July 2023


Astro Chart Of An Anomaly

An anomaly is a deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule. It can be a statistical outlier, a rare event, or something that is simply unexpected. A gal read my Dark Heart post and sent me the chart of a person who she says fits this profile.  She provided some details […]

2024 lockdown

2024 Lockdown Possibility

Will there be a lockdown in 2024? I wouldn’t rule it out! At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed the extremes in people’s lives. Some were at home, 24/7.  Others were working overtime and this correlated with the sky. I noticed the planets were clustered up, similar to what you see in the picture,

Mars symbol red

Mars & Self Censoring

I’m poking around the backend of the site, cleaning things up. I came across a story bit that explains why I quit playing cards. I’ve been posting stories, lately. These smaller bits tie everything together. Mulling this, I came across another short bit about the time I made my first long distance phone call.  I

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