Effects Of Chiron In Pisces Opposite Pluto

achillesI touched on how oppositions work in today’s video. I wanted to ask about the oppositions in your chart and how you see them manifest. To facilitate this, I thought I’d write about Chiron opposing Pluto in Virgo which is the only opposition in my natal chart.

If you have Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto; intense and often, extreme suffering is going to part of your life script. I don’t think this can be avoided though I do think you can deny it or forget about or avoid thinking about it for periods of time. Matter of fact, I don’t think you can avoid periods of bliss anymore than you can avoid the suffering. These things are in flux all the time.

As an example, I can dig deep (Pluto) to write something (Virgo). It’s pretty clinical, see? I know certain things and I mean I know them, deeply. So I’ll to this Virgo work and I may even enjoy it. I probably do enjoy it but then what happens?

With the work done, I fall into an unhealable see of emotion. I just love being endlessly broken! NOT. It causes me waves of intense pain. Maybe a little self-loathing thrown in. It’s a sacrifice.

I’ve been doing this; writing about my life with the shadowy parts included for almost 25 years. Do you think it gets easier? It doesn’t. Or rather, I may believe it does aka trick myself, but then I find myself in the familiar sea of pain.

Now I don’t wallow in the sea. I transcend the pain, clearly. How else would I be here every day getting my ass kicked?

Notice I don’t blame anyone for this. I know it’s me. There is always going to be a banana peel for me to slip on and whoosh!

I also want to mention, this aspect is also tied to my (repulsive) charisma. More on that here:

Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma

Do you have Chiron in Pisces opposing Pluto? Can you relate to this?

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    Audrey A OBrion

    I am a Pisces (2nd house) with Chiron there at 10 degrees opposing Pluto (and Uranus) in my 8th house Virgo. My life has been a continuous path of pain-growth-pain-growth for as long as I can remember. Guess I’ll stop hoping the extreme suffering will stop someday–ugh!

  2. I have Virgo Uranus/Pluto in 9/10th house opposite Chiron in the 4th house. It all depends on which side I’m living out of. I tend to project the 4th house Chiron.But there is lots of pain that no one sees for sure. Being a Cap stellium doesn’t help that.

  3. Carrie L McDougall
    Carrie L McDougall

    I have Chiron at 8 degrees Pisces (4th house) opposing Pluto at 8 degrees Virgo (10th house). To be honest, I’ve paid little attention to this opposition because of my Mars at 10 degrees Pisces. There’s way more written about Pluto opposing Mars than it opposing Chiron. Thanks for this post Elsa and bringing my attention to this important aspect.

  4. Yes, and yes! 2d Hs Pisces Chiron AND Moon opposite Pluto Virgo in 8th

    I also feel a recurring theme of some betrayal from trusted people or trusting the wrong ones (feels like most always?!) Don’t know that it’s the chiron/pluto but that often causes me deep wounds and as savvy as I can be, I still bump up against it

  5. I have the same thing Elsa, and I know many do. Having Pluto in Virgo on my midheaven no less, has ruled my existence. I am sick to death of surface oriented society, that’s never changing it seems, and tired of people telling me to “be happy” or “smile” or that I look angry! Im not angry, Im deep. Im a thinker, Ive been thru so much hell most people havent a clue! But I’m quiet about it.

    And now after many years of EMDR and trauma therapy, I’ve learned so damn much about human triggers and familial trauma, that I see clearer about what used to be annoying or angering human traits in anyone I am around, and Im much quieter than ever before. Because so so many people have unbelievable amounts of trauma healing they need to do and never will in this life! And thats sad, very troubling and frustrating.

    It brings up questions of how the human race will ever evolve, which is why working as an occasional astrologer has meant so much to me.

    This is why I am more and more comfortable being away from humans. And close relationships are few and far btwn because I’m a change agent in anything I get involved in, probably as you are, and most people cannot handle it. Speaking from experience…
    We are like the old isolated witches working our magic best when deep. Im an old forest hag. What are you?

  6. “We are like the old isolated witches working our magic best when deep. I’m an old forest hag. What are you?”

    Well… with Venus in Leo, I’m not a hag, lol.
    My big problem is being an extrovert… or is it, being an extrovert with all these bags of crap drag around?

      1. And I run around with orange and yellow and purple purses! πŸ™‚

        It’s so embarrassing!:)
        I’ll be 90 years old, with royal color accessories!

  7. It’s always good to have someone like you around, in my opinion. Especially when there are people like me around in our all black grey and dark blue and dark green.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    Talkin’ ’bout my gen-gen-generation.

    Trouble is Chiron is in my 6th opposite this 4-way conjunction Sun-Uranus-Merc AND Pluto, all of them square Moon.

    When I was a shy (?) quirky 7-year old girl I never dreamt my role in life would be the unshakeably strong (tempered in fire), lone and and spiritual warrior I’ve become. (Though I did want to be a boy with big muscles…)

    A few more extremes than I would have liked, but getting used to it.

