December 2012

Astrology Books For Beginners

Let’s say you’re read enough online to know you want to learn astrology and you’re ready to invest in some books. Since you can calculate a chart online you can start with 3-5 books. You need a book on planets in signs, and eventually a book on planets in houses. You need a book on […]


Virgo In Love (With Scorpio)

I wrote this for a client. I am sure many of you can relate. “You’re quite earthy and Scorpio is a good match for you. Pluto in Scorpio in your chart is very well aspected, as is Saturn in the sign. I think Scorpio sets off positive things for you and the problems you have

Jupiter postcard

Why Are We So Unforgiving?

I started volunteering to bring communion to people in the hospital this month. This is very important to me so I invested countless hours preparing myself to do this well. Knowing I would be be face to face with people who may be very sick or dying, one of the things I did was read

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