Saturn Transit The 7th House, Then 8th House

“Sometimes you fail because you’re banging on the wrong door. I tried to get someone to hire me to write astrology more than a dozen years ago. I already had a pretty good following and I had clients as well. I was turned away.from more than one site. That’s what led me to start this site which has been successful, pretty much, from day one. If you’re failing, failing, failing, maybe you need to tweak something.

This is true of relationships as well. Prior to getting with my husband, I tried to make it work with my boyfriend, who I called, “The AMF.” I spent three years with him, giving everything I had at the time.  It was for nothing, ultimately. But then I changed gears…”

I wrote that in a comment in my class.  The three years I was with, The AMF, Saturn was transiting my 7th house. He older than I was and sure worked for love back then.

When Saturn hit my 8th house, it was apparent there would be no deeper (8th) commitment (Saturn) from him. I wound up married to my husband, till death do we part (8th house).

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  1. Very timely for me. Saturn is now in my 7th house and I was just starting to wonder what will happen when it hits my 8th.

  2. I was trying to pass the actuary exams at one point because they are in demand and they make a lot of money.
    I kept getting 30% on 1 of the 2 first exams, both of which you have to pass to prove yourself to even get a job. This should’ve been a sign, but I was stubborn and I wanted to make sure, so I took it a couple more times.
    I took a different professional exam and failed, but it was failing by a hair. I was in negotiations on a house, so that contributed to the failing score. I was stressed! My husband said, “That was a lot better than how you did on the actuary exams.” So, this was a sign to me that if I was able to put in more effort, I could pass. I put in more effort on my second attempt, and I passed.
    There have been many times where I failed because in hindsight, it wasn’t right for me!

  3. I felt pretty much the same when Saturn was transitting my 7th/8th house. Oh my…. having 3 signs in my 7th house – and Saturn ending with a conjunction to my natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 8H Libra – that was an ending like few…

    I hadn’t realized my partner had no longer any desire for being in our relationship, despite obvious signs. I worked for every ounce of love I got, worked for Everything actually – the years from 2008-2012 were grueling on the job market. I tried to do my own thing but it was a bitch.
    Just after finally securing a regular job, 8years of relationship went to pieces and took everything with them. I had a job, my clothes, my books, a place to eat and sleep.. everything else Dissappeared with the slaughter of Uranus/Pluto square in September 2012. My family, my friends, my home, my inlaws, my … everything. It was Saturn return at the same time. I was stripped down to the core and I went a bit “La-La” because of it. Only now am I returning to relatively “normal” – but it has veen one hell of a treck.

    Saturn is going to transit my 12th house soon, so what more can he take away?? Pluto has already dug up so much shit that a person can carry – what more? Well, at least I’m prepared….

  4. Have had Saturn in my 7th & 8th houses since it entered Scorpio in Oct 2012.

    Somehow I’ve become better at relationships without having one.

    Jupiter-Neptune in there and I was always believing that if I gave my best, I would get the best back from people in return. After all, surely people appreciate when they have something great in their hands?

    Apparently not. Saturn has shown me that I needed to get more demanding, tell them how great I am and what they’re going to be missing out on if they don’t pull their socks up.

    During its time in the 7H, first up I had to start taking offence at things that really didn’t bother me. Then I had to stop treating everybody as a friend and decide who was a passing acquaintance, closer friend or intimate.

    Since it entered the 8H, I’ve stopped giving my time and help because it’s not appreciated or valued. In fact there’ve been times where I could not even give away my help for free! A bit like Elsa and her website and people not hiring her.

    Finally I’ve been owning my Scorpio-Sag cusps and really digging into other people. I’ve become bluntly honest (but not unkind or judgemental) about their issues, self-limitations or anything else that I see holding them or us back. I know I already own my issues and am willing to ‘fess up when I screw up, now I’m holding others to the same standard.

    1. How am I am example here? People hire me daily. This website has been a success from the day I launched it…because of the work I did, prior to launching.

      1. Elsa … you wrote “I tried to get someone to hire me to write astrology more than a dozen years ago. I already had a pretty good following and I had clients as well. I WAS TURNED AWAY.FROM MORE THAN ONE SITE. That’s what led me to start this site” [my capitalisation]

        That says to me that you offered your services to other site owners and they didn’t appreciate what they’d be getting or am I misinterpreting what you wrote?

        1. Sorry, Blue. I am the one who misread something. It’s the “free” that through me. I was trying to get hired. I wanted to bring something new (advice) to these websites (and bring a following). I was not planning on working for free. 🙂

  5. Saturn going into Capricorn will start my 8th house transit and I have spent this entire year becoming more organized with my finances. Entering into a phase with my husband over our shared resources and have been doing much “digging deeper” with who I am in lieu of what I have endured through the hills of my family (whom I am currently and contented estranged)
    I have been getting back into taking more time for myself and physical health… i run around a cemetery sometimes through the cemetery and stop to visit my dad. I feel like he left me when I was 12 and there should have been something he was supposed to teach me and I fell behind in life- or that it was delayed(my lesson) I often feel for the departed souls I run past and wonder if they too felt these feelings and yell out loud “F@%k you Fear” in hopes that we can all move forward in our true paths…

    8th house … I will not be afraid to fall

  6. When Saturn hit my 7th Major crisis at home because i am married. My husband had his Saturn return at this time, 1 house..
    I “met” someone. Nothing happened anyway. Saturn hit my 8, he destroyed everything we had together, suddenly we had 2 homes, 2 cars. Strange phenomena happened too. The most spooky was, something inside me forced me to ask myself- when will I die. Well some days later I suddenly “saw” a number. 70.. I got my answer. Believe it or not. I am waiting for the 9 house ..

  7. Also got inheritance out of the blue..
    I also got answers about my past . Why I never got pregnant for example.. I never believed in such things, not seriously..

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