Writing About Death Under The Scorpio Moon

graveyardDeath. It really is one of my favorite topics.  I get in these phases where I write about it. Invariably someone comes along to lecture me or tell me I’m morose. I am not morose! I am never more alive, when connected to death. I have a packed 8th house!

Last week, I wrote about coming across a spot where I’d like to be buried. If my husband liked it,that is. We’ve decided to purchase the niches. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I also wrote about being shielded from death, and the fragility of everything. The Morose Police should be here soon, ya think?

I’m thinking of this stuff at this time, in part because I drive by a graveyard, virtually every day.  There are lots of small graveyards around here. Some of them are smaller versions of what you’d see in city. “Evergreen Gardens” or the like. But most of them are alongside the highway, or built next to churches.

Some of them are named after a person. I don’t understand this yet, but I’ll ask someone, one of these days.

Point is, I am constantly driving by the dead.  I feel their company. These are the bodies of the people who came before me. I like this so much, I realized I want to join them when my times comes.

My husband and I don’t plan to leave this area, ever. So if one of us dies, the other can come by.

“I’ll come see you and say, P, I’m putting my ear plugs in,” my husband, said. “I’ll sit with you, but I don’t want to hear you talking all day, going on and on…”

We have a choice of being put into a single niche, but we’re going to buy two. This is because my husband, “wants to stretch out in there. I don’t want to be cramped,” he said.

Taurus, right? Comfort. His own possession.

“What do you want the inscription to be?” I asked.

“I don’t know. My name. Finger pointing at you – I’m with her.”

All this brings me joy. This is a nice area. We came…and we stayed.

In the meantime, I notice that my life has been enhanced by the markers and the monuments that are part of the landscape here. If I were listing the top ten reasons I like this area, the graveyards would be high on the list.

Is death part of your everyday life?

21 thoughts on “Writing About Death Under The Scorpio Moon”

  1. It’s good to talk about death. I think it benefits people to get familiar with the concept, to understand it’s a part of human experience and to see the subject from multiple angles. So I’m in no way bothered by the fact that it’s a much debated subject here.
    “Is death part of your everyday life?”
    Maybe not so much as of now, and I’m glad about this. It surely was part of my Life at some point – first, death in the family (4th House Pluto in Scorpio) and then, suicidal feelings and suicide attempts (the worst of this phase came during the first years as a progressed Scorpio). Nowadays, I do think about death and I might feel occasionally suicidal, depending on my mood. But I don’t feel it to be so close anymore and for now it’s better off this way.

  2. i don’t know if it’s an everyday thing, but i think about it a lot.

    when i was a kid we lived next to two different cemeteries, in fact i learned to ride a bike in one. i grew up in a very old town where visiting historic graveyards was just something interesting to do and not at all unusual.

  3. Been thinking of death almost everyday after my near-death accident last year. My children are everything to me. If I croak now, then I will absolutely have nothing to give them. No life insurance for them to bury me, no money in my bank account to live off of, no legacy whatsoever to leave behind. It got me thinking real hard on the direction of my life and how much I had accomplished. I can’t die knowing that my children instinctively feel how unhappy I am at my current job where I am not expressing my heart’s desire or passion. My daughter is Scorpio Moon, she can pick up that energy in a second. I don’t want her to think that when I die. That’s why I’ve completely changed my life around and going back to school. I won’t die until my children know that I am happy with my job and have taken control of my own happiness and essentially providing a foundation for theirs. I got sick of the thought of being buried with people I don’t know. I hope to gain more finances from my new career to purchase a lot or secure land so the entire family can be buried together. My aging parents are going to have to think about this so I want to be the one to help them make these decisions. I ultimately want to be buried next to them. Ideally, I want to be buried next to my maternal grandparents but they’ve been buried next to each other, next to their best friends already and the surrounding lot has been bought out for decades. It’s a beautiful thing to know how short life can be and that there is so much to value and accomplish while we are still living. 🙂

  4. I’m scared of death and someone that I love dying. The concept of death is so scary to me I don’t even want to discuss it. And I always say that I want to die first before anybody else so that I never have to go through the pain of losing someone.
    Which is odd because I have a Scorpio moon 0 degrees.

