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romaniI posted my whining about Past Lives.  This resulted in reader hooking me up with a gal who reads Akashic records? I’d heard them; that’s about it.

I was definitely curious and had confidence in the reader because of the person who recommended her but also because she’s been doing this as long as I’ve been reading charts.  I don’t think you can do this kind of work over that period of time unless it’s a true calling. Her chart was also compelling. I was told she was the real deal and I suspected this was the case.

So I’m off the phone… it’s been fifteen years since anyone read for me, not that I’m complaining. I’m well aware of the damage that can be caused by bad metaphysics. I’m very careful! But I really enjoyed this exchange.

My interest in this involved my husband, to a degree.  He’s been aware of having past lives since he was a child.  I have an enormous blind spot… really, it’s more like an entire missing brain lobe, when it comes to this realm.  It’s like all these sort of deep and deeply intelligent people constellate around me – iconoclasts, if you will, and I’m just a girl!  I used to say that all the time. “I’m just a girl.”

So I would like to better understand this and after speaking to this gal, I feel I do. I guess I am like her and like my husband and others I have known, but for some reason I am blocked from grasping this.

My ignorance has never bothered me. These people can’t read a chart, right? I’m okay with being who I am, it’s who I am! But I’m too a point where I feel I can benefit from trying to dismantle the block and understand things in a larger context.

One of the stray things she told me; it seemed to pop in; she said I had an entire life not involving my husband – I was, Romani.  I laughed because it’s so utterly, believable.

There are also a lot of repeating themes in my life/lives.  You can see this in my book – how a man always shows up to get me out of predicaments, like being stuck on a pole at the Circle K.

She also validated my life of service… this is it for me. Just, period.

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  1. How can we connect with her? A hundred million yrs ago I did a past life regression – and all I could get was a pair of ugly brown work shoes! and Once someone told me of a lifetime with all my family members now and it seemed to describe the energy of my family very well and gave me something to think about for 25 yrs. I’ve had a couple of dreams that showed the energy of my ‘beginnings’ and once I had a big Genie come and save me. The propblem imo with past lives and channeling is everyone is a dead famous person, or they’re ‘channeling’ a dead famous person or an alien from another universe. but no one channels Jesus Christ.

    1. I don’t know. She’s not online at all. No internet. She uses an electric typewriter. This was arranged for me. I called the number and I don’t have permission to share it or anything. This gal is quite old, though it’s not apparent, talking to her. I don’t know if she does this for the public, or just for friends or friends of friends. I think she’s like where I’ll be in 20 years, as far as reading for people. I’m sorry.

  2. Nearly 40 years ago I went to an automatic writer that gave me past lives and some interesting insights into a few qualities. I still have the lined paper in her handwriting.

  3. I have gone to a past life regression therapist. She used hypnosis to get me to pull up images from a past life…the one that seemed to have the most relevance for me. I needed to go a few times to work through the emotional trauma. I found it cathartic. I did this over 20 years ago.

  4. I have had several past life readings before with the same person. Depending on what life experience you are going through impacts which past life comes through. In one of them, my family dynamic strongly resembles if not is identical to the one I have now.

    I was born with a 12th House Moon, so in learning astrology later, this made sense to me. I don’t know even really the basics for astrology but whenever I think on a past connection, it really makes sense.

  5. Congratulations on pursuing this! So far, I know of only one past life with my current wife, which was in ancient Greece…I’ve had far more lives with another woman, who is present in my current reality, but no relationship this time….You need variety in your experiences apparently to grow…

  6. Where do you believe past lives show up in a birth chart?

    A lot of astrologers point first and foremost to the South Node, as the South Node is linked to the past. About lived experiences in the past, repeated behaviours, karmic themes, what is known and familiar, early conditioning and environment in this life, so it would make sense that it includes previous lives as well.

    Look at the people who have a prominent planet aspecting your South Node too, or if your planets aspect someone else’s South Node. They may have an unusual sense of familiarity, even if you don’t know them that well.

