Does Traveling On Your Birthday Change Your Solar Return Chart?

funny solar t shirtHello Elsa,

Wondering what your opinion is on having a solar return chart “altered” by traveling  somewhere far from home to change the rising/start point of the chart? I have read that it doesn’t actually change the chart because you come home and are at your home for the majority of the year.

What is your take on this? And have you or someone you know ever tried this? What was the result if so?

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Hi Curious.

I generally use my home city for my solar return but a lot of astrologers do believe that travel will change your year. This is very hard to test. I am a skeptic by nature.

This is includes being skeptical about astrology.  In order to believe something is valid, I need solid evidence and personal experience. With than forty years experience with astrology. I’ve never come across anything convincing in regards to this theory.  I am not saying it’s not valid. I’m saying it’s hard to prove, one way or the other.

You have to travel across time zones to have it make a significant difference so this is the first thing to consider. Assuming that’s possible, let’s say someone tells you if you travel to Italy for your birthday, you will have a great year. And then you do travel and you do have a good year! Would you have had a good year anyway? This is the hard-to-answer question!

I tend to think, wherever you go, there you are? But when people ask me to, I’m happy to evaluate two (or more) solar return charts so they can choose.

Bottom line, if someone asks me which solar return chart they should consider, I recommend they use the chart for the city where they live / spend the most time. If they want me to use the travel chart, I do.

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How do you feel about traveling on your birthday, to impact the year ahead?

8 thoughts on “Does Traveling On Your Birthday Change Your Solar Return Chart?”

  1. its about Where You Actually Live that counts no? but on a side note -mailing in your tax return during a ‘void of course moon’ practically guarantees hassle free results with the IRS -not a peep back!

  2. I’ve never been able to try this properly. Going back to my family – which I do for my birthday, since I was born on my Grandmother’s 55th birthday – doesn’t change my chart enough for anything to happen.

    I think that I’m going to try this for my 2015/16 chart, though. My Solar Return Moon would be in the 6th house staying where I am, and honestly, I don’t want this. I’ve had and am going to have three 6th house Moons on Lunar Return Chart in five months – my current Lunar Return is the middle one – and I already want it to stop. I don’t know if I can do with 6th house Moon on Solar Return too, especially coupled with a 10th house Sun.

  3. it makes for a nice little adventure – to go spend some days in a city/place where you wouldn’t have stayed otherwise.
    another thing is that by choosing the preferred solar return chart a person is deciding on priorities, on what’s important to them, and so is making a sort of a commitment.
    i have no idea if it works, but i think it’s a terrific opportunity for people who like to travel

  4. I don’t believe in the idea of changing your Solar Return by traveling. I don’t know if it works, either, but if there’s something you have to learn or do, then this just smacks of avoidance.

  5. I tend to believe you’re right. You can go to another city BUT you’re going to come home to the same problems, same job, same relatives, and the same YOU with the same psychology and talents and problems.

    1. yes, I moved to an alleged amazing astrocartography chart location—and while there experienced the greatest tragedy of my life back home and had to abruptly leave the lucky land anyway…

      trying to control life- universe shows us real quick we’re not in control.. that was my lesson at least

      fate will have its way

  6. yeah and I just don’t think you can control life like that… that’s what I learned from experimenting with astrocartography and I feel it is similar and applies to this

  7. Are you an astrologer? and if you do how come you are skeptic?
    The Solar Return works for location. I have been relocating Solar Returns and it changes de outcome of some aspects, of course, it needs to be in the Natal Chart, there are many things to contemplate when you relocate a Solar Return.
    I always travel for my birthday, I just came back from Clearwater.

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