July 2008

Metaphor For Outer Planet Transits

satori writes: I’m skimming through Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets and I came across something that made me think of a fab metaphor for what happens at an outer planet square/opposition/return. She mentioned that it was the fact of having this tremendous energy available to you, that if


Astrology And OCD

Astrologer, and frequent commenter, Kingsley, credits Venus not Virgo with OCD type behaviors. Check out his spin: Obsessive Compulsive Signs Kingsley writes: “In some Astrology circles the sign of Virgo is often labeled as the obsessive compulsive. The Virgo temperament can be described as critical, analytical, perfectionist and meticulous. Obsessive Compulsive personalities traits extend to

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Astro-Humor: Dumping Your Lover Around The Zodiac

Loonsounds writes: Is your lover really gone for good? Dumped by an Aries You find yourself alone, standing amidst blowing dust and flecks, strips of black tire tracks, heavy gasoline fumes, and very little else. Slowly, slowly, the sound of the roaring engine recedes, thundering silence taking its place. Dumped by Taurus You offer extravagant

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