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    Alisa Dockery

    I have this combo natally. Pisces/Chiron in the 4th. Virgo/Pluto in the 10th. They’re part of a T-Square which includes Moon/Mars/Pluto. I could say volumes about this but, I won’t. Fundamentally, it’s a combo that never stops giving–a lifelong challenge.

  10. I have natal Chiron opposite Uranus in Libra. This is the first time I have paid attention to it, so I’m not sure how it works in my life. I’d guess it’s about being too independent after rejection as a child. Chiron is in my first and Libra 7th. I like being alone as a result of two Cluster B parents and a weird set of circumstances that led to me staying in my room and reading as a kid, which interestingly prevented me from becoming personality disordered myself. Estranged from my indifferent father who I think is probably too self absorbed to notice I’m not interested in his abuse. My mom still has issues but she has been under so much pressure because of my accountability for her terrible parenting that she might have healed from BPD.

  11. I don’t have that aspect, but I noticed that you said, “…Chiron opposing Pluto in Virgo which is the only opposition in my natal chart.” Really, no Chiron Uranus opposition? It seems to be very rare to not have it if you were born in a 40-ish year timespan. (I also lack that opposition…so maybe not so rare as it seems?)

  12. FWIW, I just posted the most brilliant essay about my mommy and how much I loved her despite her not having realized what she was getting into with me…that got wiped due to some internet glitch.

    Curse you, whatever is responsible.

    And love to you all.πŸ’š

  13. I have a loose opposition of Chiron in Capricorn 4th house Β°and Uranus in cancer 22Β° 10th house its loose but it was close enough for my Dad to die suddenly in an accident at home at 44yrs old and I was just 11yrs.its a pain in my heart an emptiness that is always there.I can put it aside awhile then it returns and so do the tears, it hurts. I also have Chiron cap. 4th, square Moon in Aires 7th house and Mercury in libra in 1st.house.this is a different kind of pain from physical injuries to my head,and spine. I think the square is maybe a more physical and constant kind of pain (or at times agony) a great faith and hope, and optimism is needed. Thank you Jupiter in the 9th house! Blessed.

  14. A very thought provoking post. Thank you Elsa.
    My Chiron Rx 6*19′ Pisces opp Pluto 6*11′ Virgo (7′ apart) = tight opposition with Mars 5* Virgo conj Pluto. Says it all really πŸ™‚
    Reading others comments, I find many traits are similar; go quiet or even quieter, an introverted very deep thinker, betrayal of those houses 4 & 10, friendships are long lasting but few, etc.

  15. Well, damn, looking for the light through the tunnel. I’m born with Chiron in Pisces in 8th opposite Pluto, Uranus, Moon, Venus in 2H, and Mars in Cap in 5th square Chiron in 8th. Studying meditation and yoga, and currently, Yoga Nidra has brought me light. Studying astrology has it’s pluses and minuses. My Jupiter conjunct ASC trine my NN in 9th house helps, and I think my Sun in Scorpio sextile Jupiter & sextile Mars helps. I’m always looking for answers toward the light because both dark and light exist, and we have free will to choose where we direct our attention. Where attention goes, energy follows.

  16. Hi there,thanks for this. Just came across this page looking for others interpretations on Chiron opposing Pluto. I too have this,however my Chiron in Pisces 4th house placidus is at 10 degrees conjunct Jupiter at 10 degrees Pisces. I do find that I go from one extreme to another as to how I feel about being at home by myself,and how I act as my role in being a Mother in the home, as though I have a large family, I have always had faith in letting them find their own way in life while taking control of my actions, being of service to others in the work environment. I do look at the spiritual side of life and find that I can go from having total faith in the divine to loosing faith and focus instead on other peoples power and authority. I have Neptune on my ascendant in Scorpio and Saturn on my south node in Aquarius, my natal moon is also in Aquarius but not in conjunction with Saturn, while Uranus is on my Midheaven in Leo. That is why I look towards Astrology. Mars is relative to Pluto in Virgo as it is a 6th house sign , as Mars is in the latter degrees of Aries in my 6th house.

  17. This is a generational placement for Gen X and it then moves into Aires and Libra respectively for Gen Y.
    Unless you have personal planets/points in tight aspect, this is a generational influence i.e.if it is about pain its Post War Trauma. I would go further to say it relates to the invention of the Atomic bomb and the existential crisies ogf the knowledge that we can wipe ourslves out in minutes.Making it all about an individual experience overlooks what a general generational influence it is.
    In short its overegging the importance of the aspect and loading more fear and sense of specialness onto individual interpretations, when it is commonplace.

  18. Capricorn Sun; Aries Rising; Pluto in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces…what can I say…I’m sure there is a book out there that says it all!

  19. Cap asc,Sat and Chiron in 3rd opp Pluto & Uranus in 9th,I conclude is a curse.I have tried for 8yrs to understand and minimize it, to no avail.

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