October 2007

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What To Do About Bad Astrology?

Shell writes: “Now, about telling somebody the truth about their chart so things are not sugar coated….. I have Scorpio ASC and I’ve read on 3 separate occasions from three separate sources that Scorpio ASC usually marry twice because they are widowed with their first spouse. This has bothered me to no end! I’ve even […]

Submissive Taurus Woman ISO Dominant Scorpio Man

Dear Elsa, I fantasize about belonging to someone (an extremely dominant and possessive Scorpio type guy, to be specific), but at the same time there are few things I hate more than having my independence stifled. Intellectual and emotional compatibility are absolute requirements – but granted those, if there’s not also an intense—and I do

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Do Men Snoop As Much As Women?

hitchhiker72 writes: “I’ve asked this before, and I’m still wondering – anyone know men who snoop? Why do women need to do this?” Good question! Add the astrology if you have some. Submit a question to “Ask the collective”

Neptune On The Midheaven: They Just Can’t See You, Even In An Emergency…

Regarding Venus and Saturn / Neptune, the other day on the Pisces Energy vs Scorpio Energy blog. I talked about men at the gym who interrupted my workout (when I was needing one the most) because they were horny. Point being, they just can’t see me. Last night I had to take my daughter to

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Scorpio Boyfriend Of 2 Years Sent A Picture Of His Penis To Another Girl

Dear Elsa, I get back from my classes and organization meetings. I begin to watch my favorite show that always put me in a better mood. But then a cold, dark feeling washed over me. Something bad. I secretly know my boyfriend’s email log in information, along with his Facebook log in information. Immediately, I

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Carrying The Shadow For The Collective: Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types – It’s Relentless

Regarding the 6 year old hero who fought off her rapist or whatever happened (there is no link to the story)…. I wanted to make another point. I have already made it but I want to make it again. If you’re six, and you’re effective then I guess that is fine because you are cute

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