May 2017

mars planet

Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: Mars

Mars, as a symbol of an aspect of human consciousness, represents our active nature. He is aggressive, doesn’t second-guess, and is associated with both the child and the soldier. These may seem incompatible but they are similar in a very key way: the naïveté and pure faith in self that possesses a child to go […]

Pluto Conjunct The Lunar Return Ascendant

Back in April, I wrote about having Pluto conjunct my ascendant in my lunar return. It’s been a real vomit-ride, I’ll tell you what. This is not to say I’ve not gotten something out of it. I’ve got some startling insights into myself and others. I’ve purged and I have been purged for that matter. ::flush::

Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: Venus

Venus’s exaltation in late Pisces reminds us symbolically of the exaltation of the Sun in Aries – the fact that Venus is ‘lifted up’ before the Sun gives us an idea of the relationship between these two. Remember we theorized that the Sun’s exaltation has to do with the first seeds of spring. Venus follows

Severing Your Own LifeLine?

I just finished with a client, she was smart. She’s having trouble in her relationship. She wanted an outside opinion. I told her I saw a lot of compatibility between the charts, in spite the current struggles this couple was having. She asked me for specifics, thinking it might help. I thought it might help

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