June 2017

Heartbreak & Creativity

I watched  The September Issue. It’s about Vogue magazine.  At one point, Grace Coddington talked about what it takes to stay on and make it at the magazine. She said that people come to work there and then they go.  “They can’t take the heartbreak,” she explained.

What Are Planetary Nodes?

We are familiar with the Nodes of the Moon, where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic (the celestial ‘line’ that marks the Sun’s yearly apparent motion in the sky). The lunar North Node is at the point in the Moon’s orbit where it crosses the ecliptic in a northerly direction. The point opposite to

Saturn Transit The 7th House, Then 8th House

“Sometimes you fail because you’re banging on the wrong door. I tried to get someone to hire me to write astrology more than a dozen years ago. I already had a pretty good following and I had clients as well. I was turned away.from more than one site. That’s what led me to start this

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