July 2008

Literature – Are Characters Beloved Because They Correspond To Universal Archetypes?

A reader asks: “Are our most beloved literary characters beloved because they correspond to the universal purpose of astrology? Last summer, in the midst of Harry Potter mania, I saw a list someone had compiled of the various birthdays of the characters. They all seemed to match very well. For example, I couldn’t imagine Snape […]


Pluto In Capricorn = A Collective Pluto Moon Transit

From the comments on Dumped By Scorpio – Snake In The Grass, I was writing about how law could be manipulated. This dovetailed with the question I mentioned earlier… “Are there circumstances when one person breaking another person’s arm might be warranted?” I wrote (in part): “…Law is pretty freaky… it can absolutely be manipulated.

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Dumped By A Scorpio – It’s No Joke…

Loonsounds wrote on Astro-Humor: Dumping Your Lover Around The Zodiac: “Dumped by Scorpio You come home and your keys don’t work. When you try to break in the police come and arrest you for violation of a restraining order you didn’t know existed….” Now this actually happened to me. Yep. I had a Scorpio file

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