  5. my mom wanted to be cremated,and she was. her greatest fear was a big storm flooding the graveyard and washing caskets down the street.very irrational,because she would be gone and wouldn’t know. I,myself, love to read history books. especaly early England and scotland and am fascinated with the black plague. I wish I had done secondary schooling and gone into world history . I think it’s so intereting how they exhume bodies from old old cemeteries to study diseases.

  6. Where I’m from graves are a very big thing. My mom, dad and brother are buried at the same cemetery. My sister-in-law walks the hills up and through it everyday. Where I live now, the tradition is absent, I miss that. The Dead, the Ancestors are very much part of my culture. They with me all the time. We planted a tree and hung a wind chime in the forest for my brother. I like to see him (he came back as wind), talk with him as I walk to see his tree.

    This discussion brings the subject to the surface, again. It’s good for me to follow through with my wishes to be cremated and remembered, and taken back to my home place after I die. I’ve told my husband “Sprinkle me in the ocean. I’m coming back as clouds. So I’ll come in many shapes:)” “That sounds about right!” He said.

  7. Memento Morte – remember death. I read somewhere that monks repeat this phrase in their training to remind them that life is fleeting and to enjoy each day and what it brings; that the time we’re given is precious and not to waste it. Coming to grips with our mortality allows us to better enjoy life.

  8. While I do not think about death that often, I’ve come to comfortable terms via meditation that it is an OK place to be; sort of a going back home. Perhaps it’s my progressed Sun and Ascendant in Scorpio these past few years that’s help push away the fear to really contemplate it.

    Really, don’t we want to live our lives with some conscious awareness of this finite opportunity, so that when it does draw to an end we are not filled with guilt, shame and regrets of what we could have done, said or been but rather have some peaceful reflection of our time here?

  9. I have very few relatives alive, some cousins and their children. Death has always been and will always be..if I’m still alive, then I haven’t given up and still have things to do. Good to hear that you’ve found a happy place.

  10. I think about death a lot, always have. But I do think about it in fearful terms. It’s gotten worse since I’ve had children. I’m paranoid about dying while they still are young children and then leaving them all alone.

    I feel like they would be all alone because I know down deep that I was supposed to bring them here. It makes me ache thinking what would happen if something were to happen to me and they’d be left around a bunch of adults who don’t get understand them as well as I do.

    That’s why I feel that I want to be cremated; I have heard that a lot of supernatural activity happens around the cremated urns, so, maybe somehow I can still be around them as a protective force.

  11. I woke up today to news of Beau Biden’s death, which, as a Delawarean and a sensitive soul, has affected me this morning. I came to the Elsa blog and this post was at the top! I’ve had personal encounters with the Biden family, and I’ve always pondered Joe as a case study in Scorpio energy. My father’s family had so many Scorpios that every November they celebrated the “family birthday”. There have also been many early and tragic deaths in my father’s family. I myself have a Scorpio ascendant and have courted death all my life (at least, in a shallow, artistic sense) from the time I was a young kid learning to read and becoming obsessed with ghost books. I am also partnered with a Scorpio. Sometimes having all this energy around me turns into waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is it possible to avoid tragedy and untimely death with this much Scorpio in your life?

  12. this is a great subj. to talk about, makes you want to prepare for the future. I like the idea of two side by side graves, unfortunately around here, the space is sparse, so we have to think about economically and space. I also don’t mind being buried the way my husband’s grandparents went, together in one grave. we’ve already got Insurance on both of us if one of us passes away via accident or natural. (i dont think it’s covered if there is suicide, yeah we talked about all angles)we also have our son covered as well. It is so very important to plan this; i asked my parents what they’re gonna do, they took a good hard look at what’s going to happen. So many of their neighbors had passed away the last two years (they were already in their seniors years but many died of lung complication due to one of them working in a gas and electric company that had asbestos in the past, that stuff remains in the body i read) and the others died of heart attack and cancer. Plus, our aunt died from the cancer and she was barely 60, left her adult children who one of them were just about to get married and start a family and the other one was still momma’s boy, very kind and loving young man who was also planning on marriage and it was tragic they didnt get to have their mother see their weddings and to see the grandchildren.

