The Current (Almost) Cardinal Grand Cross… And The Rogue Wave

The first thing to note about the Cardinal grand cross is it is not a Cardinal grand cross. Mars in Cancer, squares Mercury in Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn but it is Uranus in Pisces (a Mutable sign) that completes the configuration.

What has happened is we’ve morphed from an “almost” Mutable grand cross to an “almost” Cardinal grand cross and personally, I have felt very fortified since these planets shifted. I’ve reported this on the boards, on facebook and in conversations with friends and a good number of them feel similar so I was thinking about this today.

The Cardinal signs are all highly controlling. Uranus is the odd man out and Uranus is notoriously unpredictable. It occurred to me this morning that a number of us feel better because things are not moving so damned much. In other words we think we have 3 corners nailed down so we’re happy but fact is a rogue wave should almost be expected.

I am not sure what this information is good for other than to remind people of the old adage, don’t count your chicken’s before they hatch.

Also, “Man plans and God laughs…”

Who can relate?

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19 thoughts on “The Current (Almost) Cardinal Grand Cross… And The Rogue Wave”

  1. I am distracted by the rogue wave symbolism as I have been using it in my poetry recently. Powerful metaphor. I don’t feel better. I feel different, slightly crazed. But I’m still nailing on the armor every morning.

  2. Elsa, “squares Pluto in Libra” may be a typo – change to “Pluto in Capricorn”.

    “Who can relate?”

    I can relate.

    Last night I dreamed I was living in a new house with people I knew. It was located across from a museum. The kitchen and bathroom floors were tiled. When I looked again, the tiles were broken into chunks and piles, which left gaping holes in the floors. There was no visible foundation and it looked as if there had been an earthquake. In the dream my friend tells me I attract people to me with my insatiable hunger.

    Take it away blogger analysts!:-)

  3. “The Current (Almost) Cardinal Grand Cross… And The Rogue Wave”

    Oh, in addition, I live in Oregon’s Rogue Valley:-)

  4. My 00 Aries Sun/North Node and Jupiter/Uranus at 1 and 2 Libra are feeling the Grrrrrrrr … of this Grand Cross, but my partner (Sun at 7 Libra) can’t decide if he’s energetic or depressed. It’s difficult to keep up sometimes! Ugh.

    When does this lighten up again? 🙂

  5. Today I had an exam (Mercury) for which I have to study (Mercury) a loooot. I had to discipline on my routine (Saturn). My exam took a long time (Saturn) and I need so much energy (Mars). I had the stamina (Pluto) I got through it.
    But despite of my efforts (Mars-Pluto-Saturn) the final note was not what I expected (Uranus) Nonetheless I passed, *sigh*

  6. My life is so weird. Last week I was completely in the doldrums because I was having to deal with doctors. (Saturn in Virgo :-P) Today I feel pretty good in spite of a terrible wasp sting and my car being in the shop once again AND no improvement on the medical front. But I didn’t die from the car trouble, wasp sting or anything else so I’m happy.

    Guess I’ll go wax my surfboard and get ready for that wave.

  7. Your alert was taken.
    I was prepared with cardinals in a row.
    We went food shopping.
    I don’t ‘DO’ shopping very often, anymore.
    Almost made it through the bins and aisles.
    At the U-check stand, a worker with a spray bottle (that’s the rogue)
    Rushes in front of us and sprays the glass over the scanner.

    “I was determined to do that!” She said with pride.
    “Jeez,” we said. “I get sick from sprays like that”
    “Oh….,” she said as I fled the scene for my meds.

    Rogue wave … coulda not gone shopping for food, ha?

    Uranus Squares Uranus for me until Feb 2010, OMG!

  8. Interesting big meeting at work where the women were mostly running the show and most of the men were basically observers.

  9. Yes, a very rogue wave….yesterday we had a hung jury on our trial and today the Superior Court judge was so pissed at some of the tactics used by the DA during the trial that he told her that he hoped we would not be re-visiting this trial again and better come to some impasse for our fellow and THEN, on top of all of that!, he unsecured our guy’s bond and filed a legal complaint with the Bar Association on the DA…..never have seen that in court until today!!! Everybody was talking about it!!!

  10. I had just served my son a heaping plate of pancakes buttered and syrup dripping (cancer)…and as I was handing him a glass of milk, the glass snapped in two (did not shatter, I”ve never seen a break quite like it) The rogue created a huge mess of milk, syrup and butter swirling over the kitchen table, floor and my son’s clean clothes. I was already late for work but ran to get the bucket and mop…my son was being entertained/amazed at all the swirling colors of butter/milk and syrup and said “doesn’t it look like a great painting?” uranus in pisces/mercury in libra…….
    “NO” I have to clean it up – we’re late – I”ll lose my job!!

    I did come home to a clean floor though. Amen Saturn.

  11. Well, this news headline certainly fits the transit:

    Some of the drivers who bought new cars under Cash for Clunkers are finding out the government’s rebate is taxable.

    BIG wave.

  12. yes i began feeling strangly stablized about 2 days ago- in control and very relaxed. a def gear shift…and i am convinced it is because i am used to this energy as well, i think once uranus arrives at 28, 29 – shocking events will play out…in various ways,

    this energy is taking place- pluto on my asc, mars on dsc, sat crossing into my 9th and uranus preparing to cross into my 3rd…

  13. District 9 opened in Johannesburg today – a definate Uranian event in the film world I’d say – whole new approach to aliens and film making. Genius stuff with Lord of the Rings producer supporting young South African film maker’s first feature.
    My bathrooms and kitchen are all rubbled tiles and have been for a while – can’t seem to get the next step together (Cherie’s dream).
    Am also feeling way more stable in the last day or two, although ‘others’ in the workplace are relentless in their refusal to adhere to my way of working – I am a Capricorn who will not hand over design until their deposit is in the bank. I am sticking to my guns.

  14. This grand cross is hitting all of my angles and more specifically, my sun, which is also getting a serious beat down square from pluto.

    needless to say, i have not felt like the same person all week. it has been terrible! i’m trying to stay indoors and in a hot bath tub as much as possible. i have been hoping that something comes up with someone else to lighten the load on me but it seems it’s all just me so far. that’s probably half the problem. i’m getting such a beat down that i barely have energy to use this cardinal energy wisely.

  15. Rogue wave hit like a ton of bricks. Don’t seem to have the 3 sides nailed down. Feel like the floor is coming out from under me. I’m with Audrey on this one.

  16. Yes, this one is a wild one. The cardinal cross is hitting my sun, north node, south node, jupiter, uranus, progressed venus. I am truly combusting internally. I’m expanding the business, moving into new career territory, recovering from mother’s death and on top of that having fallen in love with my priest (transiting sun conjunct pluto in 8th square uranus and jupiter in fifth – I guess that explains that)Truly weird, I feel like chicken-licken,
    waiting for the sky to fall on my head. Too weird.

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