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Mars god of war

The People You Meet With Mars In The 7th House In Your Solar Or Lunar Return

Mars turns retrograde every two years.  It spent seven months in Leo a number of years ago. This kept transiting my 7th house for an extended period. The effect was profound. Prior to this experience, I didn’t realize the the impact of 7th house transits on my consulting business.  In hindsight, it’s obvious, but what […]

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Which Charts Or Techniques Should Be Used To Address Different Issues?

Hi, Elsa. I wonder about the many astrological tools or approaches that are available: transits, midpoints, solar arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, etc. What are your thoughts on which tools or approaches are best for what particular issues? If someone asks for your guidance do you just routinely look at natal & transits, do

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cancer girl moon

The Upside Of Harsh Aspects

Really, I’m bored.  It gets this way sometimes, when the planets are sort of drifting along. It’s not that I don’t enjoy peace or a calm period. I do enjoy those things but this is not that kind of time. There are a lot of people remarking about how they fell they’re in limbo or

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