March 2022

circular economy

Circular Economy?

Have you heard the term, “circular economy”?  This is just coming together for me. I am not sure if I understand it the way it’s supposed to be understood. From what I can tell by marrying my personal experience with what I can read about this, which tend to be written in “vague”, it falls

1970's bikes kids

Psychopaths In The Modern World

Alan Harrington posited that the psychopath is the new man being produced by the evolutionary pressures of modern life.  Gets your attention, huh? There is another punch… I don’t know when the author made the statement but he wrote a book on psychopaths in 1972 so that’s a decent guess. He died in 1997 so


The Advantage Goes To The Liar

Life is tricky. One of the main reasons it’s so tricky is a good number of people are liars. I’m not talking about telling someone their pie is great after swallowing an unsatisfying bite. I’m talking about lying liars who knowingly and willingly lie in order to cause harm. Maybe I’m also talking about liars

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