May 2015


Yesterday, a gal suggested that I be “unapologetic” for the actions I have taken. She said I ‘d gone far above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect a person in my circumstance to do. Consequently, I had no reason to apologize to anyone for anything. I have never had anyone say something like this to

What You Want When You Hire An Astrologer

I had a client get back to me to wrap up a consultation via email. She apologized for the delay in responding. She said she was thinking about what I’d written, deeply. There was no need for her to apologize. I have consultations that stretch over weeks and even months at times.  But her comment

Shielded From The Reality Of Death

The newspaper in little town where we’re moving publishes a frequently updated blog.  On average, there are four or five entries each day. The entries might be about the new fast food place that’s opening up or news of an arrest, or community event.  They  also publish obituaries, which is what this post is about. One average, four

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