December 2012

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Can You Respect A Man You’ve Cheated On?

This is for women who have cheated on their husband, or their ex-husband or their boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, etc.  If you don’t want to answer under your usual screen name, please feel free to use a fake one. Never mind why you cheated.  Let’s say you cheated and now you want to repair and/or restore your

What House In Your Chart Is Most Emphasized?

Is there a house in your chart where most the planets fall?. If so, your life is most likely centered around the area of life that house rules, or houses if you have more than one house heavily tenanted.  While we all have experience with twelve houses in our chart, you probably have less interest

Pisces Know-It-All

Dear Elsa, I have a most annoying problem of understanding people. Really understanding them. I can see what motivates them, what drives them, what leads them. If someone is trying to fool me, pull the wool over my eyes if you will, I can see it. And I know the why of it. And I

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