  13. Hum. What I do have, sideways, similar, is a strong sense, always, of other people, in other times, and the commonalities we share. As a Libra AC person, I’m on a constant quest to connect with others, to better accomplish what we both want to make happen. My connection with other times-&-places people (my chart ruler, Venus, is in Cancer, 9th house) is more basic to my core (8th house Sun, widely opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. I still don’t really understand how that works out, but I at long last at least believe the aspect exists).
    Whenever I’m having to discern (Saturn in 3rd) what I should do (Saturn), and NO ONE is available (Saturn in 3rd) I cast my thoughts to those who, like me, have dealt with similar issues… sometime, somewhere. 🙂

  14. My favorite topic. I love going by cemeteries and thinking about the people and what they did and how they lived while alive. I wonder where they are now and if they are haunting anyone. For me, I don’t think you have to go to a graveyard to speak with your deceased family or friends. I think they can hear you just fine no matter where you are. I have always been rather obsessed with the paranormal side of life and things of this nature. I remember when my mother in law was close to death and just hanging on for family. I told her that we need her more on the other side watching over us and she did not need to suffer any longer. She passed on that night.
    My sister in law’s friend saw my mother in law standing at her own grave but she was staring at the home she used to live in. [She was buried in the back yard] This person did not know the lady and described her to my sister in law and after seeing a photo, said that was the person that they saw in broad daylight standing next to her own grave. That was fascinating for me.
    I could go on and on but I won’t. But I do love 8th house topics about death and the beyond.

  15. I love it when you talk about death Elsa, I always reply to your ‘death’ blogs, the dead are with us and we should always remember them, I pray to and for them in morning mass every day, I feel them too. They need our prayers, our love, our tears, they receive this and are ‘nourished’. I think it’s practical as well as wise to prepare ourselves for our mortality – we ain’t going escape it. Buying your resting place is a beautiful way to prepare for this Elsa, it’s responsible too. We are all connected and it’s only lovingly human to care for those who have already passed over – across the physical veil and maybe in need of some help. I think caring for the dead in our hearts and small actions can maybe make us better humans in the here and now. Thank you for your honesty nad openess Elsa.

  16. Being a Halloween baby, I was always enthralled with the untalked about side of life. I made the mistake of telling my mom that I wanted to look like the grim reaper when I died. I can’t believe I said something so stupid and insensitive but hey, I was only about seven. Can’t believe I made my poor mom cry.

  17. Death is a lot like truth. It is raw, at once extremely cleansing and nourishing, fertilizing. I think that is what scares many. Although, if you want to get to the bare surface, you have to do the dirty work and scratch off the paint. And then, if you want to, you can repaint. I am so thankful for the honesty that some people I interact with bestow upon me. And i use that word, bestow, because they are honoring me by offering a precious gift. And reminding me, time and again, that I must do the same.

    So when death comes, the bareness comes to the front and everything is real (if we allow it to be). There has been a death in my family, I woke up thinking I would hear about death today and surely enough, I received the news upon waking. Scorpio moon feels much better than Libra, for this Libra sun/Scorpio rising. Anyone feel the same ?

    1. Yes, it was miraculous Friday afternoon, victory. I presume this Scorpio moon entered my Scorp/Sagg cusp rising. Libra made me worry every minute all morning long.

  18. I’ve got Sun/Moon/Mars in the 8th–and I’m a hospice nurse, so yeah. It’s absolutely my calling. Pluto on my Ascendent, too.

  19. Death is a part of everyday life. I live by a cemetery and I walk past it everyday to work. There’s even a small cemetery in the corner of the parking lot at my work (they had to pave around it, obviously it would be too offensive moving the bodies, considering its super old)

    Seeing people, family and others, around me die has made me realize death isn’t so scary after all, since everybody has to go through it. I think it would be scary not to have death since I couldn’t imagine living forever, constantly working, paying bills, responsibilities, etc.

  20. My grandmother is planning her funeral. She already has the plot, next to my grandfather. She says planning it is the only thing under her control these days. If she is happy, I am happy.

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