Pluto Transit Through The 12th House (Mine) – Ethereal Transformation

I’ve been chronicling Pluto’s transit through my 12th house since 2008 (tag – Pluto transit 12th). You always hear that Pluto is slow, but I feel this time has flown by. Checking the ephemeris, I see Pluto will reach 11 degrees Capricorn before turning retrograde in April of 2013. That’s 1/3 of the sign that’s been covered; it seems to have occurred in a blink.

With Pluto direct and headed deeper into my 12th house, I’m acutely aware of hidden or ethereal power, for good and ill. I feel it’s necessary to tread carefully as the 12th is the house of self-undoing and asylums, something I understand better all the time. Just imagine being stuck in a dark well for a number of years. You best keep your wits about you unless you want to be driven insane.

As with everything, this transit delivers gifts in proportion to it’s curses. My senses are heightened and it’s exciting to explore new territory. I feel deeply (Pluto) grounded (Capricorn) by things that are invisible (12th)…and grateful.

How do you feel with Pluto transiting Capricorn?

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    curious wanderer

    Cautious. He’s currently on my Mercury, which doesn’t have seemed to do much; I have Pluto/Mercury natally, which probably helps.

    As Pluto is wrapping up in Cap in several years, this will conjunct my Sun/Mars conjunction. I have no illusions about what this transit may mean for me, but I think it will be powerful and positive overall.

  2. Pretty much how my 12th house transit was. I was locked up for years.

    One thing this transit can do is give you a sort of radical compassion. It’s just so brutally isolating that you come out with an unequaled understanding of suffering. People think, when they’re suffering, that they are the only ones who’ve ever suffered. Get to the 12th house and then through and realize it’s commonplace and makes you neither particularly gifted nor particularly victimized.

    Afterwards I realized I would never run with the herd again, not that I had been doing this before. It’s just that if you spend that much time locked out of life you’re just never going to see things the way other people do.

  3. Cautious here too. My Sun and NN are at the end of Cap so a while to go yet. Sextiling my moon at the moment and lots of realisations appearing in that area.

    I have Pluto in the 12th natally and find your reports and reflections very interesting….

  4. Amazingly enough, now that it’s off my moon and just out of range of my sun, I’m feeling much more grounded in myself. It’s a very good feeling 😉

  5. Pluto has been transiting my eighth house. It started with a conjunction with Jupiter at the Galactic Center in Sag back in . I lost my job during this transit so I retired early. Fortunately I worked two jobs for five years and had paid all my debt except my mortgage. I live very simply. I also had my LTR end with this transit after five years together. It’s like life has a whole new plan for me. I’m just following the way I’m led. My “old” life is certainly ended, but I’m enjoying the rebirth with new hobbies, new friends and new challenges.

    With him in my eighth for years to come – I’ll be in my mid-70’s when he moves into my ninth – I guess I should get used to this.

  6. Like Opal I have Pluto in the 12th so also very appreciative of your thoughts on the transit. Keeping one wits about oneself while deep in a well….yes, a good reminder! Pluto in Cap. is transiting my 4th. Recently I was painting a picture of the house I grew up in from memory but couldn’t remember the placement of windows. I was so surprised then when I looked at a photo and realized I had forgotten all about the closet in the hallway outside my bedroom…with no window there. Nothing spooky…only that it was my father’s and I didn’t relate much to him growing up. I have explored that house countless times in memory but never once thought of that closet which was a fairly large and significant space.

  7. It’s in my 8th house.

    I have a 5 planet stellium in there that spans from 27 Sag to 17 Cap (yep, born in the late 80s), so it’s been slowly hitting each of those planets since about 2006/2007, starting with my sun. Late 2007 and early 2008 when Pluto was exactly conjunct my sun in late Sag was a VERY dark time for me, but it also marked the beginning of a huge personal transformation. I am much more aware now of darkness, power, and people’s energy in general. It also marked the beginning of my interest in the taboo and the occult. Yep, pretty much the standard 8th house fare.

    My feeling, though, is that this transit has just been bringing out what was there the whole time. With five 8th house planets natally, this energy feels VERY natural to me… It’s been transformative and difficult, but I’m handling, I think.

  8. Elsa, darlin’: with Pluto transiting your 12th house you’ll have to dig in deeper and deeper for understanding or feeling your Power. Your real power. For the moment it is ‘hidden’. Or your keep it hidden from others ‘eyes’. You have access to many secrets. You understand and see BIG ‘things’ around you….was I subtle enough? 🙂

  9. It’s transiting my 12th also and approaching trine to natal pluto (for the next year or so).
    I have no idea what to expect.

  10. You are right – even I didnt realise it was already gone one third. Asc 2 deg Canc. Things have calmed down only now, and it feels like I just woke up from a long nightmare.

  11. Pluto’s moving through my 6th house, and yes, my work has been transforming drasatically, especially since it moved into Capricorn and conjunct my Saturn. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s been kind of unsettling at times, since my work up to then had been almost too stable! My DC is at 23 Capricorn, but it won’t get there for awhile.