    Also look at the sign, house, and planetary ruler (and it’s sign/house) of the South node to get a more in-depth theme.

    Other houses include the 8th house, linked to inheritances and legacies, so that could include karmic legacies brought in from past lives.

    And then the 12th house, which is where you may get snippets of past lives via subconsciously, through dreams, intuition, regression techniques. It’s the hidden realm, not many people remember past lives, but they may get hints.

    You can always tell, if people are drawn to a particular era in history, or drawn to a country they’ve either never been to, or a country they go to for the first time and yet somehow “know” their way around.

    Even a particular person in history, you may have been “alive” during the era they were prominent in.

    Saturn has been mentioned too, in terms of karmic lessons brought in from previous lives that you need to repeat until the lesson is learned, to atone for them, and master them too.

    These are the main astro ideas, would love to hear other thoughts 🙂

    1. i thought about south node which is the first thing people mention about past lives. mine is conjunct my 29 sag Neptune in 5H. i could have been a spiritual guide, clairvoyant or priestess of an ancient time because I am drawn into mysticism and occult

      1. That’s interesting! 🙂

        So you would look at the ruling planet of the South node as well, which house it is in, and what sign. Also look at the dignities too. I’m assuming Sagittarius South Node, so you would look at natal Jupiter.

        I have South Node in Aries, with the ruling planet Mars in 7th house in Cancer, which is in its fall. I also have Pluto Libra opposite my South Node, which Mars makes a square to. I was probably killed off by an angry and jealous lover in my previous life 😂😂

        1. you are right! Jupiter is my south node ruler and sits in Sagittarius 5H conjuncting Uranus and opposite venus. No planets are squaring my south node. I guess I was someone who would preach and teach but when things got tough I would run away 😬 There was a lot of leisure time in my past life
          No wonder I have a nasty Saturn in my chart, hard work and no fun

  7. I’m not sure if Dolores Cannon has already been mentioned in any of your past life or akashic records posts but in case not, I’d HIGHLY recommend her work to anyone interested in understanding both. Her older work is the most concerned with past life and it evolves into current life purpose for humanity. She utilizes a specific kind of hypnosis she created to find answers to any/all questions but in reading/listening to her work, you can learn so much without needing to have the technique done on yourself. Specifically, The Convoluted Universe book series is amazing.

  8. Find all this stuff soooooo interesting, but have the missing brain lobe too… & think neptune has had the rest of me!!! I really don’t know where my time is going atm ….

  9. I dont know if l have ever written this down before. I did get the opportunity to work with regression, very confronting…l wont go into that now. But the time that makes be smile most was Rome. Think (South node in Aries) l was a short fat hairy very smelly Roman soldier (middle aged for a soldier too) my mates and l hung out the back with the camp women, carousing. When it came to fighting we would make a lot of noise and stir up the troups, but when the surge forward came, we would sort of hold back and take out the wounded. I have met these ‘mates’ again in this life. Mostly women with strong Virgo and all with Aries moons…some put me in real physical danger. One tried to overwrite me and steal my ideas. She also ruined 3 birthdays by banging on about her issues. But there was exciting stuff too: excellent parties, road trips, camping in the wilderness, mucking around with boats, rafting on the Murray on lilos…demonstrations. Funny we were always up front for those. The other odd thing these women ended up with men who werent fighters–sensible men knowing these women. l dont see these friends anymore. Too stressful. Draining ( they brought their own straws) and l couldnt trust them in a tight spot…no better to say l couldnt rely on them, but they relied on me.

  10. Past lives can also be indicated by the lunar Perigee – the opposition point to the Black Moon/lunar Apogee. The Perigee is indicated by the focal point of the Moon’s oval orbit that is buried in the Earth’s mantle. It can be so entrenched and pervasive in our identities as to be unconscious and inaccessible.

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