Anger Management – Mars Square The Sun And Moon

Dear Elsa.

I feel I can’t handle my emotions. I am known to be rather reserved, laid back and calm. But when I get mad, it’s like a switch in my head has been flicked on and I just explode. It’s like I can’t stop the anger that follows. I can’t think. It’s like a blackness that consumes me and doesn’t stop until the anger is out.

I have tried meditation and the like to no avail. Is there a way of harnessing this emotion… and using it constructively before it corrodes me?

Kind regards,

Dear Electrifying,

Yes, you have a profound challenge and I’m glad you wrote because I think I help.

Here’s the astrology: you have Mars (raw male energy) conjunct your ascendant and square both your Sun and Moon, and more. Basically, this means that you are a cocked and loaded gun.

I don’t doubt you have your calm periods, but think about it. There is a cocked and loaded gun, lying on the couch. Does that sound safe? Not really. Just because it’s not going off at the moment, doesn’t mean it won’t a minute from now, right?

You are not going to be able to simply “meditate” your way out of this – although with your Pisces Sun in the 9th house (spiritual) that was a good shot. The problem is this approach is way too passive.

To work with your fury, you will have to incorporate MARS in this one way or the other. And Mars is violent! Sexual! Competitive! Basically you need to FIRE the gun! You need to pick a safe target and empty the chamber… pretty much every day. But how?

Well you’re going to have to get off the pillow or the couch, or whatever else you are sitting on and get your ass moving. Since you are inclined towards eastern things – martial arts comes to mind. Mars likes to fight! And believe me; you have the energy, the stamina and the focus it takes to master something like this.

So that’s my advice and if you take it – if you take up boxing or whatever, I guarantee you that you will an ass-kicking force of nature with no need whatsoever to harm passer-by. And one more thing.

Don’t forget sex! Have as much as you can, because you need the release. If you learn to discharge like this, you’ll be amazed how much easier you can get along. Good luck.

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  1. ‘Basically you need to FIRE the gun! You need to pick a safe target and empty the chamber… pretty much every day.’

    Such a helpful image!

  2. What a devastating but interesting problem and such good clear directions! Elsa, can you tell us if this is a man or a woman? I always like to include gender into my analysis.

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    Agree this approach is quite effective. My sun squares my Mars and I often feel my anger is too large for my body to contain. Smashing things feels great. I love the smell of a shattered ceramic coffee mug in the morning ( my own).

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          Kri, is that a Mars in Pisces thing? The only other person I know who likes smashing mugs is a Pisces moon. As for expressing my Mars in other ways, I do it through aggressive avoidance avoidance and appearing to be far more tolerant and respectful of a person than I actually am when I have to ineteract.

  4. My husband and both sons have Mars/Sun. The trine, conjunction and the square. I have Moon Sq. Mars. We all need a chill pill. LOL

  5. Oh my, THANK YOU SO MUCH Elsa!!!!

    This is exactly me as well – Moon in 8th house battling a square to Mars on the cusp of my 12th house. Brrrr! I’ve been a loaded gun for sure!!
    People have always frowned when I said I needed an outlet and I like to smash things to pieces to let the body release pent up anger. The sound of broken glass… it’s like balm to the nerves truly! I think there is an app where you can smash things of glass… it relieves some of the tension.

    I’ve taken up running again since When I did it the last time I was sooo calm and serene. Also, sex can truly put my mind at ease. Not too good to have a BF with anti depressive pills who isn’t lusty AT ALL. I’m seriously consider breaking up if he doesn’t do anything anytine soon, like letting go of those pills…. even if Capricorn Mars can suppress his sexual urges and channel the energy into a hard working job or position…. you can’t keep going like this. I need a lover … but the trouble is my libra moon insists – even needs – a partnership. So I always end up falling for those lovers who only wants sex. My, how is it I am so bluidy unlucky??! Saturn/Pluto 8H quincunx to Chiron, opposite Venus? Yup, I think it is… lots of losses!

  6. I have Sun conjunct Pluto (within 2 degree apart), Virgo, 5th house. Mars (from 8th house) square this conjunction. I feel angry in my inside, but can manage within myself now. 8 years ago, I couldn’t. I have learned to forgive. I do not forget. But my believe in my God has helped me to forgive. I have seen that helping others make me enormous happy in my inside. I do help people whenever I can get any chance. I helped elderly people, I cooked food for the needy children, I stayed in whole night with the lonely delivery mom. I donate money for good cause, do not think about the amount, just pray to my God, because I’m his believer and follower. Yes, I have Mercury conjunct Jupiter at Libra (6th house).

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    James Slattery

    I identify with this although my Leo Mars(conjunct Venus and Uranus!) is semi-square my Sun in Gemini. Leo is an intercepted cusp and I can keep the anger inside for a long time without it showing and if it shows people are surprised. (Pisces Asc?) Exercise IS a great outlet and I’m cranky without it!

  8. I’m a Libra Sun with Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo and when I get really mad someone is going to hear me roar. Some family members assume I’ll take their BS because I’m nice, but I’m not a doormat. Afterwards I try to figure out why they said what they did, and I don’t let go of things until I come to some kind of conclusion, which can be days, months or even years. BTW, being a Libra I have to remind myself to stop trying to fix (balance) things, because I think most people just want to feel the way they feel, even if it’s a negative emotion like depression. I’m trying to let go more and allow others to fix their own situations.

    1. Buffy – I needed to hear this – “..being a Libra I have to remind myself to stop trying to fix …things, because I think most people just want to feel the way they feel, even if it’s a negative emotion….” – I’ve been doing this for Years…esp. with my eldest, who has a lot of problems, including depression…and I’ve always felt it’s sort of my Duty to try and sort/fix it……( I’m Libra Asc., Pisces Mars, Stellium in Sag., incl. Sun, Moon and Merc.) – Thanks for this.
      I really need to work on this, as transiting Pluto in 4th is starting to heat up my natal Mars Pluto Mercury aspects…..

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