  12. That perfectly describes how I felt when Pluto was in my 12th. Like being in a never-ending dark tunnel. I did go ‘crazy’ for a time.

    I’m glad Pluto has moved into my 1st. It’s been great and not so great, but easier to keep your head on straight.

  13. i have my north node, sun, jupiter in cap 12th house. asc in cap too. my moon is in cancer 7th house. my 10th house in libra with my mars in scorpio there. i think too much has been going on in my life that i feel really tired. ever since 2008 so much upheaval has happened. im still standing but oh so bewildered of what’s going on. After being battered at work, changing countries n homes now my love life is having difficulties. still standing but tired and oh so lonely.

  14. I have Pluto/Uranus natally in my 12th house opposing Saturn/Chiron in the 6th, so has my closest cousin, my closest friend and others in my life, or maybe ‘just’ Pluto in the 12th. We always seem to sense each other very profoundly. Each has his/her childhood stories worthy of the weirdest Monty Python sketch, but then you really learn that Humour = Catastrophe + Time. Right now, Pluto is in my 4th house, squaring my natal chart ruler Libra Venus for the last time. Learn to let go or suffer the consequenses, again, again and then again. Looking forward to being able to laugh at it all..

  15. I feel better now that we’re a few years in. Pluto transited my 12th from 18-30ish. It’s now conjunct my Moon in Capricorn.

    I am drawing strength from my ancestors, thinking of what my own family has been through in the past, how we’ve survived and the collective traits we have been blessed with.

    My dad always evoked our family name as a means to lift us up (now, you’re a _______ [insert family name] so you know what that means. You can’t be beaten down). I have felt, and watched other family members fight this: I can be beaten down, I am beaten down. But you know, we bounce back.

    My dad has Jupiter opposed Neptune, an aspect I inherited. He’s 86 so, you know–he won’t be around forever. Part of me wonders if this will be my Pluto/Moon kick to the teeth. Will I escape this transit unscathed on the family front? I don’t know. I do know that we all die eventually and I have been acutely conscious of this for as long as I can remember.

  16. Pluto has been transiting my 7th House, and yes, I have been much more engaged with others during this period, mostly in a very positive way.

  17. I’m amazed at the way you are gracefully handling your Pluto in the 12th house transit Elsa.

    I’m a bit concerned about Pluto entering the 12th house later on in my life (when I’ll be in my 30s and 40s), which will involve parts of Pluto in Aquarius and Pluto in Pisces. How will I handle a Pluto transit squaring my Sagittarius planets?

    My lunar return is 12th house-flavored, I feel like the consequences of my actions are staring at me in the face, I feel the need to do selfless service for my co-workers and my family, and I do feel more reserved, and less expressive. But it’s not too bad.

  18. I have Pluto in the 12th natally, conjunct my ascendant, and your description of the experience nails it:

    “Just imagine being stuck in a dark well for a number of years. You best keep your wits about you unless you want to be driven insane.”

    My life has been a series of these cycles, of some sudden ending, being stuck in the dark well, and then having to start completely over again in a completely new direction.

    Not to sound too grim, but I just wanted to say that your description couldn’t have been more accurate.

  19. Pluto in Capricorn will complete my TSquare with my Sun, Moon, and natal Pluto in a few years. Turning it into a grand cross.

    I have no planets in earth, so having this planet which is natally bound up with my most important planets (sun in cancer and ruling moon) transiting in earth has been a surprisingly good experience. I finally feel balanced. I am learning how to meld the nonverbal things I learned in the 12th house, having a stellium there (from the universal hum or whatever it is) with the transformative power of Pluto, in a way that works on earth and does not destroy me emotionally.

    It’s different than what Elsa’s talking about, because this is happening in my 7th. Deep transformation and intimacy with people. Something that has been missing.

    Also, I really like Kashmiri’s comment about aiming to have grace.

  20. Also, in regards to the 12th house, I think that some of the undoing comes from other people not understanding. There’s the usual addictions, compulsions, reacting violently to the isolation. But then sometimes, the isolation can go the other way and lead to depression.

    I think you are in a good situation, Elsa, because you are surrounded by deep relationships. People who still love you no matter how remote you need to become.

  21. Pluto in the 12th was very isolating for me. I dropped out of college and ended up working night shift for a few years. My friends saw less and less of me, and I stopped attending church as well. I felt very much like others just couldn’t relate to me, especially my friends and loved ones. And most of them couldn’t!! Towards the end of the transit I was suicidal and lived in fear of death every day, but I also got off of night shift and started feeling human again.
    It’s in my 1st now, and I am feeling more empowered than I ever have. This is a nice change for someone who’s been nonassertive her whole life. I’m less afraid now (though I have a ways to go!)
    One benefit to the 12th house though: It did help me in my work as a caregiver. It also likely helped me with my poetry, acting and art for a season. Seemed like I was more productive in those things at the beginning of the transit.

  22. I recently came across a lecture Deepak Chopra did at Schumacher College in Devon GB where he explained something of the quantum understanding of our bodies as being not a structure,even bones, but a process, a collective of billions, in constant flux. I feel the quantum understanding is kinda Pluto in Capricorn, getting right into the fundamentals of the things what has been hidden by our prior understanding of the Universe and matter. My own understanding is just emerging from seed, so not developed sufficiently to go further here, but my excitement at it is explosive, that we can alter genetic ‘expectation’ of disease through developing consciousness and living with deeper wisdom.

