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The Upside Of Mars Square Neptune

Hi, Elsa Most things said about Mars square to Neptune is so negative. If you feel you have something that may help—I wanted to propose writing something for us, even if brief, about how to make use of this since we are leading into it being exact this weekend. There’s not much out there about

foggy target

Mars Retrograde In Gemini: Avoid Self-Undoing

Mars is now retrograde.  This reversal will keep the planet in Gemini for a total of about seven months.  Mars will leave the sign in March of 2023. We have about five months to go. On the upside, Mars’ retrograde motion will maintain a trine to Saturn in Aquarius into mid December.  This suggests there’s


Mars Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Mirage

Mars will conjunct Neptune in Pisces on May 18th at 25 degrees. It’s hard to call the impact of this because of the duality of Pisces in addition to all the fog. For example, one interpretation of this combination would be that a person act (Mars) with compassion (Neptune).  But what is compassion?  It depends

Mars attacks from space

Mars In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces

Mars in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, exact on January 11, 2022. This kind of thing sneaks up on people so I’m putting you on notice fairly early. But not that early! This aspect will come into play over the weekend. Whenever anything clashes with Mars, there’s potential danger. If Mars energy is well

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