Gaining Control Of Your Personal Demons

jacobwrestlingwiththeangel1865byalexander-louisleloir“Personal demons always win.”

That’s a quote from a Scorpio. He was talking about patterns in relating. I tend to agree with him.

With Saturn in Scorpio, people are becoming aware of their depth, their psychological quirks and their various patterns and pathology. That’s fine but then what?

The next step is that you do something about the problem(s).

I thought this man’s remark was cogent and potentially motivating.  What if he’s right?

If you know the demon(s) are going to kill every relationship you form, then it’s pretty clear what you’ve got to do if you want to change your life.

What demons are you wrestling with at this time?

26 thoughts on “Gaining Control Of Your Personal Demons”

  1. I’ve Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn opposition Mars, Conjunction between sun, moon in Taurus, opposition sun-Pluto, and probably not finally, Saturn in Pluto in 8th. I will never allow myself to be as happy as I could be, I’m ruled by my emotions, I’ve inherited the potential for psychological illness, picking my emotional scabs, and feeling sorry for myself (the worst demon of all). “When life gives you shit, make a shit sandwich. If you have enough bread, you can’t taste the shit.” So, I use my Asc.-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius and Neptune in Capricorn to help others and the environment. Takes the focus off of my own inner drama.

  2. Relationship troubles. I’m trying to get a clue on my Moon opp. Venus. I just started reading a book on Jung’s idea of the anima/animus titled ‘The Invisible Partners: How the Male and Female in each of Us Affects our Relationships’. It’s a short, readable book, but I still have to read it in small chunks in order to absorb everything. Extremely interesting, I’m learning a lot.

    1. Really? You say it’s good? I thought about reading Jung, though all that psychological stuff gets me so depressed! (I gave expiration date for blaming my parents 😉

  3. Tend to dominate relationships in n out of family. Sore ego hurting really easily. Tempers flaring without permission. Exercising n listening to hard rock to dissipate such emotions. Asc , sun conjuct in capricorn, virgo moon at 0.1 degree

  4. I’m a double Scorpio, so guess what. I have an overinflated need for justice. I have to constantly tell myself to leave it alone, already.

  5. I guess if I see it clearly .I’m in the 10th house, I am a “career woman” according to myself and a jewish astrologer who said it but, I lack to motivation to court myself with others in order to be “complete” so to speak. I am fine getting along by myself but I think I can do it all by myself in this world and I Believe its not the case. So I gotta get out there and meet people so possibly date one of them. Its ridiculous I just go on okc and they have all these preconceptions about me which make them leave or even stay.. but guess my profile isnt as accurate then. I really just need to motivate myself to get out there aside from hobbies, and work and get a gf! lol. I am kinda confused about all this too. Btw the pic’s a pretty accurate telling .

  6. This is a very poignant blog piece and provide much to chew on for sure; however, you lost me on “If you know the demon(s) are going to kill every relationship you form, then it’s pretty clear what you’ve got to do if you want to change your life?”
    Usually I’m pretty good at taking a line, reading into it, and running with it. But this line stopped me in my tracks. Perhaps it’s scratching my dark side. Perhaps my Aries Mercury Mind that actually prefers things simple is just stymied. It’s not clear to me what I’d need to do to change my life if demons killed every relationship I formed? Not form any relationships?? Don’t mean to sound smart; I’m really mentally stuck on this one…

  7. Getting the ‘I’m obligated’ monkey off my back. Because I’m not. And also not taking it personally when I come under fire for saying no or not agreeing.

    How well people handle not getting what they want in the way they want it is a topic of interest in my life at the moment.

  8. And sometimes you slay your demons and it’s too late…That’s okay though, if I’ve done the job right they won’t appear when I’m presented with a similar situation in the future.

  9. This is timely… The demons I’m wrestling with are around my ic (upbringing/ancestral patterns). Saturn is on my Ic now and my natal Saturn in Scorpio is in the 3rd, 6degrees from my IC. I feel like I’m fighting off demons around my needing someone (representing missing father) to fill some void in me. I compulsively try to make a man love me who is pretty much absent. I compulsively write him (3rd house Saturn scorp conj Pluto) in an atempt to feel close to him all the while 9 times out of 10 or more like 999 out of 1000, he is nowhere to be accounted for.

    The real demons I’ve learned, is while I’ve been doing this, I have neglected my marriage and tried to destroy it even. In the name of this make believe ‘love’. Saturn/Pluto opposite Venus… Venus Trine Neptune (makebelieve and larger than life love). I am realizing this behaviour is ugly more than ever.