  23. hmm, mine is in the first house by transit, which means it was in the 12th just prior.

    I’ve been very isolated and well…sort of happy about it. I did want to find a partner but if it involved leaving my house (which it does) I just couldn’t be bothered.

    Being in my forties it wasn’t a very fortuitous time to stop seeking, but oh well. I did have one really deep relationship which I ended, but even as I did I loved him. And I miss him still sometimes. It’s one of the only times I’ve wondered if I made a mistake, if things might have been workable.

  24. I found this blog a few days ago and liked it very much. I joined a few minutes ago.

    Pluto and Saturn transited into my 12th house almost simultaneously in 1982 – 1983. 12th house cusp about 4 Scorpio. Neptune, mercury, moon in 12th house conjunct my 25 Scorpio ascendant. The most challenging times (I should use a word more than challenging, bad times for me) were around 29 Libra for both planets’ transits. I don’t have any planet or cusp at that degree, but the closest is my sun about 2 Scorpio in 11th. I can’t explain this phenomenon. Through 12th house were mostly quiet, only my self esteem was lacking. I can’t explain this phenomenon. Only little bit more challenging when Saturn was over my moon and ascendant. After that my self confidence was back much stronger than before. February 2012 was similarly hard when Saturn was again at 29 Libra. I lost my father…Any thoughts?

  25. I just looked and Pluto is in my 7th house. I never stopped to think about it until you brought this subject up, but now I see why my relationships with people have been a such a mess. I have had so many issues with friends, from losing them completely to teetering on the brink of losing them. The sh*t with my spouse has been hell since I found out he was basically talking badly about me behind my back, telling some other girl he was getting divorced, and having some emotional relationship with her over a period of months. I was so blindsided by the whole thing, and finding out what I did after the fact has completely changed my feelings on everything between us. I have such great mistrust, and I feel so terrible about myself in general some days. I keep trying to end the relationship, and now he keeps trying to talk me down (so much for that so-called divorce) – now realizing that his actions effect more than just him. I have started fights with both my parents, who I still have issues with. I can’t tell you how many people say I am “negative” when I’m really just trying to be brutally honest with them. Its been really rough, and I don’t even feel like myself (whatever that was) before this all started.

  26. Extremely cautious, a profound awareness of the fragility of life. I don´t wanna sound paranoid – it must be because I ride a motrcycle in Panama, a country known for its insane driving -, but i feel death on the back of my neck. But not as fear, but as a reminder to be extremely careful and gentle to myself and others. Also thoughts about love, death and cosmic unity. Very un-Christmas-y……

  27. “I think you are in a good situation, Elsa, because you are surrounded by deep relationships. People who still love you no matter how remote you need to become.”

    Wow, steam. Thank you. For years I have wondered why my dearest friends stuck by me in the crazy, during and after Pluto’s transit through my 12th. It is indeed because the relationships are deep.

    I’m spending time with my 2 ladies tonight…we’re 35 now and have been rolling together since we were 17:)

  28. ”Just imagine being stuck in a dark well for a number of years. You best keep your wits about you unless you want to be driven insane.”

    I have both my chart ruler and my sun/moon/mars/venus ruler mercury in the 12th house. Pluto has also been in my 12th house for a while and will continue to be by progression. I can relate to everything written here! There is that awareness and sensing of unseen forces, and I also live with this acute fear of protecting my mind and my psyche for that very reason. I can’t always trust my own thoughts because in the 12th house, you aren’t even sure if your thoughts are your own sometimes. With pluto there, I know that I absolutely cannot afford to be unconscious and unaware.

    The remoteness I can live with..
    Though the 12th house made me feel lonely from people, it also made me realize that I’m never really alone.

  29. This explains a LOT! I’m having tpluto thru the 12th now. Scarily, I do relate to this statement:

    “As the 12th house is the house of self-undoing and asylums, something I understand better all the time”

    Please continue writing about this Elsa, it is a difficult transit!

  30. Ahhh, family. With Pluto in the 12th as seen be go back to the country of southern Italy and find the distant relatives of my Great Grandfather. Also a big handful of deja vue and past life experiences associated with that side of my family! Extremely prophetic dreams and visions. Very deep insight into meditation and yoga which I teach. this transit of Pluto, combined with Sat. in Scorpio transiting the 9th house, is wonderful for my metaphysical self, and esoteric practices. Give me more!!! Also it is bringing up very deep issues in my mind that have been buried, and memories are surfacing. Interesting.

  31. I had mine not that long ago. Pluto is now in my 1st house.
    Did anyone have dreams about past lives? Mine were real and detailed. I don’t have them now, but had them in spades when Pluto was in the 12house. I also had lots of sex dreams then too;)
    @welcome nanette.

  32. oh, and yes ditto about what others are saying. I just didn’t repeat what others have already said, but yeah i’m *nodding my head in agreement*

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