Saturn returns when the relationship ended for good.

    Eventually, I looked at our synastry and understood the pull: we had a water grand trine and sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio. I can’t speak for him, but I couldn’t figure out the lesson of that relationship until Saturn entered Capricorn (where his sun and my moon live).

  13. My first Saturn Return?

    Uranus, Neptune and Saturn were essentially traveling together.

    It was a bad scene. A bunch of bad relationships, bad choices, bad outcomes, a total disaster, repeated for good measure.

    I can probably say I failed my 1st one.

    (I didn’t have the benefit of astrology to guide me at the time, alas.)

    I recently had my 2nd one. Did I do better this time? I probably ought to get a fail grade on this one too, by abstention. I simply have given up on relationships. You can’t fail at what you don’t try, right? Except you fail by not trying. Oh well.

    Here’s to my 3rd one! I did say recently in another thread that I was going to be one those senior citizens who fall in love with someone in the nursing home! 92 is looking good! 🙂

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