November 2016

Untimely Death

My husband likes to watch war movies. I’ve learned over the years, if I fall asleep with the sounds gunfire and mortar shells going off, I will dream about it all night. If I go to sleep in a good or a bad mood, this also affects my sleep. I have a strong Saturn Neptune

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Anti-Social Personality Disorder… Widespread Denial?

Donald W. Black writes in “Bad Boys, Bad Men: Confronting Antisocial Personality Disorder”: “…Their disorder is often difficult to hide, but some anti-socials manage to keep it under wraps wit elaborate cons, colorful lies, and brash attempts at charm.  Sometimes, though, friends and family members become accomplices in anti-socials’ efforts to hide their nature, pretending


How To Reinvent Yourself Post Traumatic Loss

Yesterday, I wrote about reinventing yourself in Adapting Post A Traumatic Change. Pepe asked, “How does one start though? Or where does one look to get ideas? Especially when life feels like it’s at a stand still.” This is a great question. First, you want to consider wrapping up your grieving process.  It’s not necessary, you

Adapting Post A Traumatic Change

Post the Uranus Pluto square, many people are in a situation where they need to totally reinvent themselves. Though I know many people in this circumstance, I’ll use myself as an example. I moved across the country; at the same time, I became an empty-nester after having children in my home for twenty-years.  Meantime, my

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