Neptune Conjunct Midheaven – The Family Angle? As Far As I Can See, It Does Not Exist

Liz asks on Public Image:

“I’m curious Elsa, how does your family see your neptune midheaven?”

That is an extra interesting question because Neptune is  on the parental axis.  As it turns out my sister has the same configuration and further there is more than one Saturn Neptune exchange in our charts. We have studied astrology damned near 40 years at this point, (80 years if you combine our experience)  and while we have a vast understanding of this, you can never really get it.

In whatever case, my family (and my friends for that matter… and my lover) all fall prey to the thing.  I fall prey to my sister’s Neptune and she falls prey to mine.  I correct her perceptions, she corrects mine but just because your sister came and parted your hair on the other side does not mean it will stay that way!  And just because your sister said it is x,y,z does not mean it is not a,b,c.

As for the rest of our family they are no different than “society”.

Er… I don’t want to go too far out there but if you think along the lines of Neptune erasing boundaries you might realize that all of society (and then some) is my parent, my judge, my authority which means I can’t tell you how my family sees me because I can’t define my family.

Do I have a sister on the other side of the world?  A mother? I am sure I do.

Am I a sister to a woman on the other side of world?  Am I a mother? I’d say I am.

How do they see this?  Damned if I know.  But just because they see it one way today does not mean they will see it the same way tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct Midheaven – The Family Angle? As Far As I Can See, It Does Not Exist”

  1. ok.
    that helps.
    clarify fuzziness. of neptune on the IC. different of course.
    but the scope of the sense of family. yeah.

  2. interesting. how would the opposite- neptune in the 4th house energy manifest?
    and is there a diffrence if both neptune and saturn are positined in your 10th natal house?

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