Big Fish In A Little Pond Syndrome: Resisting Saturn

fat guy in a little coat (Tommy Boy)“Listen up, you little spazoids. I know where you live and I’ve seen where you sleep. I swear to everything holy that your mothers will cry when they see what I’ve done to you.”
–Michelle, Tommy Boy

In the movie Tommy Boy, Chris Farley plays a character who has lived an extended adolescence and faced with a crisis in his family and the family business is forced to grow up quickly. Spending years in college in a fraternity atmosphere he has become a “big fish in a little pond.” He has resisted the external pressure (Saturn) to grow up (more Saturn). Eventually he is squeezed (Saturn) out of the position that is no longer working for him.

He finds himself surrounded by Saturn figures that force him to grow up. Heaven help you if David Spade is one of your Saturn figures. He tries to work his big fish little pond charm on David Spade when he puts on Spade’s suit coat and says, “Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat.” His gag falls flat when the coat splits across the back and Spade retorts in frustration, “Take it off, dickhead, I’m serious.”

Saturn transiting our charts presents the opportunity to get serious, grow up and mature. If we don’t follow the energy and progress it will create stricture in the areas it affects essentially pushing us into maturity. It is certainly possible to resist this change but the more you do, the more it compresses.

The house where Saturn transits shows the area where this energy is present and its aspects to points or planets in our charts present more clues as to how this can be done.

Where is Saturn transiting your chart?

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    I should note, I married late (first marriage) and have only been at this thing for a little over a year now, so ask me in 30 😉

    Oh and the whole balance/independence thing is different when you’ve been single for 20 years.

  2. Saturn has been moving through my 4th house and just finished his third hit squaring my moon. I’ve lost my home and have had to move in with others so that I didn’t sleep under a bridge (my friends joke that I would have found a very nice bridge to sleep under…). I’m also at odds with my parents (specifically my father and stepmother – mom died years ago). Since Pluto is taunting and soon to be conjunct my moon, as well, my relationship with family is changing. It’s being broken down to the bare minimum and am looking forward to the rebirth that Pluto can bring. Saturn = father. 4th house = home. It really hurts sometimes.

  3. Saturn transiting my 11th and opposing my 5th house Stellium. It’s done a total number on my Venus. Got divorced in the past year, and trying to short my property now. It’s almost exact on natal Saturn itself now, and then will hit my moon, mercury, and sun like dominoes in the coming year.
    Yeah, this 40ish chick is growing up fast. Very unpleasant having your whole world upended at midlife.

  4. Gotta say it is constantly reminding me how important my support system is, which is a necessary life lesson given my loner tendencies.

  5. My 12th. A lot of grieving, and more grey hairs will now appear, most likely. I still need therapy, and apparently, I’m being pushed to it.

    I’ve been reading books about art therapy, and made a start trying to draw earlier on. It’s so weird and awkward, when it used to be like breathing to me. I was reading about a woman who stopped drawing once she was healed, which I found interesting, but it disturbed her.

  6. I was a very grown-up kid when it transited my ascendant – I don’t remember if I was eleven, or younger, when it first hit, but I was a very good and responsible kid.

  7. 10th House & all that has & is happening seems bang on in line with what I know of 10th House stuff.
    Of all I am doing, I am just striving to do my best by myself & everyone I deal with. Hope it’s enough to do the trick!
    At least, mostly, you know what Saturn requires of you…

  8. First it created LIVING HELL on the Ascendant and now it’s forcing me to become a new person in my first house. So many changes in so few days 🙁

  9. Saturn passing through 10th. Kinda weird when your bosses come to YOU for advice. People at work expect you to be the leader cause you know how to get it done. Whoa, I did not sign up for this!

  10. Today Saturn is conjunct natal Pluto/MC, which squares my sun. Yeah, I’m meeting the monsters I’ve created and realizing the responsible use of power, among other fun, fun topics. I’ve been trying to mop up my karma for a while, so hopefully this won’t be too, too painful. I’m however, not holding my breath.

  11. Saturn has been transiting my 2nd house as well as coming up to oppose natal Saturn. What a journey and thank you to Saturn. My money world ws totally stripped bare especially during the retrograde. I have simplified my family’s life to the most elegant and know where each penny goes. Before I never bothered and somehow we always managed to pull through. All the going without and lack is now turning into a solid and realistic foundation to be able to fund whatever me or my children need to grow and thrive. I am very grateful to master Saturn for this time. I see people spending in states of panic ludicrous amounts without thinking at all if they are being irresponsible or being ripped off. Saturn has contained me and given me a calm sense of safety.

  12. Hi Satori, I’m ok for the moment. Come next April/May 2012 Saturn is heading into my 4H (Scorpio) and will be directly opposite my Sun 10H (Taurus) I’ve been told I’m going to be having trouble at work Why? Because I’m going to be having trouble at home. Oh! And also I’m going to be making a commitment – either to a serious relationship or no one at all. In any case I’m worried about this transit.

    I will be happy to not having Saturn opposing my Mars anymore. I’ve had to have a serious discussion with my doctor about my mental processes because they are so messed up it’s scary.

  13. It’s going across my first house right now. I have changed a lot in the past couple years. I’m not looking forward to the Saturn in Scorpio because money scares me and it’ll be conjunct my Pluto for a while. Yikes.

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