December 2023

scorpio black tattoo

“He Bought Me A Hat”

“He bought me a hat,” I told my sister, in regards to this man I was dating. We called him, Dracula. (see Dating Dracula) “The Scorp?” “Yeah.” “Well I’ll be damned.” She stopped and yelled to her husband (also a Scorpio): “The major bug bought Elsa a hat! A hat, can you believe it? Not

Lester moore

A Person Dies Twice On This Plane

This idea is not mine. It was shared with me and I was told it was real and factual: a person dies twice on this plane. The first death occurs when their physical body dies. The second death occurs the last time someone speaks their name or thinks of them. I was assured this was

Mercury trickster

Mercury The Trickster In Real Life

This is a series of posts, I wrote in 2007. Real life vignettes. Enjoy! ~ One ~ Mercury The Trickster My husband and I on the phone circa 2007. We’re talking about a time I tried to kill him (and his crotch) with a motorcycle helmet. He was dancing with a girl, right in front

Roman legion

Past Lives: A Conversation

I used to write dialogue from my life. I’m going to try this again… I spoke with, Jilly, before my husband came home from taking care of his mother.  We were talking about she met him. This would have been about twelve years ago. She walked in the room to meet him and he looked

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