October 2013

Nature, Nurture and Astrology

Nature vs Nature.  Most would agree that “nurture” deals with your upbringing. Is “nature” what is “in your blood”? Or is what is in your natal chart? If “nature” is what is in your natal chart, then where does your blood come into this?

Mutable T-square – Delusional Hotheads

The Moon is in Gemini now, squaring Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Communications may be heated, and anger misdirected! Delusional hotheads, yanno? On the upside, you may be moved to communicate compassionately. But I’m not bettin’ on that last one. I’m thinking that people are pissed and their anger is going leak. Have

Can You Spot A Trap?

Here I go again, claiming that people don’t change.  I must do this once a year.  A person may develop other interests or change their priorities, but their basic nature really does seem fixed. This is on my mind, because my sister (who just lost her husband) is calling me many times a day.  The

Allies vs Friends

I’ve come to terms with the fact the world has changed. I see people are divided, they’re not open the way they used to be (in my world). People have allies now, more then they have friends. Or they become friends because they are allies, rather than having a genuine interest in each other. That’s

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