Taboo And The Shadow Side Of The Collective: 8th House, Scorpio Types Weigh In

In spite of my bridge story confusing people, I liked hearing what people had to offer on the Words Of Wisdom – Saturn Types Weigh In blog, plus I got my ya-ya’s and want to try this again… this time let’s see if some 8th house / Scorpio types will talk. I’ll start.

In the gym today I was thinking about how I always end up in the shadow… and how comfortable I am there. If I am going to hang with someone it may as well be a tabloid reporter, a Special Forces solider… more than one. I have written about criminologist, genius and shot-in-the-chest by a whore, Inspector Arie for one and there are others. Point is I am looking for (and offering) to stuff that is hidden or buried deep and not commonly known. The examples are endless, and here is another:

When most people go on a cruise, they go on a cruise. When I go on a cruise I wind up in the guts (the bowels, actually) of the ship, taken there to be interrogated. By an ex-Scotland Yard investigator no less, I don’t mess around.

My daughter was with me that time (Pluto rising in Scorpio). I was nursing her as I calmly, happily and confidently talking into the reel to reel tape recorder. I was born for this after all; I ate that guy’s lunch and I bet he’s still thinking about it.

So what about you other 8th housers? Where have you been and what have you seen?

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  1. Humm, I don’t know how to answer that one. 8th cusp on gemini, mercury in cancer on 9th; 8th house saturn involved in a t-square with pluto (square) and moon (opposition). I don’t like change. I like to think and search (gemini) the unknown. I’ve read that saturn in 8th gives you a fear of death: I don’t think I have that, but I may be blocking away that fear – however I think that death is a good thing, it’s the reward after hard work. It’s the children’s playground and we as humans are here also to learn How To Die.
    I mean why would you wanna be here for, like, 200 years? I can’t talk about these things, specially to older people, they get frightened. I think that’s cowardess (sp?). Maybe I’m too rigid (saturn) about rationalizing (gemini) the whole death process… I don’t know.
    Good question.

  2. Valkyrie – no regrets. I am doing what I was born to do. I can’t imagine changing a hair on my head. I am supposed to be this person.

  3. Oh, I’m the one who stays with the deceased waiting for the funeral home to come retrieve the body while the rest of the family ducks out -and in that scope I’m also the one who has always been invited to the embalming rooms at the funeral parlors proper. Those body-snatchers just love me for some reason.

    Dated a boy once who’s father ran a rather large hospital – we investigated (at my insistence) every nook and cranny of those underground tunnels none of which this kid knew about although we were 18 or 19 at the time and his Dad had been the administrator since before he was born – to think a whole world was under there and he’d never thought to look it over. He still to this day (mufflemum years later) credits me with opening his eyes to a whole ‘nuther world and he looks for it consciously now.

    I’m the parent who takes the kids on the ‘under the dam’ tour; as a kid I spent an inordinant amount of time with an old depressed alcoholic American Indian sign painter & artist who was in no way related, went to college at age 8 and had the run of the library stacks (meaning those not open to the public), have volunteered as a museum curator deep in the vaults, my playground as a kid was in a denture lab and an upholstery shop attic full of cast off furniture and old car & buggy innards, worked as a young teenager in a bra fitting shop seeing all those different body types and then later for a local madame in a totally above-board restaraunt that was associated with her hotel, etc. I’ve archived records for many funeral homes and counseled the death counselors. I’m the one they’ll let in with the most deranged on the psych ward as I can calm ’em with my presence some how and even perfect strangers will walk up and tell me their life stories and all about their sex toys, and wilder sides of their life – all unsolicited. People confess to me.

    I’m soooo a shadow person, a behind the scenes, kinda gal. If the door is closed, or pathway blocked as no entrance, I will be the one to twist the nob or slip under the velvet rope to see what’s back there.

    Nothing here all that taboo TO ME, but other people think it’s weird.

  4. So, dreamsareality, I’ve led my life so much in the light, so taboo-shunning, and am getting bored to death. (Empty 8th house, Capricorn on cusp.) Your life sounds fascinating. Yours too, Elsa, for similar reasons. You both sounds like you live intensely and don’t shy away from conflict and Plutonian stuff. Before I idealize your outlook too much, let me ask–do you ever regret being so interested in the shadow side of things?

  5. 8th house sun/venus in Taurus. Favorite childhood games: Ouija board and Detective.

    A strong 8th house time of my life, Saturn conjuncting Sun: Living in LA 8 years ago, smoking pot, I got an urge to “clean” out my boyfriend’s house. I felt obsessed about something and didn’t know what. It was more like investigating.. I began probing him with questions. Through my investigation I found out that his past girlfriend who lived there with him had gotten heavily into drugs and killed herself.. there was a supposed family curse and she believed she had it. I found notes written by her and read what seemed like a descent into madness. I felt way too connected with her. I don’t know about ghosts, but it certainly felt like she was all around and I felt an urgency to get her things out and tell her to let go. (Could have been the drugs, but….)

  6. Ooh I’m so curious. I have sun in 8th and pluto in the first. I’m very shadowy. I’m capable of anything and think that everything I do is “natural”. What I’m really curious about is my sister. She has Sun, Moon, Mercury, True Node, Uranus and Pluto in her eighth house libra/scorpio, yet her 1st house aquarius makes her seem quirky but above board. I see no shadown, no darkness in her. Strange, huh? Now I’m really wondering what she’s up to.