    I want to change by trying to appreciate my REAL life. I am realistic(Saturn) though and know I will have lapses so I’m trying to be forgiving of myself. I’m trying to keep reminding myself what’s real and what isn’t and I hope eventually ill be able to appreciate everything I have right in front of me as well as be able to see that love is what I make and its in front of me rather than in my imagination/longings.

  10. Hey, folks, Elsa, you too: We need to get that the word “demon” comes from the Greek daimon (also spelled “daemon”) and did NOT originally have the ‘demonic’ meanings that Christianity gave it.

    A daimon is not inherently evil or negative, but is a greater than human force within us that is very INTENSE and POWERFUL — which is why Scorpio has the power to face the daimons within and get to know them. No other sign even wants to know they’re there; Scoprio wants to get up close and personal and into a ‘power share’ with them (8th house – daimon as a shared resource with ego).

    There is even an ancient Greek concept of a specific type of daimon that was believed to be your inner spirit guide to the ideal, thriving, flourishing life. So, if you have inner forces that are driving you to do very negative, life-killing, relationship killing things, do NOT blame it on Scorpio. USE Scorpio to undertake an investigation to figure out what they are up to and how you can get into a constructive, powerful, relationship of shared resources of Self and Spirit/Soul/Life Force.

  11. Michelle, I’m wondering the same thing. I can’t seem to identify the missing piece to make needed changes so maybe giving up on a relationship is the way to go.

  12. I’m a Scorpio with Capricorn Ascendant, and the conjunction of Sun and Saturn on Midheaven, so I’m pretty used to Saturnian influences. But when transit Saturn was on my natal Scorpio Pluto, it was terrible. I had some sort of psychosomatic reaction on my skin, it was red and rash-like, but I finally had to confess that I still haven’t resolved the rage issue I had in my adolescence. I have natal Mars square Pluto, but I always thought that it’s not the big deal since Mars is in the late degrees of Capricorn, so it’s a wide square (oh funny me 🙂 ). And then my mother told me that she still was not sure how she survived my teen years; I was extremely angry and was involved in fights(physical) on weekly basis, so she was wondering what had happened to her sweet little girl 😀 And the other mother-like figure, who had met me in my teen years, told me that my rage was “volcanic, and it could wipe the cities away”! And somehow I’ve totally forgot about that, because today I’m calm&collected and reasonable individual. So, I had to talk very openly to the one that was partly responsible for my rage reaction, and I started going to kick-boxing 3x a week 🙂 Really enjoying it… But the first half of the year was very tough for me. Luckily, I have Mars sextile Saturn-Sun, so I can endure. Well, I’m still waiting for the exact Saturn return 🙂 we’ll see…

  13. That isn’t right, that personal demons always win, but its hard work to go to light, not to hell.Don’t think, that you see your demons, because subconscious hides them from you cuz you will begin to change yourself and this is so not convenient to egoism. For example, remember, how you like visit dentist. You know, that this is right, but egoism so strong, that you don’t even try to think, why you don’t want to go, cuz ego doesn’t interested, that you think about. So, you see only top, but reason is hided. When you find reason and start to be better, you’ll be free. And in one day person can accept, that his dark side is belonged to him too, it’s him and after that he doesn’t make war this dark side, but begin to improve, transform to light his bad traits of character. Because feature to do enemy from everything is very egoistic, but feature to not destroy everything and work about this to improvement is feature of light side. Working about person’s demons with light side cooperation (patience, don’t surrender, bravery and kindness) can release person from prison of fears, laziness, tightness, restraint and others that related with egoism. And find meaning of life, love, good attitude to others and freedom with, how someone afraid with word, responsibility. Today I’ve learned more about my Saturn in 8 and Pluto in 7.

  14. What if these demons are a part of whole structure called universe. All you do is fight!

    Fight them we are mortals they are not!

  15. a few weeks ago i quit smoking weed. i used to do it daily… and i thought it was benign… but i realized (finally) how much it was holding me back in so many areas of my life. this was a big ah-ha moment for me… definitely saturn in scorpio, i think. its not that i’ll never do it again, or i think its this super evil drug… not at all. its less harmful than alcohol. but… no one should be walking around drunk/high/whatever everyday of their life. you just can’t reach your full potential if you aren’t living clean on a regular basis. it has to be for recreation only, and that can’t be a daily thing. i’ve also spent the past few months working on how i relate to the people i care about, and what reactions work, and what reactions don’t work.

      1. Yes, GAIN(ing) CONTROL- More people concentrated towards this direction of slaying own personal dragons helps to re-balance until it’s restored

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