October 2007

Jupiter in Sagittarius Transiting the 12th house: Angel On Your Shoulder?

Maybe you’ve heard that having Jupiter in the 12th, natally or by transit is like having an angel on your shoulder. Someone (or something) looking out for you whether you know it or not. An ethereal protector. Someone (or something) that lifts your spirits but is not necessarily grounded. I have Jupiter transiting my 12th

Painted scorpian

What Is This Scorpio Man’s Motivation?

This question is from a 45 year old woman: Why would a Scorpio male start a new relationship with a woman and plan to move in with her, if he was still having great sex with a former girlfriend? Why would he cheat with his former girlfriend after making a commitment, but before actually moving

Leo Man and Gemini Woman Break Up After Three Years

Hi Elsa, My boyfriend and I of three years just ended our relationship. He is a Leo and needs a lot of attention; he’s a gigantic drama queen which made it hard to communicate. He is now on the rebound with one of his “friends” and basically he was already starting something with her before

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