  7. maybe i’m not an 8th house person, compared to you guys. i have pluto in the 8th though. scorpio on MC
    but all the personal planets in house 1 a, moon in the 11th.. so i’m breezy too.

    I always had a tendency to find money and jewlery lost in the grass and sand. I find lots of stuff. i tend to be looking for it some times, unconsciently usually.
    the occult and psychology has always been fascinating. i love hearing scorpio people’s dark secrets. i’m hungry for that kind of stuff. it feeds my intuition and my awareness of things, reality.
    For most of my life i was unable to do small talk. I like things that have substance.

    can’t think of anything else. on my pluto-moon transit i dealt with a suicide of a father’s friend, that i’d known for 2 months. that was the closest i’ve been to death. (death of people. i dealt with death of pets all the time growing up). i’ve felt the smell of this man’s home a couple of times since he died, and i think it might be him being around me. the first time i sensed it i was studying neuroscience for a test, and he was a neurologist. maybe he was helping me. i don’t know.
    yeah. that’s it.

  8. As a child ( under 5) my babysitter was a Native American … she was somehow part of burial ceremonies… I was often, at least 1-2 times a week at funerals, I remember died bodies and burning weeds of some kind. When a pre-teen found myself in a crematorium watching how they took the blood out of died bodies… and thinking this was a normal field trip for a normal kid. During my teens, spent most of my weekends (2 years) visiting my step father in prison (although I think this is more of a 12th house thing… When my step father got out he was in charge of the sewer system in the trailer park we lived in… I was constantly called upon to help him unclog the sewer lines. (Tampons were called died sewer rats were we lived). My first job I worked for an Insurance Agency… he also brokeraged illegally.
    8th House Sun/ Neptune Conj/Pluto Sextile

  9. ….hmmmm, like the time I went to Montana on holiday and the first night there I wake up from all this noise, look out the window, and there in the grass are two dead bodies, police and firework all over, the house across the street on fire, the dog dead too; or my work, I´m supposed to help people HEAL, many I can help but a lot of them are so advanced that when I see them I already know it is too late. Years later in a channeling session I´m told I had to do this type of work to help people DIE as they were holding on and on, making it real difficult for themselves & the rest of the family, that it is my “angelic vibration” that helped them with crossing over. So true, many did die after me being there. Or when I got my hand in my mothers business affairs, so tired of hearing about them, so there is this family who rents this business from my mother, abusing her for over 27 years. It is a complicated legal situation but I move in and say, that is it, we END THE Contract!! I warn them and tell them you better get OUT! They are all lit up about it but don´t accept it and it starts a legal battle. Well a year later the oldest daughter gets a brain tumor and dies, she is in her late 30´s. Then her brother gets a stroke and ends up in a wheelchair in diapers and needing care 24 hrs, he can´t talk or remember a thing, he is in his early 40´s; then the mother gets ovarian cancer and dies. The youngest daughter got the legal battle and costs. This should be enough for today…. Pluto in a stellium in the 9th in aspect with nearly everything in my chart. Mars and Jupiter in the 8th.

  10. On my last birthday, I was awake late at night and my neighbour tried to kill herself jumping out of the window. I seemed to be the only one around.

  11. Man, for as much as I’ve got in the 8th house (Pluto, Venus, Uranus, Mercury, and South Node) I feel like I haven’t been anywhere or seen anything.

    Or maybe it just all seemed so normal to me at the time that I can’t think of anything now.

  12. One other thing that may relate to my 8th house sun/venus: In the closest relationships I’ve had in my life, more often than not the person has lost a parent (or g-friend in one case) at a very young age. Four boyfriends, one roommate and my cousin.

  13. i’m not telling google 😉
    and it all seems so matter of fact from here, though i guess maybe it isn’t.

    i spend a lot of time around unique, interesting, vibrant people, and i feel blessed for it.
    and the world keeps getting stranger in such a predictably surprising way. 😉

  14. Becca,

    You were there for both your parents, dear heart. That’s something that none of your older siblings had the courage or willingness to do.

    And it counts as seeing things/doing things, too.

  15. Oh, they divorced?? Very interesting. Not surprising.

    I have Saturn in Leo which is interpreted in the 7th House with Placidus, 8th House with Koch. I do feel energies from both houses at play in my life. I like reading about this.

    I have 3 sisters. They ALL have 8th House Moons.

  16. this may sound weird. i was looking at the ship on this post, and remembered that in a past life I died inside a ship. on the guts of one. water coming in from a tube over the room i was in. I saw this in a regression. I was a kid, a very ambitious one. After dying i was told my soul hadn’t accepted that death. and i beleive this is expressed in my 8th house pluto.

  17. I’ve written about my 8th house a couple of times (I’m learning so much from you, Elsa.) So I have moon, neptune, part of fortune all conjunct in Scorpio in the 8th, and conjunct mars in Sag in the 9th. Something I rarely talk about with people who know me… There was a period of time where strange things happened in places after I visited — all within a day or two of my leaving. A hotel burned down, a person was attacked by a shark at the beach in front of another hotel, another person was killed in a train accident owned by a company where I temped – and they also had an internal accident with machinery that same week, which hadn’t occurred in a long time, a restaurant burned down (that was a week later), a car crashed through the wall at another place… just crazy. And I had NOTHING to do with any of it, in case it seems like that. 🙂 Not sure if this qualifies here, but my memory was sparked by an earlier post.

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