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  1. This was my favorite topic in college. The amount of sunlight our mothers received due to the time of year could have contributed to our personalities, according to at least two studies. So, nurture really begins in the womb.
    Secondly, our material makeup is the same stuff that’s found in the sky. Moby was right that we’re made of stars.
    Do birthcharts account for all of our nature aspect? I think a good portion of it, maybe.

  2. I think the nature vs nurture debate is passé, since now people study epigenetics, which is about how environmental factors affect gene expression. Doesn’t Astrology inform both nature and nurture, anyway?

  3. I’ll check back to see if you find a different story to illustrate… It’s really interesting how family traits get transferred. I can identify so many things that come from either my mother or father inherently. (I’ll have to take another look at our charts to see if I can make connections Astrologically… I’m not quite there yet with my chart reading.) Like my mom’s reaction to my recent nomination to our church’s missions board, was something like “oh of course, that’s practically genetic!” because she has always been such a volunteer junkie herself. And yeah, I don’t think it was so much learned (I can provide evidence from my upbringing) as it is a deeply ingrained component of my personality.

    And ultimately those things contribute to what makes people stick together as mates too, to create the next generation…. Also gets me thinking – what explains the idiosyncrasies of humans that seem to be reflected in their dogs? or adopted children? I see that too.

  4. It’s biological, physical, dna-ical. But then why do dog owners start to look like their dogs? Or do they? Why do couples look like each other or do they? I’ve heard it said.

    Medicine traces family illness for links. But then there is some very interesting alternative energy work going on that suggests that the mind and energy flow and blockage is connected.

    Energy patterns are interesting, aren’t they? Physically, I think energy production has to do with cell mitochondria that can be traced back thru the female lineage.

    There is storm on the way and barometric pressure is weighing heavy on me. Can’t think very well right now.

  5. It’s an interesting topic, whether our genetic information defines our personality… or influences it. I’d suggest it influences it.

    There was a court case some years ago where a sentence was reduced because the murderer had “aggression genes” – http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn18098-murderer-with-aggression-genes-gets-sentence-cut.html#.UnHy8HCVMwo

    I think that is rubbish, but something may be found one day. There are too many genes that we don’t know what they do. As well as the supposed ‘junk’ DNA, which isn’t actually junk at all. Viruses also often insert their DNA into our own genome, and have since… since the start. Viruses can also alter behaviour… think of rabies, although the effects are indirect. There are many other viruses that are present in humans all the time that we haven’t discovered yet. Or that don’t seem to do anything (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2011/05/23/how-a-zombie-virus-became-a-billion-dollar-business/#.UnH2THCVMwo)

    Also, in considering our environments, bacteria and viruses play a role in this too. Bacteria can alter our mind and behaviors too, an idea conceived in the mid 20th century, but studies into it are only recent. Many focus only on bacteria in our gut at the moment – . Well, they alter our immune system, which can alter our mood.

    So, be careful what you eat.

  6. Im assuming Im speaking to people who believe that there is some effect that the alignment of the stars when your born has an effect on your personality throughout life. I think it would be interesting to merge a psychology class with an astronomy class in this way. by taking nature, nurture, and astronomy i feel like we could better predict how a person will act in any given scenario.

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