Uranus square Pluto

Mega-transit of Uranus square Pluto – 2012-2015

Ice storm movie still

How To Interrupt A Chain Of Events, Leading To Catastrophe

My husband and I watched The Ice Storm, last night. This was the third time I’ve seen the movie in the last dozen years. It’s a good story, well-acted. I admire everything about the movie but the ending is particularly spectacular, simply because it’s believable. After the movie, my husband mentioned how he’d learned (when he was […]


Adapting Post A Traumatic Change

Post the Uranus Pluto square, many people are in a situation where they need to totally reinvent themselves. Though I know many people in this circumstance, I’ll use myself as an example. I moved across the country; at the same time, I became an empty-nester after having children in my home for twenty-years.  Meantime, my

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